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Cantinetta Eastside Opening

Joanne & Ted Baseler, Cathi & Ken Hatch
Ken and I enjoyed checking out Cantinetta, the sleek, yet comfortable feeling, new restaurant that just opened in our neighborhood on Main Street last week.  We attended the private pre-opening evening for friends and family and could see that they obviously have alot of friends and family as the opening was standing room only.  It was one of the few hot evenings in Seattle this summer and the HVAC system was definitely overwhelmed.
Restauranteur Trevor Greenwood, welcomed us to his new Eastside restaurant where we ran into several old friends and met new ones as well.  We were happy to see our good friends, Joanne & Ted Baseler and shared a glass of wine at the bar.  Cantinetta Ambassador, Columba McGlynn, was there with his cousin, Kevin McGlynn, and doing a great job of introducing people to one another and connecting them.  He introduced us to some of the original customers of the existing Cantinetta, located in Wallingford in Seattle, Joe Schneider and Kim Clements who have promised to get us a table at the Wallingford Cantinetta when we are in the neighborhood.
Joe Schneider, Kim Clements, Columba McGlynn, Cathi
I look forward to going back soon to try the food!    
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More love. NO H8.

Earlier this week, I joined JJ McKay at the W Hotel for a VIP photo shoot for the NO H8 campaign. Famed celebrity photographer, Adam Bouska, was there to take photos of each of us. Our instructions were to appear in a plain white t-shirt and channel the inner-model in each of us.

Once we arrived, we signed a release form and a temporary tattoo was placed on each person’s cheek. At the time of the actual photo taken by Adam Bouska, a piece of grey electrical tape was put over each of our mouths.

Courtney Womack & Nicole Vogel
Some of the other friends joining JJ and me included Stacy Lill, Courtney Womack, Janie Hendrix, Leslie Coaston, Deborah Rosen, Marnie Roozen, Desi Bailey, Cassie Redstone and Nicole Vogel.

Our special photo shoot preceded the open to the public photo shoot later that afternoon at which I was told over 800 people lined up to participate. I was relieved that we were already across the street at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel Lobby Bar sharing conversation and cocktails by the time the main photo shoot began.  Whew!

Super Tuscan Wine Tasting & Name the Puppy Contest!

Tonight we hosted the PONCHO and PNB Super Tuscan Wine Tasting Party at our home. All day we couldn’t decide whether to set up the party indoors or outside (20% chance of rain and pouring this morning at my house!). Our co-host, Dan Heidt (who organizes this auction party opportunity each year with me), promised sunshine so ultimately we did set up outdoors and it turned out to be a great decision since the sun came out and we had a very pleasant evening.

Hans Miller, Michael & Patti Brustkern
Guests purchased individual spaces for the party at the PONCHO Wine Auction which included Super Tuscan wines for tasting and beautiful small bites from Jonathan Sundstrom of Lark. The food was incredible and included slightly frozen foie gras bon bons with white peach coulis and aged balsamic vinegar; ricotta cheese, heirloom tomato, and mint crostini; lobster mushroom soup with toasted garlic; grilled wild boar sausage with rosemary and olives; marinated octopus with peppers and oregano; eggplant caponata crostini with basil; and Fiore Sardo Wagyu skirt steak crostini with blue cheese, arugula, and sweet onion jam. Dessert was a petite vanilla bean panna cotta with red wine blackberries and lavender shortbread crumbles atop. Every bite was absolutely amazing!
Lisa Rongren, Christopher Chan, Peggy Reddy
Lisa Rongren, from John Howie Steak, was the sommelier this year and did a fantastic job of explaining the individual wines and keeping us on track with the tasting. We tasted nine Super Tuscan wines and my favorite was the Sassicaia, considered one of Italy’s top Bordeaux-style red wines.
Michael & Peggy Swistak
Cathi, Z-Puppy, Dan Heidt
Randy Houtz, Z-Puppy

We are puppy sitting for the week (with an option to purchase!) and the guests took turns passing the puppy around and cuddling her. She seemed to be enjoying the whole party from start to finish. I decided that we should have a “Name the Puppy” contest and several guests suggested potential monikers. The contest rules are that the name should either start with the letter “z” or the sound of the letter “z” (i.e. Czarina would qualify). She will be coming to the ZINO Society office each day and her title will be “Z-Puppy”. If you send in the winning name (I am the primary judge but will include Ken and the Z-Team in the selection decision), you will receive a fabulous prize (yet to be determined!). Please send in your names soon so we can name the currently “nameless Z-Puppy”!

Gourmet Dinner Aboard The Katania

Teresa, Ken
Bruce, Cathi, Mark
Last night we were invited to join friends Bruce & Rebecka Milne aboard their beautiful yacht, The Katania, for a wine tasting and dinner cruise. The yacht is an elegant refurbished 50 year old Burger that has been stretched to 100 feet and has beautiful wood detailing and furnishings. Bruce has had the yacht painted with a dark blue hull which is very striking.

