A Spooktacularly Good Time!

Hostess Judith Kindler and Cathi “in the fog”

Last night, Ken and I attended Judith Kindler’s, Kyle Johnson’s and Dino Martini’s screamingly frightastic costume party at Judith Kindler’s Studios.  The decorations were truly amazing!  When we walked in the door, Judith was adjusting the fog machine that was billowing fog in the entry that also contained four giant flickering silver candlelabra, a Mona Lisa that looked disturbingly ghoulish and three stuffed bunnies that had met an untimely death by hanging.

Debi & Len Giannola

Ken Hatch and our Host, Kyle Johnson

Each area of her studios was visually compelling and told a story from her new intellectually stimulating art pieces that were decidedly shredded at the bottom, to the menacing rat surrounded by worshipping bunnies, the two-headed, fanged dolls,  and the pumpkin head bodies displayed near the hors d’oeuvres buffet.  Dino had gone all out with a drill and “carved” dozens of orange and white pumpkins which were generously displayed throughout.

Ken Hatch, Love Israel

There were prizes for best costumes, which made me realize that next year, I really will have to work at this, because the prizes were some of Judith’s art!  Judith and Kyle were dressed as bhagavans and had their own ashram, but of course they couldn’t win the prizes.  Kyle was Swami Kylananda and Judith was his “devoted” disciple.  There were dozens of really amazing costumes including Debi (face lift gone awry) & Len Giannola (as pirate, Jack Sparrow), witch Pam Anderson (what a chin!) and her Flyboy Tim McKee, Wizardess Chloe & Arab Prince, Lance Mueller, Puck & Woodland Fairy Bob & Kristi Dierecks, witch Carol Wright, Bonny & John Midby (he dressed to look just like a commercial developer), Love Israel (wizard) and his wife Honesty, jack-o-lantern, Debra Weasea & brainy Steve Walker, werewolf, Nathan Goderstad & John Christensen, Mimi Pearce and her Spiderman boyfriend Alan Boyd, and lots of other people whom either I didn’t know or couldn’t recognize who also looked astonishing.  Ken and I were Moroccan snake charmers of course.

Judith organized the best costume award selection by asking the guests to please cheer for their favorite costumes.  There was lots of hooting and hollering for each semi-finalist, but if she registered noise even a slight decibel quieter than the previous contestant, she quickly and decisively moved that contestant along with an exhortation, “You’re out!”   I think the final winners included Debi & Len Giannola and Chloe & Lance Mueller, Marita Dingus and Preston and very scary looking dentist, Carol Loe and her equally scary-looking friend.

Witch Pam Anderson & Flyboy

Judith organizing the best costume voting

It was fun to see the difference in the outfits Chloe & Lance Mueller were wearing versus what they had worn to the Barrier Mercedes party just a couple of nights before.  They were totally unrecognizable.  HERE is the link to the blog with their previous photo.

Costume Competition Semi-Finalists
Glamourous Witch Carol Wright

I can certainly say that both Ken (sometimes known as the “Party Curmudgeon” but not last night!) and I had a wonderful time.  It is so much fun to be friends with Judith and Kyle!  It really was a spooktacularly good time!

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