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The Coburn’s Hallowestival

Hostess Eliza Flug and Jody Foster

It was definitely the most amazing family Halloween party I have ever seen!  The party was hosted by Eliza Flug and Chris Coburn at their home in Broadmoor.  As Jimmy Barrier, Patty Barrier and Ken and I pulled up in front of the Coburn home, we were all astounded with the number of activities, the decorations and the people,

Jimmy & Patty Barrier

First, Shenandoah Drive was closed in front of their home in order to accomodate the bouncy house, the Molly Moon truck and the tent in the street filled with hay bales and children’s activities at a dozen different tables such as face painting, balloon animals, etc.  There were also three Shetland ponies for small riders just behind the Molly Moon truck!  There were fog machines adding to the ambiance, orange colored lights, and an arbor with Tootsie Roll pops, spider webs and spiders hanging overhead leading up the stairs to the house and the bigger tent.  It was a feast for the senses!

Michael & Spencer Hatch

Jackson Hatch

Alicia & Andrew Hatch

The main tent near the house with hundreds of big paper lanterns hanging overhead included a dance floor, a stage for the DJ with laser lights and a big corner bar where there was many beverage choices including specialty Halloween cocktails for the adults.

Steve Kutz & Courtney Womack
Heather Sandoval,  Ken Hatch

Everyone was costumed including the dozens of children that were included in the party.  There were lots of fairy princesses among the 3-4 year old girls attending, plus dinasaurs, Transformers, cowboys and super heroes among the young boys.  Eliza was beautiful in a celestial blue Empress costume and Chris was dressed as Darth VaderMichael Hatch along with his oldest two sons Jackson and Spencer were dressed as Transformers, while baby Andrew was dressed as a little monkey and was carried around by his mommy Alicia Hatch, who was dressed as a safari leader.  Patty Barrier came as a Barbie Doll in a box and Jimmy was Woody from Toy StoryGreg Jones was a large pirate with very bad teeth,  Theresa Dowell was a witch, and their daughter, Jeannine was Carmen Miranda. Steve Kutz and Courtney Womack came as French dandies from the 18th century.  Betty Tong was Super Woman, Jody Foster was Toy Story’s Jessie, Leigh Canlis was a bumblebee and Paige Green Dunn and Cyndee Halper were witches.  Heather Sandoval was a sexy can-can dancer, Lauren Selig was a scarecrow and Lorna Kneeland was a flapper.  Jay & Pam Green came as themselves and Eliza’s mom, Pat Flug was dressed all in black as a raven.

Baby Andrew Hatch with Godmother Betty Tong

A couple of the favorite adult costumes were the beautiful woman dressed as a “Black Russian” and her partner in a short Scottish kilt with ice skates hanging over his shoulder.  It took us awhile to figure it out and he had to help us.  He was a “Scotch on the Rocks”.

The food was exactly the kind of food that both children and adults love including tiny cups of chili, cones of curly French fries, miniature toasted cheese sandwiches, little corn dogs, chicken nuggets, sliders, chocolate dipped strawberries next to the ghoulish ice sculpture, and of course Molly Moon ice cream.

Greg Jones, Betty Tong
Ken Hatch, Lauren Selig

Other activities included dancing, an amazing magician who confounded everyone with his tricks and then climbed into a balloon and back out again to the delight of the adults and the children.  There was a photo booth and a very scary looking couple that was perfect for photo ops.

Magician climbs inside balloon

As we left, we stopped by the Molly Moon truck to take ice cream with us to eat on the way home (even though Jimmy had forbidden us bringing it into his brand-new Mercedes).  He was definitely more bark than bite however, so we enjoyed every last creamy bite as we travelled back across the bridge home.  Yum!

A Spooktacularly Good Time!

Hostess Judith Kindler and Cathi “in the fog”

Last night, Ken and I attended Judith Kindler’s, Kyle Johnson’s and Dino Martini’s screamingly frightastic costume party at Judith Kindler’s Studios.  The decorations were truly amazing!  When we walked in the door, Judith was adjusting the fog machine that was billowing fog in the entry that also contained four giant flickering silver candlelabra, a Mona Lisa that looked disturbingly ghoulish and three stuffed bunnies that had met an untimely death by hanging.

