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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

A Seattle treasure is gone!  Ken and I attended the memorial service for our friend, Dick Friel, last week at the Museum of Flight.  I estimate that there were around 1,000 people in attendance of what was organized as a grand celebration of his life.  He was loved by so many of us who had the opportunity to work with him over his lifetime.  Though we served together on the PONCHO board and had the opportunity to work together for many years, my closest association with Dick was when I served as PONCHO President in 1998 and had the benefit of working with him closely to raise $2 million for the arts that year. 
The memorial celebration began with a Missing Man Formation Fly-Over of four jets organized by Joe Clark, Bruce McCaw and Clay Lacey.  We all moved outside to view the fly-over and as the one jet left the formation and began a slow upward ascent away from the other three, I know I certainly got a lump in my throat and saw many others with shiny eyes too.
Once back inside, Bob Flick, Dick’s long-time friend and usual auction item announcer, emceed the celebration.  It began with a welcome from Kevin Callahan, Chairman and Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, President and CEO of the Museum of Flight.  Pastor Bruce Swanson shared the 23rd Psalm, musical interludes were performed by Melvyn Poll and Dick Foley, a video detailing Dick’s aviation marketing awards was presented and tributes were shared by Joe Clark of Aviation Partners Inc. and Palmer Pettersen.  Others who shared tributes were Carol Munro, Patti Payne and Friel family members, wife Sharon and sons Rick and Chris Friel.
There was a lot of laughter as the speakers fondly reminisced about Dick’s energy and passion for everything he was involved in during his long career in aviation marketing and in his avocation of auctioneering.  Some of his interesting quirks were recalled such as stamping his foot when something sold at an auction, or launching his note cards in flight once he was finished with each one.  An interesting factoid shared was that Dick and Sharon Friel, truly a dynamic duo, have raised more than $300,000,000 for the many charity auctions they have participated in over the years.  Dick’s joke team including Tom Mathers, Don Cohan, Joan Byrne and Brad Goode shared some of Dick’s best jokes over the years and had everyone laughing.
Dick and Sharon’s favorite song, “Moon River” was performed by their daughter-in-law, Kim Virant accompanied by Friel sons Rick and Chris, Mike McCready and Ty Bailey and we concluded the memorial with Dick Foley performing and leading us to participate in the song, “I’ll be Seeing You” .
Following the celebration of Dick’s life was a big reception in the Great Gallery where we had the chance to say hello and visit with hundreds of friends who also cared about honoring the life of Dick Friel.  Though he is gone, he left each of us with special memories and as he often said, I say to him now in hopes he will hear my message,  “Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!”   

What is a glassybaby worth?

On Saturday morning, friend Toni Hoffman and I ventured to the semi-annual glassybaby seconds sale in Madrona. I have long been a fan of glassybabys, the little hand blown glass votive candle holders that come in a panoply of colors. They are expensive at $40 retail each and the seconds sale seemed like a good opportunity to pick up a few at the special price of $26 each. So Toni and I arranged to leave early, stop for a Tully’s latte on the way, and get there half an hour before the shop was to open at 10:00am.
When we arrived at 9:30 am, the line was two blocks long! People in the know had lined up at 8:00 a.m. and brought their own cloth shopping bags and baskets. See Toni at the right-side of the top photo above standing in the enormous line. We waited outside (brrrrrrrrr!) in line for about an hour and a half.
Once the store opened, they continued to move people into the store as fast as possible and we were finally admitted to the store about an hour and a half later with frozen toes. Once inside, it was total bedlam. There were far too many people in such a small space and it was virtually impossible to move through the store. I quickly became claustrophobic and lost my appetite for shopping so selected the first few bluish glassybabys I saw and headed for the exit. There wasn’t really an organized check-out line, but just people shoving in a maelstrom trying to get close to a cashier. Toni, obviously with more patience than I, took time to select several glassybabys and light candles in each one to see how they actually looked when lit. See photo above of Toni and photo of the crowd inside the store.
I know that the next time I feel I must buy another glassybaby, I will happily pay full price and go on any day BUT the day of the seconds sale!

Ken celebrates Robbie Burns in a kilt!

