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Here Comes the Bride

Patti, Susan the Bride, Cathi

On Monday, Patti Payne, Patty Barrier and I, co-hosted a bridal shower luncheon for Susan Rindlaub, daughter of good friends, Sarah & John Rindlaub.  It was so much fun to plan a totally feminine celebration to recognize the upcoming nuptials of Alex McKay and Susan Rindlaub.  It was an excuse to dig out all the antique china, crystal and silver and set beautiful tables. 

For the centerpieces, Patti Payne went to the tulip fields and returned with the most gorgeous Angelique tulips; pale pink and green ruffled flowers that were breathtaking when combined with white hydrangeas, white and pale green tulle, green ribbon and and sparkling lighted twigs.

Sarah, Margaret, Alison, Danielle

The guests included Susan’s bridesmaid friends and new family such as sister Alison Chester, Jessie Cote and Lynn McKay anad Lindsey McKay and Sarah’s friends Betty Freeman, Barbara Morgan, Margaret Talbot, Najma Lalji, Lynn Garvey, June Thornton, Susan Armstrong, Danielle Tilden, Carol Brown, Susan Hutchison, Janet Williamson, Terri Rossi, Cheryl Haskins and Debra Rowley.

Mary Jane & David Landau of Landau’s Catering and their team did a beautiful job of the food and service.  The menu included passed hors d’oeuvres, a “Bridal Blush” celebratory aperatif and a served luncheon.

Dungeness Crab with Celeriac Tartlet
Fresh Herb Clafoutis with Tomato Jam
Cheese Gougeres
Spring Carrot Ginger Soup with Cheese Straw
Lacquered Salmon Filets with Sorrel Sauce
Basmati Rice Pilaf with Spring Peas and Leeks
Asparagus Gremolata
Homemade Brioche Love Knots with Creamery Butter
Individual Italian Almond Cake with Strawberries Balsamico
Assorted Petits Fours
Tarmo, David, Mary Jane


Over 900 for Breakfast!

Jane Hague thanks 900+ supporters.
On Wednesday, Ken and I attended the Gala Kick-Off Breakfast for Jane Hague, who is running for King County Council.  Jane has been a Council Member since 1994.  Ken was amazed at the number of people in attendance.  He said that he had envisioned that we would be attending a small breakfast with maybe a couple of hundred people at the most and he was dumbfounded to see over 900 people in attendance.

Jane’s husband, Ed Springman, had done a masterful job of getting people to organize tables to support Jane.  He was so proud of Jane and Jane did a beautiful job of thanking him from the podium for being her Number One cheerleader and supporter and promised all in attendance that she will win this election.

It was definitely a “who’s who” of people attending from the Eastside and dozens of politicians were there to support Jane’s kick-off.  We sat at Peter Horvitz’ table along with other supporters of the Tateuchi Center including Betty & Kemper Freeman, Warren Koons, Pamela Rolfe, Maxine Barnard, Barbara Morgan, Alka Badshah and Brad Smith.

Honorable Conrad Lee, Bellevue City Councilman, led the Pledge of Allegiance and shared with us how proud he is to be an American.  Honorable Rob McKenna, Washington State Attorney General and Honorable Brian Sontag, Washington State Auditor were on hand to pay tribute to Jane and both admitted that they looked at each other as best friends in Olympia.  The financial “ask” was ably handled by Scott Morris of Trilogy International Partners and Honorable Joan BcBride, Mayor of Kirkland.

Congratulations, Jane!  We are all rooting for you!

Helping Keep Gilda’s Club Door Wide Open

It was a great party at the Chihuly Boathouse on Thursday evening to raise money to keep the doors open at Gilda’s Club SeattleGilda’s Club, which offers a broad, community-based program of social, emotional, and educational support for cancer survivors, has been struggling with reduced contributions as have many non-profits during the past year or so.  When Anna Gottlieb, Gilda’s Club Seattle Executive Director and Founder, contacted supporter Dr. James Bianco, to ask for help, he immediately agreed to pull together a committee to plan a fundraiser to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of Gilda’s Club Seattle.

