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Featured ZINOpreneur of the Week: Kelly Ogilvie of Blue Marble Biomaterials

Kelly Ogilvie, Blue Marble Biomaterials

Our ZINO Society featured ZINOpreneur Member this week is Kelly Ogilvie, CEO of Blue Marble Biomaterials. Kelly presented his company at the ZINO Society Investment Roundtable Meetings in May, 2011. We asked him to share the answers to a few questions about his company.

What is your one-sentence elevator pitch? . . . Blue Marble manufactures specialty chemicals from plant material that directly replace petrochemicals from oil.

How did you come up with the idea for your company? . . . We saw the need to solve the “other oil problem,” petroleum chemicals in all consumer goods. 

The word that best describes your company culture is . . . innovative.

How are you different from your competition? . . . We produce chemicals from bacteria and plants, not from petroleum. 

What is the biggest challenge you face? . . . Scaling is the biggest problem we face and being able to produce large quantities to an industry thirsty for change and sustainable solutions.
How much money have you raised to date? . . . $4MM.

If someone gave your company $3 million tomorrow, how would you use the money? . . . We would use the funds to commercialize our operation, invest in capacity, and hire key personnel to grow our business.
What is the oddest or most unusual things about your company? . . .The founders met on Craigslist.

What is one thing missing from your business? . . . A Chief Operating Officer.

Why will your company be successful? . . . We have a proven technology, and customers who want our product. We have to deliver molecules to market.

Golf with Two Consul Generals

It was a beautiful day for eighteen holes of golf today at Overlake Golf and Country Club.  It was a special game since I had the opportunity to play golf with TWO Consul Generals; Bob Cremin, British Consul General and Lars Johnson, Swedish Consul General.

Our game resembled an Easter egg hunt since I played with yellow golf balls and both Bob and Lars played with “lucky” pink golf balls until the pink balls were both lost on hole number fourteen. My only par today was on the newly designed number twelve hole.  We finished the game with my optimistic and perpetual hope . . . maybe tomorrow I will play better!

Featured ZINOpreneur of the Week: Mark Owen of Puralytics

Mark Owen of Puralytics
Our ZINO Society featured ZINOpreneur Member this week is Mark Owen, Founder and CEO of Puralytics. Mark presented his company at the ZINO Society ZINO Green Investment Forum in April, 2011. We asked him to share the answers to a few questions about his company.
  • What is your one-sentence elevator pitch? . . .  Puralytics has pioneered a new technology for water purification using LEDs and nanotechnology, which is able to destroy chemicals and microorganisms and remove heavy metals making it ideal for industrial processes and decentralized drinking water applications.
  • How did you come up with the idea for your company? . . . While travelling in Tokyo, I saw a building with a sunlight activated nanotechnology “self-cleaning” coating that prevented algae growth and pollutant build up and I thought “ how could I get the light of the sun and the surface area of a building into a can?”  Over time we identified the exact wavelengths and intensities could be applied with LEDs, the surface area of a building could be achieved with a nanotechnology coated mesh, and have found other extensions that broaden the efficacy, efficiency, and breadth of contaminants that can be treated.
  • The word that best describes your company culture is . . . focused.
  • How are you different from your competition? . . .  Existing solutions merely move contaminants around into filters and waste streams, and are not effective with organic chemicals, whereas these are our strengths, and the contaminants are completely destroyed in our process.
  • What is the biggest challenge you face? . . . Building the channel to market that supports the size of the opportunity.
  • How much money have you raised to date? . . .  $940,000 through angel investors and the management team, and $516,000 through government research grants.
  • If someone gave your company $3 million tomorrow, how would you use the money? . . .  To support our go-to-market plan, tool up our product for higher volume production, complete additional IP filings and certification tests, and add to our sales and engineering teams.
  • Why will your company be successful? . . . We have a unique technology that is hitting the market at the same time that organic contaminants (pharmaceuticals, endocrine disrupting compounds, petrochemicals, pesticides, etc.) are of growing interest, and have a team that is experienced at the process of starting a company and introducing new technologies to markets.

JJ’s Cocktail Party to Introduce Tina Brown

Steve Goldfarb, Cathi, Eric Akines

Tonight I went to a small cocktail party as a guest of JJ McKay at the Bagley and Virginia Wright Foundation Gallery to meet special guests Tina Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek and the Daily Beast, Stephen Colvin, CEO of Newsweek, and Jeff Barrish, Associate Publisher at Newsweek and Daily Beast Vice President.

