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A Match Made in Heaven

Diane Roberts & Paul Birkeland
Earlier this week, Ken and I ventured into the big world for one of his first dinners “out” since his knee replacement surgery.  We went to one of our favorite Eastside restaurants, Cantinetta, on Main Street in Bellevue.
We were so pleased to be able to spend time with Paul Birkeland and his fiancee, Diane RobertsPaul lost his wife, Joyce, to cancer last year and Diane lost her husband to cancer five years ago.  The two families have been friends for over 30 years and raised their children together.  I think that Paul and Diane found kindred spirits in each other, both having shared so many experiences together over the years. They are planning to get married in December in a small family wedding.  Ken and I certainly offer our best wishes to them for long life and happiness together.

Paul and I are working on a ZINO Society Walla Walla Wine Adventure for the end of April, 2011 and look forward to visiting some of the top wineries in Walla Walla with a group of around 16 couples.  We already have a great itinerary planned with access to wineries that don’t normally take time to entertain guests and others that we both just love.  Definitely, I will share more details on this later.

We ended the evening once again with Cantinetta’s fantastic dessert, Zeppole.  By then, Ken’s pain medication and strength reserves had faltered, so I quickly gulped down one bite of dessert and then literally ran to get the car which was around the corner.  Paul helped Ken walk to the car when I pulled up out front, and we barely made it home before Ken turned into a pumpkin!

A Screamingly Frightastic Costume Party!

Judith mimicking one of her art pieces

 Last night, Ken wasn’t quite up to attending a party yet, but I stopped by friend and frightfully fantastic artist, Judith Kindler’s Atelier 31 Studio where she and her husband, Kyle Johnson, hosted a Halloween costume party.  Her studio was decorated with jack o’lanterns and headstones and lots of “spooktacular” decorations.  One of the highlights was her “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful” exhibition hung in her studio, having just returned from being on tour in five cities with part of the exhibition also currently featured in SAM’s gallery this month.


Judith and Kyle looked amazing as “I am not a rabbit!” which they both insisted.  One of their friends, Rebecca Teagarden, came in a great costume as a spoof of an earlier work of Judith’s entitled  Mona and Me, complete with a baby doll which she carried in one hand with a glass of wine in the other.  I never did figure out how she actually was able to drink the wine however.

Some of the other frolicking friends were Esther & Walter Schoenfeld, Anne-Marie & Tom Hedges, Rochelle & Harry Alhadeff, Chloe & Lance Mueller, and Steve Walker & Debra Weasea.

As Judith promised in her fun and creatively worded invitation (no wonder she is so good at Scrabble!) . . .  “a totally boooooootiful” time was had by all!

Esther, Judith, Walter

Rebecca Teagarden


Ken, (aka “The Impatient”) on his way to Health

Sylvia with Ken (aka “The Impatient”)

As Ken (aka “The Impatient“) has been recovering from his recent knee replacement surgery, it has taken a village to take care of him.  Between friends cooking dinner, emails and phone calls cheering him up, visiting nurses, physical therapists, lots of ice and copious amounts of pain meds, he really does seem to be getting better!  Though he wasn’t the most docile or reasonable patient on her first visit, one of his favorite new friends is Sylvia Neicutescu, a registered nurse who is part of the Swedish Visiting Nurse Service

 Sylvia has been coming to our home twice a week to do blood tests, help him change his bandages, etc.  She has been most patient in dealing with the “Impatient” and has totally won him over.  Though I know I would never look forward to having my blood drawn, Ken actually looks forward to her visits.  And ZiZi, our little Yorkshire terrier puppy greets Sylvia as a long-lost friend at each visit.

Thank you to Sylvia and everyone else who has participated in Ken’s return to health!

15 New ZINO Society Members Announced

Jeff Marcell

Arriving home from Portland on Tuesday afternoon, I drove directly downtown to the offices of Davis Wright Tremaine for the ZINO Society Roundtable Investment Meeting.  Around 60 people were on hand to connect with one another, hear our keynote speaker, Jeff Marcell, CEO & President of enterpriseSeattle and see the dealflow presentations by our featured ZINOpreneur Members of the month.

Featured ZINOpreneur members included:

  • Anthony Grove of World Media, Inc. – The future of digital advertising

    John Rubino with bottle of Woodward Canyon


  • Dwight Miles of Whirly Golf whose mission is to expand the game of golf to kids and promore family connection while encouraging life-long values.