Rebecka, Cynthia, Jeff
We met new friends Mark, Cynthia, and Teresa & Jeff and had a wonderful time getting to know one another and tasting some fantastic wines before dinner including selections from Waters, Fidelitas, Amavi Cellars, Novelty Hill and a spectacular 1982 bottle of French Bordeaux that Bruce had found under the master stateroom bed.
I took my wine upstairs to the fly bridge and thoroughly enjoyed the slight breeze coming off the water while identifying friends’ homes on the lake on Hunt’s Point, Evergreen Point and Medina. It was an ideal evening for a cruise on Lake Washington.
Dinner was a feast for the eyes and palate including Steak Oscar with a crabcake atop a perfectly cooked filet of beef with tarragon-laced Bearnaise sauce and the amazing mango flan for dessert. A great Januik wine accompanied dinner.
Thank you, Rebecka & Bruce! We had a wonderful time! Happy Birthday to The Katania!

Five Years Old!

Andrea Baseler, Joanne Baseler, Bonnie Elgin, Peggy Reddy
Thursday night at the ZINO Society biggest party of the year, our 5 year Birthday and Magnum Party, we had a blast celebrating with over 200 members and friends. Our landlord, Terry Thompson of Urban Enoteca, brought a fantastic magnum of Cabernet Sauvignon from Pride Mountain Vineyards, one of my favorite Napa Valley wines. Have you ever made the crazy winding drive up to their winery? JJ McKay and John & Bonny Midby brought huge bottles of champagne which was a great way to get the celebration started. Dozens of very high quality magnums of wine were brought to share, though someone actually brought a magnum of Yellowtail! Ugh! I’m sure it was NOT a ZINO Society  member or wine professional who did that!

The party started early still missing our Wine Professional Member sommeliers who had agreed to help open bottles and pour, so Mary and I went behind the bar for the first 20 or 30 minutes and it was like a comedy routine that we think we may actually have to repeat next year!  Meanwhile Ken Hatch, nursing his bad knee, sat at a table all evening surrounded by his fans.  Someone said to me that, “Ken is like the Pope and everyone is going over to kiss his ring!”
Stacy Lill, Lorna Kneeland, Cathi Hatch
ZINO Society investors, Ron & Bonnie Elgin, brought a bottle from their cellar and ZINO Society brought a bottle too for the special toast of ZINO VINO Cabernet Blend 2005 which was a meritage of Cabernet Sauvignon that we produced at the ZINO VINO Blending Dinner the first year that ZINO Society existed with juice from Pepper Bridge, JM Cellars, Dunham Cellars, and Mark Ryan Winery. It was delicious!

Our esteemed event sponsors Berntson Porter and DeLille Cellars were there to help us celebrate and following a steel drum rendition of “Happy Birthday”, both Greg Porter of Berntson Porter and Greg Lill of DeLille Cellars proposed great toasts. You will have to ask Greg Lill about his toast that celebrates lying, swearing, cheating and killing!

The Z-Team led by Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Holmes, along with Director of Membership, Robin Moore, Events Coordinator, Elizabeth Larned and our unbelievable summer intern, Christine Gilbert were “Masters of Schlep” producing a thoroughly wonderful summer party. But after setting up all day and then standing and schlepping all night, we were all ready for pedicures and a foot massage by the end of the evening!

Surprise! Grilling Class at The Ruins

Our dear and crazy friends, Patty and Jimmy Barrier, said they were taking us out for a surprise this evening. The hardest thing was to figure out what to wear when we didn’t know where we were going. Would it be a Mariner’s game (but they were playing out of town), Catapalooza sponsored by the… Continue Reading

PJs Optional for This Event

JJ  flanked by the “Mr. Bubble” twins, Seeley  and Nancy Last night I went to JJ McKay’s Summer Pajama Party and saw scores of old friends and acquaintances and met some new friends. The party was at the beautiful home of Jennifer McCausland in the Mount Baker neighborhood with a spectacular view of Lake Washington… Continue Reading

Who Says Biggest is Best?!

Kathleen & Allen Shoup with Hobbs Bob Cremin, “da judge”, Pepper, and Patti Payne Yesterday at the Dog Days of Summer Party at Dave & Sally Maryatt’s beautiful home and gardens in the Highlands, it was hilarious to watch the big and little dogs interact with one another. My favorite one to watch was Connie… Continue Reading

Thank you Bradley!

Z-Team Today was our valued intern, Bradley King’s last day working for ZINO Society.  He has worked directly with Executive VP, Kristie Lanum assisting in entrepreneur communication and follow up to help get us ready for our ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum coming up on September 15th. Bradley is an incoming senior studying finance at Brigham… Continue Reading

Up on the Rooftop

Today, the Z-Team climbed up on the roof above the new ZINO Society at Urban Enoteca offices to envision the roof terrace planned to be added at some point in the future and to view the Blue Angels practice round.  It was an adventure climbing up the steep red ladder located in the mens’ room… Continue Reading