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Dinner with a view of the Acropolis

We were on one of those interminable travel days to Europe which by the time you actually arrive, you are so exhausted, so gritty and need a toothbrush so badly.  After switching planes three times and traveling for over 20 hours, the reward was checking into the beautiful Hotel Grand Bretagne in Athens which has been completely remodeled since we last stayed there around 10 years ago.

We decided that we needed to eat something before crashing so ventured to the roof-top garden restaurant where we were seated outside on the terrace with a stunning view of the Acropolis and the Parthenon.  There was a slight breeze and it was the perfect temperature.  We ordered two glasses of a Greek rose wine (which was very good) and sipped the wine while we drank in the beauty of the view.  As we shared a Greek salad (Why do Greek salads always taste so much better when actually in Greece??), the sky turned a pinkish, lavendar hue behind the Acropolis.  As the sun sank a bit lower, the spotlights on the Acropolis came on and it really was a magical view.  The photos didn’t really capture the variations of light and color, but I can still see them clearly in my mind’s eye.

Cathi & Reb

We enjoyed dinner there so much our first night, so we arranged to have dinner there again with Rebecka & Bruce Milne on our second evening in Athens and also ran into Nancy & Mark Pellegrino.  It really was a spectacular view! 

Nancy & Mark


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Meet the Schei – Man!

The Schei-man, the Hatchman and the Panamera

One of our dear family friends is Kjell ScheiKjell is a family member and business partner with our other great family friend, Jimmy Barrier, and runs the Porsche dealership for Barrier Motors.  This of course gives Ken (aka “The Hatchman” as designated by Jimmy Barrier) a reason to visit the Porsche dealership rather frequently and drool over the gorgeous, hot cars.  Kjell and Ken are always negotiating options and prices on each new model.

Ken’s current favorite is the sleek Porsche Panamera which actually carries four passengers very comfortably.  I have ridden in the back seat several times when Jimmy and Patty have picked us up to take us to events together, and the back seat is roomy and I didn’t feel even the least bit crowded.  It is a hot, ufast car however, and I love to drive it myself.

Kjell is also known as “The Schei-man”, also designated by Jimmy Barrier.  We have another friend who was in the meat business for years whom Jimmy still refers to as “The Meatman”, but that is another story.  Kjell is also a great golfer.  I haven’t had the chance to play golf with him this summer, but I still recall a fun game we played at Overlake Golf Club a couple of years ago or so when it had gotten so dark that we really couldn’t even see the ball until we walked right on top of it after each of our hits.

Is it a done deal??

Schei-man does not mean “shy” however since Kjell knows just about everybody in the area.  A couple of weeks ago, Ken and I ran into Kjell at Cantinetta, the hot new restaurant on Old Main in Bellevue as I mentioned in my recent blog posting.  And of course, Kjell was connected to everyone there that evening including the restauranteur, Trevor Greenwood.

Now about that Porsche Panamera . . .

Molly & Marco – The Perfect Pair

Ken, Susan Neumann, CK Coles
It was a beautiful evening for a wedding shower dinner for Molly McEachron and Marco Salazar at the lakeside home of Joyce & Doug McCallumMolly is the daughter of our good friends, Carol & Spike Anderson.  She and Marco are planning an October wedding at the Edgewater Hotel and looked so happy together.  
Along with Joyce and Doug, the party was also co-hosted by Susan & Gary Neumann, Nancy & Van Strom, and Suzy & Moe Krabbe.  In addition to the delicious dinner and expected shower gifts, the guests got into the spirit of the evening by sharing advice for the soon-to-be-newlyweds.
Molly & Marco
Suzy & Moe shared their points rating system for determining how important a particular event or decision is to the other.  Ken and I talked about how important humor is in diffusing what could otherwise be an unpleasant situation.  We talked about him recently mixing up his pain pills and diuretic pills and popping additional pills (that he thought were for pain) when the pain in his knee just wouldn’t go away and then wondering why he was getting so many leg cramps and having to go to the bathroom every few minutes.  I still can’t help giggling over that one!  He was so cranky!
Jim & CK Coles

One of the better stories was one that CK Coles told while Jim Coles kept interrupting throughout her story to exclaim that “This is a true story!” about a time when they were hosting a dinner party at their home for Jim’s business associates.  You will have to ask CK to share the story because I’m sure the “blog censors” would not approve of my sharing the language that she used.

Best wishes and happiness always, Molly & Marco!

Sparkle and Spice — Bollywood in Bellevue

Cathi & Ahktar

Tonight Ken and I attended the Sparkle & Spice- Bollywood In Bellevue Gala co-chaired by Alka Badshah and Sita Vashee who led the “ICE Girls” to produce a beautiful partyto benefit Tateuchi Center.  The other ICE Girls include Manisha Chainani, Gillian Fernandes, Mona Nadkarni and Leena Porwal.  The ICE (Indian Community Eastside) Committee has committed to raising $1 million toward the capital campaign for a naming gift inside the new Tateuchi Center slated to break ground in Fall, 2011 and have raised $700k to date.