  • Torrey Russell of Offers Network, Inc. – Smartphone app for real estate shopping using location based software.

And a traction update by ZINOpreneur Member:

  • Max Lyons of FiatLux Imaging, Inc. – a secure online service for the transport, viewing, sharing, and storage of medical images by medical professionals and patients.

The featured wines were courtesy of ZINO Society Wine Pro Member, Jim Soleau of Cellar Stocker and beers courtesy of (Beer) Wine Pro Member, Charles Finkel of Pike Brewing.

Sue & Jackson Weaver with newest RT Member, Jeff Miller

Jackson Weaver, Roundtable Member and Coach Extraordinaire received his Coaches award for all of his efforts on behalf of ZINO Society ZINOpreneur Members and new Roundtable Member, John Rubino, attending his first Roundtable Investment Meeting won the wine drawing for completing his green input and evaluation sheet.  We also welcomed 15 new ZINO Society members, with Jeff Miller being our newest member.

A Culinary Feast Courtesy of Dr. Death and Fairy Godmother Princess

Bob Cremin aka “Dr. Death”

Things have been hectic since my recent blog posting about Ken’s knee replacement surgery in Napa Valley a week and a half ago.  Since then I have travelled to Portland for a two day meeting and Board Retreat for Pacific Continental Bank and attended two ZINO Society Roundtable Investment Meetings earlier this week in Seattle and Bellevue.  You can see my blog postings about both of those by clicking on the links above.

 Last night was a culinary treat because friends Bob Cremin aka “Dr. Death” and Patti Payne, who Ken calls his “Fairy Godmother Princess” since she was the one that finally convinced him to have the knee surgery, came to cook dinner and spend the evening with Ken and me.  Ken is still recuperating from his surgery so we decided it would be most fun to stay home for dinner versus the challenge and hassle of going out.

Patti & Bob

Bob showed up  in his chef’s jacket appropriately labeled “Dr. Death” with two grocery bags of ingredients and Patti showed up bearing her homemade, freshly baked bread along with sweet Pepper Payne, her friendly and fluffy, Papipoo. 

Both (Bob & Patti, not Pepper!) proceeded to chop and slice and saute.  The outcome was divine!  We feasted on Bob’s Yukon Gold potatos au gratin with freshly grated Emmenthaler and a wonderful prawn and scallop saute with sweet onions, tomatoes, peppers, and garlic in a buttery sauce.  And we mopped up every bite of the delicious seafood saute sauce with Patti’s absolutely incredible bread.

For dessert, Bob prepared Bananas Foster flambeed with brandy served over ice cream.  Yum!  Since we hadn’t consumed nearly enough calories yet, I also served Brandy Ice, an adult milkshake blended with brandy, Kahlua and Creme de Cacao to accompany the Bananas Foster.

After dessert and more laughter and stimulating conversation, Ken was ready for bed, so Patti, Bob and I played a hotly contested game of Scrabble until almost midnight.  I think “smore” is a word meaning those graham crackers with melted marshmallows and chocolate bars.  Don’t you agree?

Bank Board Retreat Dinner

 Mike Holcomb, Bob Harding, Shannon Coffin  Early in the week, I flew to Portland in order to attend the Pacific Continental Bank Board Retreat.  I have been on this board for several years and  in the fall each year, we take time to “retreat” and discuss the direction and priorities of the business… Continue Reading

The Bionic Man

I am in Napa Valley looking out onto an incredible view of vineyards, trees and a mountain against a very blue sky.  It is the view from Ken’s hospital room.  He just had knee replacement surgery yesterday and is waiting to be discharged today.  He is currently hooked up to a passive exercise machine that… Continue Reading

All Aboard for The Plaka!

Ken negotiates for transportation. On the evening before we boarded our Seabourn cruise ship, Ken and I arranged for a special Greek dinner in Athens in the Plaka with transportation included.  Instead of stretch limos or even taxi cabs, Ken struck a deal with the owner of the Sunshine Express people-mover train to pick us up at the… Continue Reading

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Fantastic Dalmatian Coast Cruise with Friends

Ken, Cathi, John & Bonny Midby in Dubrovnik Ken and I just returned from a fantastic cruise from Athens to Venice aboard the Seabourn Odyssey with 20 friends.  The ship was beautiful and we thoroughly enjoyed the people, the food and the service.  Included in the ports of call was Dubrovnik that we had previously visited… Continue Reading