What’s Up in Kunath Corner?

This blog post is in addition to my earlier one about networking at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in the “Church of Kunath”.  The impresario himself, Mike Kunath,  a portfolio manager, principal and founder of Kunath Karren Rinne & Atkin is pictured above with his infamous corncob pipe.  I stopped by the “Kunath Corner” last week to check in with Mike and ZINO Society member, Dr. Michael Steiner and his beautiful Entlebucher Mountain Dog, 6 year old, Anton
Michael Steiner has a dual practice as both an opthamologist and plastic surgeon, so provides both a full range of ophthalmic services plus his specialty is a skillfully performed plastic surgery of the eye lid, blepharoplasty, (also called eyelid lift, or eyelid tuck).  Anton goes to work with Michael, visits art galleries and especially is a good hiking dog.  During his visit to the Fairmont Lobby Bar, Anton was a perfect guest, lying quietly at his owner’s feet unless invited to pose for a photo op.  See photo above.
Dr. Michael and Anton were also guests at the Dog Days of Summer Party hosted by ZINO Society at our home in September. 

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