Debi & Len Giannola

Ken Hatch and our Host, Kyle Johnson

Each area of her studios was visually compelling and told a story from her new intellectually stimulating art pieces that were decidedly shredded at the bottom, to the menacing rat surrounded by worshipping bunnies, the two-headed, fanged dolls,  and the pumpkin head bodies displayed near the hors d’oeuvres buffet.  Dino had gone all out with a drill and “carved” dozens of orange and white pumpkins which were generously displayed throughout.

Ken Hatch, Love Israel

There were prizes for best costumes, which made me realize that next year, I really will have to work at this, because the prizes were some of Judith’s art!  Judith and Kyle were dressed as bhagavans and had their own ashram, but of course they couldn’t win the prizes.  Kyle was Swami Kylananda and Judith was his “devoted” disciple.  There were dozens of really amazing costumes including Debi (face lift gone awry) & Len Giannola (as pirate, Jack Sparrow), witch Pam Anderson (what a chin!) and her Flyboy Tim McKee, Wizardess Chloe & Arab Prince, Lance Mueller, Puck & Woodland Fairy Bob & Kristi Dierecks, witch Carol Wright, Bonny & John Midby (he dressed to look just like a commercial developer), Love Israel (wizard) and his wife Honesty, jack-o-lantern, Debra Weasea & brainy Steve Walker, werewolf, Nathan Goderstad & John Christensen, Mimi Pearce and her Spiderman boyfriend Alan Boyd, and lots of other people whom either I didn’t know or couldn’t recognize who also looked astonishing.  Ken and I were Moroccan snake charmers of course.

Judith organized the best costume award selection by asking the guests to please cheer for their favorite costumes.  There was lots of hooting and hollering for each semi-finalist, but if she registered noise even a slight decibel quieter than the previous contestant, she quickly and decisively moved that contestant along with an exhortation, “You’re out!”   I think the final winners included Debi & Len Giannola and Chloe & Lance Mueller, Marita Dingus and Preston and very scary looking dentist, Carol Loe and her equally scary-looking friend.

Witch Pam Anderson & Flyboy

Judith organizing the best costume voting

It was fun to see the difference in the outfits Chloe & Lance Mueller were wearing versus what they had worn to the Barrier Mercedes party just a couple of nights before.  They were totally unrecognizable.  HERE is the link to the blog with their previous photo.

Costume Competition Semi-Finalists
Glamourous Witch Carol Wright

I can certainly say that both Ken (sometimes known as the “Party Curmudgeon” but not last night!) and I had a wonderful time.  It is so much fun to be friends with Judith and Kyle!  It really was a spooktacularly good time!

It was a Happening at the new Barrier Motors Mercedes Store

Michael Vena, Chloe & Lance Mueller, Jimmy Barrier

Last night Ken and I attended the grand opening celebration of the new Barrier Motors Mercedes store in Bellevue.  It was a huge turnout of over 400 people who were there to see brand-new Mercedes automobiles, to see and be seen, and to sip wine and savor the delicious Daniel’s Broiler passed hors d’oeuvres.  The automobiles sparkled and so did the many VIP guests in attendance.

Jimmy Barrier, Ken Hatch

The new dealership building is a spectacular space with very high ceilings and an immense showroom floor along with major service bay areas, office spaces and customer waiting areas.  The architecture was handled by friend, Lance Mueller who was attending the celebration along with his wife, Chloe.

Patty Barrier, Anthony Bay, Cathi

As we arrived, we immediately ran into many other friends including Peggy & Michael Swistak, Sue & Chuck Andonian, Jerome Brown, SaSa & Ken Kirkpatrick, Gail Cottle & Ren Brown, Lillian & Anthony Bay, plus many others.  The party hosts included our dear friends, Patty & Jimmy Barrier, Kjell Schei, and Michael Vena.

