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The ZINO zInterns of Summer.

This summer, ZINO Society was lucky to have two great interns (“zInterns”) working with us pictured above; Christine Gilbert, an incoming junior, and Joe Markovich, an incoming senior, both going to school at Trinity College located in Hartford, Connecticut.  Joe worked on data base and business related issues while Christine filled in as acting Event Coordinator while our actual Event Coordinator, McKenzie Midboe, was on her honeymoon.  We are so appreciative of the skills and talents that both Christine and Joe brought to ZINO Society and wish them both big success at school this year! 

ZZIF Countdown . . . only 22 Days!

ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum is only 22 days away!  The ZZIF VIP Investor/Entrepreneur Dinner is on September 16th and the actual ZZIF Forum in on the 17th

We have selected the 28 presenting entrepreneurs.  See the complete list by clicking here: .  The ZZIF Coaching Board is now in the process of individually coaching the presenting entrepreneurs to be the most articulate, concise and clear in their 5 minute presentations.  I am busy putting together the ZZIF 2009 Investment Fund, LLC investors for the $100,000 fund that will be awarded to the two best investment opportunities as selected by the fund investors; $50,000 for best Non-Tech investment opportunity and $50,000 for best Technology investment opportunity.

If you have not attended ZZIF in the past three years, please do consider it this year.  I think you will be impressed and fascinated by the entrepreneurs and our Forum keynote speaker, Glen Hiemstra, futurist as well as ZINO Society member, Ric Merrifield, author of new business book, Re-Think who will keynote at the VIP Dinner.


ZINO Society Goes to the Dogs (Temporarily)!

Yesterday, the Hatch home was turned over to the dogs! We hosted the ZINO Society “Dog Days of Summer Party” yesterday afternoon and evening and what a doggedly good time it was! From big dogs to pocket pooches, all were awarded prizes of the day by the prestigious group of dog judges (see photo above):

The Honorable Bob Cremin-Cock Pit Bull Special Justice

The Honorable Patty Barrier– Pampered Pooch Prosecutor and Feline Defender

The Honorable Adam Tibbitts-Tail Winds and Tail Wags Chief Justice

The “Best in Show” Jet Set Pet Prize Package from Bombardier Flexjet was awarded to Australian Shepherd, Bailey, owned by Lisa Hjorten, while “Most Portable, Precious Pooch” went to Maltese, Sugie, owned by Dan Rosen. “Best Coiffe” was awarded to poodle, Storm, owned by Carol Wright and “Most Pampered Pooch” went to Yorkshire Terrier, Charlotte York, owned by Pat Wallace. The award for “Pets Who Most Look Like Their Owner” went to English Pointers, Zippy and Dreidel, owned by Lucas Schenck and Papipoo, Pepper Lou Payne, owned by Patti Payne was awarded “Most Huggable”.

We feasted on barbecued chicken and hot dogs though the occasional hot dog was snagged by one of the dogs. The dogs were served their own meals of Mulligan Stew brand dog food in a corn tortilla shell which by the appearance of only crumbs left, all appeared to enjoy. The swimming pool was just too much of a temptation for golden lab, Buck, owned by Dianna and Bill Fieldstead and golden retriever, Rufus, owned by Sally & Dave Maryatt, so they splashed in from time to time throughout the party. Dog trainer, Joey Iversen, amazed the guests with her ability to get dogs to obey her commands as they maneuvered an obstacle course and walked on a balance beam. Kathryn Barnard snapped photos of the people and dogs (see her photo of the group at the top of this blog) and took dog portraits of each “dog family”. To see a selection of the fantastic dog and people photos, please visit this link:

Husband, Ken Hatch, has requested that we bring chimpanzees to our next party! (I think he is just kidding!)

Tara, Patty and Pilates

This morning, friend Patty Barrier and I attended our regular Friday morning Pilates semi-private session at PNB’s Francia Russell Center in Bellevue.  We drag ourselves to Pilates first thing in the morning kicking and screaming, but always feel much better after we have completed our session.  Plus, we reward ourselves for our efforts with a latte at the nearby Starbucks!  Our instructor, Tara Stepenberg, is an amazing Pilates instructor!  She is in amazing shape and though over 60 years old herself, has the body of a 35 year old.  She can immediately see what each of our bodies needs and can always tell when we are doing an exercise even just a bit wrong.  When I had a lower back strain last year, she knew exactly how to reduce pain and help re-build my strength.  Of course, it is always about the “core” and breathing correctly.  Now if I could just figure out a way to get her to skip the dratted “hundreds”!

Art is in the Eye of the Beholder

Last night I attended the PONCHO Invitational Fine Art Exhibition preview for the upcoming PONCHO Art Auction at Western Bridge, the gallery usually devoted to exhibiting items from the collection of Bill and Ruthie True. Their sister-in-law, Janet True, serves as the PONCHO President and is currently overseeing the transition of the PONCHO Art Auction date moving to this fall (October 3rd) and the PONCHO Wine Auction date moving to next spring. As a past president of PONCHO myself (1997-1998), I know that Janet is working extremely hard to keep all the fundraising balls in the air. Great job, Janet!

The exhibition of the art to be auctioned off on October 3rd is impressive with many famous and not-quite-yet famous artists represented. The thing that is special about these art pieces is that each artist has been “invited” to participate by the PONCHO Invitational Fine Arts committee comprised of knowledgeable arts patrons, artists and gallery owners. Some of my personal favorites that I saw last evening were glass pieces by Anna Skibska, Dale Chihuly, Benjamin Moore, Nancy Mee, and Sonja Blomdahl. Anna’s was a spider web of fused glass rods as airy and light as a real spider web. Dale’s piece was a large colorful basket series bowl from the collection of the late Keith Grinstein and his wife, Clare. Nancy’s piece was one of her perfect assemblages of circular sandblasted glass with cut and cast metal and stone. Benjamin’s piece was a dark cobalt blue bowl in the same color as an earlier glass bowl of his we have in our collection and Sonja’s piece was a shimmering orange color. One of my other favorites located on the wall just as you walk into the exhibition was a haunting mixed media photo-inspired, encaustic and oil portrait by Judith Kindler. If you want to see any of the art for yourself, the exhibition runs at Western Bridge through August 22nd or you can attend the PONCHO Art Auction on October 3rd at the Seattle Sheraton. Let me know what you think.

Women of Influence

I have had the opportunity to be associated with the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Women of Influence for the past five years; first as a nominee and now as a member of the Advisory Board and Selection Committee.  There are only a few days left until the nomination deadline (August 21, 2009).  As Becky Monk,… Continue Reading

Double header at DeLille Cellars this weekend

On Thursday evening, ZINO Society celebrated our 4th birthday at a fantastic magnum party at beautiful DeLille Cellars in Woodinville. The photo above is of ZINO Society members Larry Hitchon and Dana Reid flanking vintner, Ben Smith of Cadence Winery. Both walked in, one directly behind the other, carrying a magnum of Cadence wine. I… Continue Reading

ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum Screening Process

Over the past two days, the ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum Screening and Coaching Board has had the opportunity to see over 20 entrepreneur presenter prospects for ZZIF 2009. There has been a great group of ZZIF screeners and coaches gathered to watch and listen to each presenting entrepreneur and to provide questions and feedback. Pictured… Continue Reading