Jim Bianco & Ken Hatch celebrate party success
Numerous planning meetings were held in the lobby of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel with primary planners in addition to Jim being Mike Kunath, Kate Harrison and Ken Hatch.  Other steering committee members included Teri Citterman, Bryce Fisher, Sherrie & Jerry Henke, Steve Kutz and Courtney Womack, JJ McKay, Cindy & Kevin Swett, Betty Tong & Joe Miner and me.
Courtney Womack, Stacy Lill, Cathi Hatch, Steve Kutz

Of course, the location was spectacular!  I so enjoy visiting the Boathouse whenever I get the opportunity.  First, there is the excitement of being in the Hot Shop and hearing the roar of the torches and the Glory Hole and watching the gaffers handle the hot glass so ably.  Seeing so much gorgeous and colorful Chihuly glass art in one place including the dozen or so chandeliers above the endlessly long log table in the Evelyn Room, and the colorful glass sea forms in the swimming pool,  the eerily greenish-white glass art in the aquarium along with Dale’s other fascinating collections of masks, buddhas, string dispensers, Indian blankets and baskets is always such a memorable experience!

Jonathan Roberts, Ken Hatch, Michael Hatch

Great food was served courtesy of William Belickis of Mistral Kitchen, Thierry Rautureau of Rover’s/LUC and Michelle Ratallac, of new restaurant opening soon, RN74.  Performing the role of celebrity Sommeliers were Stacy & Greg Lill of DeLille Cellars pouring their own wine and Jake Kossef pouring Long Shadows Pirouette and wines from Owen Roe Winery.

Bryce Fisher and friend

In addition to the Steering Committee, some other friends in attendance supporting the cause were Walter Schoenfeld, Patti Payne, Sue Bianco, Vanessa & Rob Strickland, Len Nahajski, Pat Wallace, Michael Hatch, Jonathan & Elizabeth Roberts, and Dave Bingham of Park Place Motors with two of his beautiful Aston Martin automobiles that were part of a “Drive an Aston for a Day” package for the brief auction line-up.  Also included in the auction were tickets to the Mariners, use of the Lusty Lady marquee donated by Robert Holmes, and two beautiful German Shepherd puppies.

Walter Schoenfeld, Vanessa Strickland

All in all, it was a very successful evening and the doors to Gilda’s Club Seattle will stay open!

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Gamification. Say what??!

Kraig L. Marini Baker

This week we presented a ZINO Society Business Insights luncheon entitled:  Gamification, Designing Fun into Everything!  The featured expert presenter was Kraig L. Marini Baker, a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine who is the Chair of the Technology, e-Business & digital Media Practice; and Co-Chair of the Games Practice. 

What is Gamification?  According to, Gamification “is the integration of game mechanics into non-game material to increase user engagement, loyalty and fun.”

According to Kraig and the guru of gamification and world-renowned game designer, Jane McGonigal, Gamification makes technology more appealing by encouraging desired behaviors, while taking advantage of our psychological predisposition to play. While Gamification may encourage users to actually enjoy performing chores they would ordinarily consider tedious, broader trends  are showing us potential applications in nearly every industry, from education and health to social investment and work.

Kraig shared three categories of gamification:

  • consumer engagement – to draw consumer eyeballs and sell more goods and services
  • employee incentives – increase productivity or encourage training completion
  • social change – using game mechanics to work social change 

He said the advantages of using gamification are accelerated feedback cycles, clear goals and rules of play, a compelling narrative, and useful for tasks that are challenging but achieveable.   He also talked about the allure of people responding to rewards and that cash isn’t actually considered that good of a reward.  Instead, he said that people respond to rewards in this order:

  • status
  • access
  • power
  • stuff

Unfortunately, I had to leave for another meeting before the conclusion of the session so hope that someone that did attend the full session will add comments to this posting that include any additional “a-has” that you may have taken away from the presentation.

