Chihuly’s Seniors Making Art Celebrates 20 Years

Cathi Hatch & Patty Barrier

Last night I was able to get Ken, the Party Curmudgeon, to join me for the Seniors Making Art Annual Gala celebrating 20 years.  Not only did he join me, but he actually said that he enjoyed himself too!  We were both relieved that the attire switched from black tie in previous years to merely cocktail attire this year.  As we were getting ready for the party, I didn’t even have to listen to him complain about how hard it is to insert studs into a heavily starched formal shirt . . . blah, blah, blah . . . since he was able to just wear a dark suit and tie.  Happiness!

Wall of Chihuly Paintings

Seniors Making Art  was founded 20 years ago by Dale Chihuly with a purpose to produce professional art classes for seniors.  Since this event is a fundraiser to raise money in order to fulfill that mission, there were some exquisite Dale Chihuly glass pieces for sale as well as many colorful Chihuly paintings.  I loved that so many of the paintings, in addition to all the brilliant and bright colors, had glimmers of gold and silver in them too.  Betty & Kemper Freeman bought the entire wall of Chihuly paintings and generously plan to mount them in Lincoln Center in the area near the grand piano, so we will all be able to continue to enjoy seeing them.

Michael & Peggy Swistak with Ken Hatch

Honorary Event Co-Chairs, Leslie & Dale Chihuly and Event Co-Chairs, Amy & Brad Brotherton, along with Julie Lakey, Seniors Making Art Executive Director, and her staff, once again produced a flawless evening.  Though there is a “Raise the Paddle” segment, which was ably handled by Seniors Making Art board member and Mistress of Ceremonies, Patti Payne, it is one of the few Gala events where there is not an auction, so you can actually converse with your table mates.  Sue & Jim Bianco brought wonderful wines to share with us over dinner including a 2006 Peter Michael Les Pavots Red Proprietary Blend and a magnum of 2007 Peter Michael Le Moulin Rouge Pinot Noir.

Michael & Heather Sandoval
Ron & Bonnie Elgin

In addition to spending time with friends Patti, Jim, Sue, Julie, Betty and Kemper, we also enjoyed catching up with friends Karen & Chuck Lytle, Michael & Peggy Swistak, Patty Barrier, JJ McKay, Bonnie & Ron Elgin, Leslie & Dale Chihuly, Heather & Michael Sandoval, Tom Gores and his daughter Katherine

Dance music was provided by Billy Joe and the Dusty 45sKaren & Chuck Lytle began the evening by energetically dancing to the first song played by the band similar to a Dancing with the Stars featured dance and everyone applauded their courage and skill.  Later in the evening, JJ and I hit the dance floor and then I danced with his friend, Reid Walker, and Leslie Chihuly’s friend, PabloKen was so relieved that he didn’t have to dance too!

The most exciting part of the dancing was when the trumpet player in the band climbed up on top of the string bass barefoot as the bass player was playing, and lit his trumpet on fire and while it was on fire continued to balance atop the bass and play into a handheld microphone!  All the dancers stopped dancing so they could stare.  Wild!

JJ McKay, Reid Walker, Julie Lake, Patti Payne

Happy 20th Anniversary, Seniors Making Art!

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