Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fisher Communications Celebrates 100 Years!

On Tuesday evening, husband Ken and I attended the Fisher Communications Century of Service and Innovation Celebration Dinner at the Museum of History and Industry.  We ran into many people with whom Ken worked over the years when he was CEO and President of KIRO Broadcast Corporation.  See photo above of Ken and Bob Boyd, who worked for Ken for many years and is now General Sales Manager for Fisher Radio Seattle.  Also attending were old friends and KOMO associates, John & Sarah Rindlaub, Patti Payne, Dave & Trudi Syferd and JJ McKay.
Fisher Communications President and CEO, Colleen Brown and husband, Guy, welcomed us to this special private dinner to celebrate 100 years of involvement in the community in broadcast and other Fisher businesses including the original flour mill.  See photo of Colleen and me above.  There is an interesting installation of Fisher memorabilia, the Fisher Centennial Exhibit, at MOHAI that will be there for a few months.
KOMO television news anchors, Kathi Goertzen and Dan Lewis served as emcees for the event reminiscing about some of the funny stories and garbled phrases that they had experienced over the years.
Accolades were given by Fisher family member, Phelps Fisher,  Secretary of State, Sam Reed and a highlight video.  Though he retired from broadcast around 15 years ago, since KOMO was his arch-competitor in the past, Ken regressed to his aggressive broadcast competitor mentality and was sure that their glowing facts couldn’t possibly be correct.  When he felt compelled to share his opinion with our table mates, I had to remind him none-too-gently that this was a night to celebrate KOMO’s achievements!
Happy 100th to Colleen (she looks amazingly good for a 100 year old!) and Fisher Communications!  

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