Happy Birthday To My Quirky Friends

Birthday Girls, Suzy Krabbe and Diane Kuenster

This week, I joined friends Jan Rogers and Londi Burnett at Bis on Main to celebrate Suzy Krabbe’s and Diane Kuenster’s birthdays.  What fun to take just a brief time out to celebrate with them.  Both birthday girls are exactly the same age within one month of each other.

They each have quirks which I especially love.  Diane saves everything!  She has every Starbuck’s card that she has ever owned including the first one that her daughter, Kathy, purchased for her many years ago.  One of the really fun parts of Diane’s saving habit for me is that she includes old photos inside each of the birthday cards she gives us each year.  It is so much fun to see the old photos and remember all the fun we have had together over the years.  Plus, we looked pretty good all those years ago too!

Suzy sharing her cake.

One of Suzy’s quirks is that she likes to recycle birthday cards and chastises us when we forget to use a sticky note on which to actually sign, so the card can be reused.  We all forgot this time, signing directly on the cards, which really did not meet the standard that she has tried to set for us.  She forgave all of us anyway, so we were all relieved.

Another good quirk is that Suzy always orders a hamburger for lunch and then only eats a small portion of it, but the best part is that she shares her French fries with all the rest of us.  We love that because everyone knows that as long as you don’t order them yourself, that there are no calories when you consume “just a few”.

Happy Birthday, Suzy and Diane!

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