On Friday evening, dutiful husband, Ken, and I attended the Robbie Burns Dinner at the Rainier Club. As you may already know, Robbie Burns was a Scottish poet, philosopher and a lyricist who lived from 1759 –1796. He is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland, and the anniversary of his birthday continues to be celebrated worldwide each year. Christopher Chan, of the Rainier Club worked with several volunteers and the entire Rainier Club staff to produce this celebratory event.
This was the third time I have attended this particular annual dinner but the first time I was able to get Ken to wear a kilt! Ken was a star in his new kilt, sporran, vest, jacket, knee socks and dagger. He received the kilt outfit for Christmas though surprisingly, it was not on his wish list. See the photos above with ZINO Society active and legacy members Phillip Swan (a real Scotsman) and Ron Savage (another real Scotsman) and other ZINO Society friends, Jo Krueger Savage, Vladlina and Eric Fulton, Randy Squires and Angela Polin, Jacqueline Witter and Peggy Reddy.
As we arrived, we were greeted as Lady Cathi Hatch and Sir Ken Hatch. The evening was packed with interesting activities including a scotch tasting, Scottish dancing and singing, recitations of Robbie Burns’ famous poetry including “A Red, Red Rose”, bagpipers leading in the haggis (a disgusting national food in my opinion but is part of the tradition), toasts to the lassies and separately to the laddies, singing of Robbie Burns’ famous song, “Auld Lang Syne,” and an excellent served dinner (except the haggis) produced by award-winning Rainier Club Executive Chef, Bill Morris and his talented culinary team.
When we returned home following the party, Ken threatened to list his kilt on ebay. He certainly didn’t admit that he actually had fun, but I’m pretty sure that he did!

Please VOTE for Cathi! Voting is now live for!

In a shameless attempt to capture the mirror ball, since I am worried that my actual dancing won’t do it, the link is below where you can vote for your favorite “dancer” (I’m hoping you will vote for me at $25 per vote, and Plymouth Housing Group is a great cause of course!). Here is where to go to vote ( and just click at the bottom of the page on “Cast Your VOTE” or just click on my name here Cathi Hatch and it will take you to my voting page. 
And, for those of you that are available and want to join Ken and me at our tables on March 13th, the evening of the humiliating event, the link to register is also . Please do let me (or McKenzie in my office at ) know if you will be joining us so I can save room at our tables. Now, I’m off to rehearsal . . .

Legendary – An Appropriate Descriptor

Last evening, we had a delightful dinner at venerable 26-year-old  Il Terrazzo Carmine in Pioneer Square with friends Mike Kunath and Kate HarrisonMike was our dinner host and Ken brought a bottle of legendary 1993 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon to share.  Proud and esteemed restaurant owner, Carmine Smeraldo, was there overseeing a very busy Saturday evening and in spite of that managed to find us a perfect table near the windows looking out into the charming courtyard.  See the photo of Mike and Carmine above.
Our palates were tickled with first a delicious starter of venison ravioli with an enchanting mushroom sauce, followed by an excellent Caesar salad, salad Caprese or sautéed spinach and garlic with lemon.  Ken and Mike ordered Carmine’s famous fall-off-the-bone Osso Bucco while Kate ordered the special risotto of the evening with artichoke hearts and I ordered the special pasta of the evening which was perfectly cooked al dente tagliatelle with a spicy Italian sausage sauce topped with fresh made ricotta cheese.  At the end of the evening, all of the truly amazing Quilceda Creek wine was gone, but both Osso Bucco bones made it home with us to share with Callie, the spoiled and favored Maltese dog that rules our home.
At the beginning of the evening, we toasted our dear friend, Dick Friel, who has left us too early with his passing a few days ago.  We each had such respect for Dick and shared stories of the many legendary impacts he has made in our community.  He was a master at recognizing and commenting on individuals during an auction and saying something special about each one that made each one of us sit up a little taller.  He will be terribly missed.
We ended the evening discussing our individual goals for 2010 (most centered around family and business) and upcoming travel adventure opportunities.  With the announcement of a recent archeological find of a few days ago, Mike looks forward to planning an adventure to see El Dorado, the legendary lost city of gold.  With respect to the entire experience at  Il Terrazzo Carmine last evening, we each felt we had discovered not the legendary lost city, but instead the gold standard in food and service at a legendary restaurant that luckily for us has not been lost.
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