We also saw several friends who own wineries there pouring their wines including Anne-Marie & Tom Hedges of Hedges Family Estate, Bijal Shah of Woodhouse Wine Estates and Jay Soloff of DeLille Cellars.  Jay was so pleased that their new Doyenne 2008 Syrah had just received a 94 point rating.  I tasted it and thought it was lovely.

To add to the celebratory and high-energy ambiance and conversation among friends, there was a band playing and a line-up of at least 20 valets on duty busy parking and retrieving all the guests’ cars.  It was a “happening” place to be.

Jay Soloff
Tom & Anne-Marie Hedges
Kjell Schei, Cathi Hatch
Jerome Brown, Ken Hatch

3 Musketeers: Ken Hatch, Michael Vena, Ken Kirkpatrick

Congratulations to Patty, Jimmy, Michael and Kjell and everyone at Barrier Motors on your beautiful new dealership space!

Medical Teams International One in a Million Dinner

Joan Wallace

On Monday evening, Ken and I attended Medical Teams International’s One in a Million Dinner hosted by Joan & Bob Wallace and Chris & Jim Warjone.  What an inspirational evening!

We were invited to join them for an El Gaucho dinner at the Mike and Kathy Holmgren Center in Redmond.  When I set my GPS with the address and followed the directions, Ken was sure that we could not possibly be going to a place where a dinner would be held since we were surrounded by warehouse spaces.  As it turned out, the GPS was right.  The dinner was held in Medical Teams International’s warehouse space which also contains an incredible visual installation that includes thought-provoking dioramas and multisensory exhibits of some of the most desperate human suffering in the world due to war, poverty, disease and natural disasters.  Walking through the exhibits provided an experience that transported us to places where Medical Teams International helps the lame walk, heals diseases and transforms lives.

Chris Warjone

Neither Ken nor I knew alot about Medical Teams International, but were fascinated to learn more.  Their mission states that they demonstrate the love of Christ to people affected by disaster, conflict and poverty around the world.  We had a chance to hear testimonials from several of the passionate volunteers including Jeff & Janey Pinneo, Joan Wallace and Chris Warjone.  

The MTI volunteers are known for their passion, compassion and adaptability.  One of the factoids I heard that stands out in my mind is that MTI has 30 years of experience in helping people in 16 different countries and has found that by investing in helping women and children in developing countries that the greatest return on the human resources can be generated.   A disturbing and startling statistic is 22,000 children die everyday of preventable diseases, while a reassuring statistic is that 97% of all the funding they raise goes to programs and services.

Saying on warehouse wall at Holmgren Center

Joan Wallace told an especially heart-wrenching story about when she was volunteering at a distant MTI site and gave an almost empty sip-top water bottle to a nursing mother in a war-torn third world country, who treated that bottle as the most important gift she had ever received.  She got down on her knees in front of Joan to thank her for what she considered a gift of great value.  Joan said that it really was that important because it would allow that mother to feed her baby water which could save her baby’s life.

We also enjoyed seeing and talking with Barbara Morgan and her friend Karin Powers, Danielle & Brad Tilden, Marilyn & Bill Smith, and MTI Executive Director, Jim Mhoon.

Wine was served courtesy of Martin Barrett and Monte Regier of Sozo Planet.  The goal of Sozo is to produce and deliver artisan crafted wine for purchase and at the same time feed a substantial number of people who live in poverty. Every Sozo product consumed provides anywhere from 1-25 meals for orphans, widows and homeless who lack basic needs.  They have put together a MTI Wine Club subscription that allows MTI supporters to underwrite the costs of life saving vaccinations for a child as they purchase and enjoy the wine.

It is always so inspiring and humbling to see so many people who are working so hard to make a difference in our world and I am proud to be associated with each of them.  They are succeeding, one life at a time.   

Happy Birthday To My Quirky Friends

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ZINO Business Insights with Wendy Goffe & Kathryn Garrison

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Pilchuck Glass School Turns 40!

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Celebrating Perfect Baby Andrew

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