JJ McKay, Stephen Colvin, Tina Brown

JJ gathered an interesting cross section of the community to meet Tina and Jeff including hosts Virginia & Bagley Wright and guests, Charles & Lisa Simonyi, Kate Janeway & Howard Wright, Delphine & Charles Stevens, Pat Wallace, Laura Peterson, Stewart Parker, Jean Enersen & Bruce Carter, Fredda & Steve Goldfarb, Eric Akines, Elizabeth & Jonathan Roberts, Nancy Auer & Randy Houtz, Glen Johnson, Kathy Casey and Dale & Leslie Chihuly.

In her remarks to the group, Tina talked about her recent couple of weeks covering the royal wedding of William and Kate and then coming home exhausted to immediate news of the death of Osama bin Laden and the need to put together a special edition of Newsweek in one and a half days.  It sounded like she was definitely up to the challenge.

Stewart Parker, Laura Peterson

The Wright Gallery is a wonderful venue to showcase some of the over 200 art pieces that Ginny & Bagley have acquired over the years.  This particular show was focused on Color Field paintings, which at one point had been dismissed as “merely decorative” works.  Virginia shares in the catalog available at the show, “I have been pleased that the Color Field show of 2004 did help to retrieve the reputation of the artists on view.  It was so popular that we decided to repeat it.  This show is almost identical to the earlier one, but with a few changes we hope will intrigue viewers.  Our hope is that Color Field painting will come to be seen not as a dead end but as a stunning chapter in the development of abstract art, capable of inspiring other artists and above all, providing pleasure of the very highest order.”

Cathi, JJ McKay, Fredda Goldfarb

I admired the paintings which were colorful and happy and enjoyed meeting special guest Tina Brown and visiting with the many other guests.  Thank you, JJ, for hosting another great party!

Happy Birthday Susan!

Birthday Girl, Susan Neumann

Jan, Diane, Susan , Londi, Cathi, Suzy

This past week, which has been very busy for me with Alicia’s graduation, Shaking it Up for Science with the ARCS Gala, attending the Women Corporate Directors dinner, attending an all-day Pacific Continental Bank Board meeting, producing and attending two ZINO Society Roundtable Investment meetings, a Harbor Club Board of Governors meeting, a Tateuchi Center Nominating Committee meeting, serving as a finals judge for the Seattle University Business Plan Competition, attending the  Edward V. Fritzky Chair Dinner as a UW Foster School of Business CIE Board member, an Enroute investors meeting, and opening night of Guys and Dolls at the Fifth Avenue Theatre, I took a fun time out to help Susan Neumann celebrate her birthday at The Capital Grille with friends Suzy Krabbe, Londi Burnett, Diane Kuenster, and Jan Rogers.

We usually plan a brief luncheon three times per year to celebrate the birthdays of these friends and Monday was the day prior to the departure of several of the group on a Silversea Baltic Sea cruise.  Happy Birthday and Bon Voyage Susan!

An Amazing Achievement!

Alicia Hatch, Esquire Last week, Alicia Hatch achieved a huge milestone.  She graduated from Seattle University with a law degree.  She has labored part-time on the degree over the space of the past few years while working full-time, having and being the mother of two very active young boys with another baby boy on the… Continue Reading

A Toast to Olivier Wevers!

Cathi Hatch & Olivier Wevers Tonight, I went to a surprise party at Jolene & Bruce McCaw’s beautiful Hunts Point home to share in the tribute and celebration of Olivier Wevers Pacific Northwest Ballet dance career.  It was a beautiful evening to tour Jolene & Bruce’s impeccable gardens and I was certain that fellow guest, Steve Poole,… Continue Reading

Shaking it Up for Science in SoDo

Conga line with Nancy Mee & Seaglider? Nancy Mee & Carmen Gayton help display Seaglider On Sunday night, Ken and I attended the very successful fundraiser for ARCS, “Shaking it Up for Science in SoDo” at the Herban Feast in SoDo.  ARCS is the acronym for Achievement Rewards for College Scientists and our mission is… Continue Reading

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PONCHO Wine Auction at 20

Ken Hatch, Mark & Nancy Pellegrino, Cathi Hatch Last night, the Sheraton Seattle was the site of the PONCHO 20th International Wine Auction for the Arts.  Almost every past Wine Auction Chairman was in attendance to celebrate the anniversary and to be introduced on stage in a similar parade as PONCHO past Presidents have been… Continue Reading