The invitations and programs were a gorgeous design, bejeweled on exquisite papers.  The female guests were encouraged to wear “glitter and glamour”.  I was so glad that I chose to wear a Luly Yang design that is embellished with lots of sequins and bugle beads.  It seemed to fit in just fine with the incredible jeweled saris and formal Indian attire.  The female Indian guests arrived with bindis (the forehead jewels) attached already, but there were plenty of bindis to go around so soon all the women attending had bedecked themselves with bindis as well.  Thank you Cheryl Engstrom for sharing one of yours with me!  The men also wore long silk, tasseled scarves of varying hues and there were enough to go around so all the men had a scarf, even the Hatchman.

Jeff Doud & The Hatchman

The fantastic-looking food buffets included four separate themed buffets; From India with Love, Monsoon Grilling, Orient Express and Sleepless in Seattle.  Though we loved pretty much everything, the guests at our table were crazy about the fig jam and grilled ciabatta bread. 

We saw lots of people that we knew including Betty Freeman, Jane Hague & Ed Springman, Charles & Delphine Stevens, andof course Alka & Ahktar Badshah.  The Tateuchi Center Executive Team were there including CEO John Haynes and his wife Lori, and Director of Development, Linda Bonomi.
New people we met were a member of the Tateuchi Center ACT II Fundraising Guild, Lisbeth Morrow-Nold who had just the right bangles and bindis, and Jeff Doud and his wife, Sarah.  We also enjoyed seeing the dance group, Pratidhwani perform differnt forms of Indian dances ranging from regional folk dance to classical.

Lizabeth Morrow-Nold
The Hatchman and I left before we heard the total amount raised this evening, but I know it will be impressive!  Congratulations to the entire ICE Committee!

My Favorite Things from ZZIF

Today I just received the YouTube of Jon Doll’s performance of his original song and lyrics, “On The Shoulders of Angel Investors” that we kicked off the ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum last week.  I may be biased, but I think it is fantastic and the lyrics are so appropriate for investors and entrepreneurs.  You can view it HERE.

Three of my other favorite things from ZZIF were our panels.  I thought that each panel was extremely interesting and that the audience was really enjoying their questions and input.

David Mackuen’s Five-Minute presentation of BuiltBurger right before lunch.  It was a great presentation and he won the ZINO Zenith Award for Best Presenter.  But it also started stomachs growling and made everyone realize how famished we all were.

The ZINOpreneurs‘ presentations are always one of my favorite things and I love the Five-Minute pitches!  But this time, I was also hugely impressed with how much information the Two-Minute presenters were able to share in such a limited time.

The support of our ZINO Society sponsors is incredibly important, because we would not be able to produce ZZIF without their support.  What a great group of people!

Another BIG thank you to everyone who helped make ZZIF so successful this year.

Selections, Presentations, Projections, Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors

What a busy day!  I began the day at the judges’ selection meeting for Puget Sound Business Journal’s upcoming “Women of Influence” recognition awards.  Along with fellow judges Jeff Raikes, Phyllis Campbell, Constance Rice, and from Puget Sound Business Journal, Emory Thomas, Patti Payne and Becky Monk,, we selected 15 incredible women out of over 130… Continue Reading

Tateuchi Center will be Gorgeous!

Betty Freeman, Delphine Stevens, Cathi Hatch, Karen Lytle, John Haynes, Joan Wallace Yesterday, I attended a small ladies’ luncheon at Karen Lytle’s beautiful house on Hunts Point  to get an “insiders’ peek” at the design of our future performing arts center on the Eastside – The Tateuchi Center.  Karen and I are both on the PACE… Continue Reading

Wanted! Dogs that are CRAZY about Balls.

  Sally Behnke, Betty Boettler, Dottie Simpson   ARCS Scholar Last night, Ken and I attended the ARCS September dinner meeting at the Sunset Club.  We sat with Patty & Jimmy Barrier and some of the founder doyennes of ARCS including Carol Wright, Dottie Simpson, Sally Behnke, Jan Bauermeister and Betty Boettler.  We heard… Continue Reading

19 Years Later, JLS Unveils New Logo

Susan Evani, Diamond Tiara Award Winner Tonight I had the opportunity to attend the Junior League of Seattle Fall Kick-Off meeting at beautiful Daniels Recital Hall in downtown Seattle.  There were around 300 women in attendance and in traditional Junior League fashion, there was food and wine to share before the meeting.  We were also… Continue Reading

And the ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum Winners are . . .

After a full day of watching and interacting with presenting entrepreneurs and demo table entrepreneurs at ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum on Wednesday, we adjourned downstairs to the Bell Harbor Conference Center International Promenade for the “Spiels and Suds” segment of the ZZIF agenda featuring entrepreneur demo tables and beer from Pike Brewing Company and K &… Continue Reading