The Easter Bunny Comes Early to Clyde Hill

This morning Easter came early to our home on Clyde Hill.  We celebrated with family and surprisingly, the Easter Bunny had even hidden eggs outside around the swimming pool.  (I did notice a dog toy and some Easter candy that had found its way into the pool and I don’t think it was due to the Easter Bunny, but maybe assisted by one of the three grandsons who joined us!)

Katie & Cutter

Michael & Alicia Hatch’s two sons, Jackson and Spencer, and Katie & Kevin Larmore’s son, Cutter, each approached Easter in his own way.  Jackson, the most experienced at four years old understood the system, so sneaked outside a little early to find eggs before the younger boys spoiled the fun.  Spencer, next in line, needed some help in having eggs pointed out to him but then was able to pick them up himself and put them in his basket.  Cutter, the youngest, was perfectly happy to hold one egg in each hand and run around the pool area.  Jackson was only limited by the size of his basket and definitely found the lion’s share of the eggs, while neither Spencer or Cutter yet realized there was a competition or that there was candy inside the eggs.  But, watch out next year, Jackson!

Sean, Troy, Kevin

Sean Hatch and Troy Clark rounded out the party and as usual helped organize the serving and clearing of food and dishes.  We teased Troy, whom we were sure wanted to search for eggs too but he restrained himself this time.

We also celebrated the announcement of the gender of the new baby that Katie and Kevin are expecting in September.  Katie announced the gender by attempting to dye the Strawberry Shortcake Cake she made for dessert.  However, when she cut into the cake, it was actually a strange shade of green, so we are convinced that they are having a baby Shreck!  Though unusual in appearance, the cake was absolutely delicious with a rich cream cheese frosting and strawberries on top.  We are actually very thrilled for them that they are expecting another baby boy whom we hope will be just as cute as his big brother, Cutter!

Michael & Ken

Happy Birthday Alicia! Make a Wish!

Troy Clark, Cathi Hatch, Alicia Hatch Alicia Hatch has been very busy recently working toward the conclusion of her law degree at Seattle University, her new Vice President position at fast-growing social media company, Banyan Branch, keeping track of husband, Michael and two active boys, Jackson and Spencer, ages 4 and 2, and expecting a new baby… Continue Reading

Planning ZINO Green Investment Forum

Mary Holmes & Kristie Lanum ZINO Society Chief Dealflow Officer, Kristie Lanum and Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Holmes, discuss ZINO Green Investment Forum coming up on April 26, 2011.  Kristie is accepting applications from entrepreneurs and organizing screening to select which companies will present and organizing coaching assignments to make sure that each entrepreneur selected to become… Continue Reading

Celebrate Spring!

 Doug McCallum, Spike Anderson  Last evening, we joined friends Carol & Spike Anderson, Arlene Wright & Beni Turan, and Jan Rogers & Lloyd Osborn at the home of Joyce & Doug McCallum for a “Celebrate Spring!” dinner party. The McCallums have a feature in their home that I covet – TWO kitchens and TWO refrigerators;… Continue Reading

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Mesmerized once again by “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Francia Russell & Kent StowellPNB Founding Artistic Directors Friday evening, Ken and I attended the pre-performance dinner at McCaw Hall for Pacific Northwest Ballet’s opening night of George Balanchine’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  We were delighted to be seated with PNB Founding Artistic Directors and friends, Francia Russell and Kent Stowell.  PNB’s unique production was… Continue Reading

Fine Food and Wine In the Shadow of the Fremont Bridge

Rick Fisher, Cathi Hatch, Cindy Hales, Lisa Mikesell, Damien Wilson Last evening, ZINO Society produced a lovely Master of Wine Monday at Ponti Seafood Grill in Seattle.  See my earlier blog posting here describing the setting and ambiance of Ponti.   Ponti’s Rich Malia, owner, Alvin Binuya, Chef, and Brian Siry, Manager partnered with ZINO Society Wine Professional… Continue Reading