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Funding Post Panel

Last week I was part of an investor panel for, a company that travels the country presenting pitch workshops, giving entrepreneurs the chance to make elevator pitches, featuring investor panels and organizing networking time with cocktails and food at the end of the event.  This model is not completely unlike many of the services that ZINO Society also offers, but ZINO Society provides these services in Seattle 11 months of the year.

Joe Rubin of facilitated the panel and other featured panelists included ZINO Society member and active angel investor Peter Weiss, Conceivian CEO and angel investor, Saqib Rasool, Southern California angel investor, Jay Chavez, and Voyager Capital Senior Analyst, Daniel Gallagher.

We each talked about some of the things we look for when making an angel investment and what we find most important.  Daniel shared a quick list of the eight things they look for at Voyager when they are considering a venture capital investment:

  1. strong business model
  2. market size (they consider 1%-5% of a total market huge)
  3. first-class team involved
  4. the quality of the technology (how will it scale or fail?)
  5. the product (how does it address the pain?)
  6. valuation and terms
  7. Is Voyager able to add value? (do they have expertise in that area as a value add?)
  8. sustainable competitive advantage (what are the barriers to others doing the same thing?)

During the networking time following several entrepreneur elevator pitches and the panel discussion, I never made it to the hors d’oeuvres or wine table because there was a long lineup of entrepreneurs who were eager to talk with me about how they could work with ZINO Society to find resources and funding.  Thankfully, ZINO Society Dealflow & Operations Manager, Kate DesRosier, and Membership VP, Jamee Nunnelee, attended the event with me and were able to help answer questions and connect with the entrepreneurs attending.

There were several entrepreneurs with whom I was impressed that I hope to see pitching at a ZINO Society investment event soon!

Chihuly Garden and Glass Breathtaking!

Chihuly Garden and Glass Breathtaking!

Cathi Hatch & Ken Hatch

Last night, Ken and I attended one of the private receptions in advance of the opening of the new Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition at the Seattle Center.  It is truly breathtaking!  Though I had been on a hard hat tour during the construction of the project, the final product is magical and over-the-top eye-popping.

Chihuly Garden and Glass Glasshouse

Leslie & Dale Chihuly, Billy O’Neill and Korynne & Jeff Wright and the entire Wright family were on hand to toast the completion of this incredible project.  How lucky Seattle is to have this sparkling jewel at the base of the Space Needle!  This will become one of the number one tourist attractions in our city and where I will definitely want to take my future houseguests.

Mille Fiori Forest

My amateur photos won’t do the reality justice, but I could not resist taking photo after photo as we walked through the exhibition. First we entered the mystical neon Glass Forest followed by the Northwest Room which includes Dale’s Indian blanket collection and sepia photographs of Indian people by Edward Curtis. Next was the Sealife Room followed by the Persian

CEO Jeff Wright in Glasshouse
Billy O’Neill, Cathi & Ken Hatch

Ceiling and then two of my very favorite rooms; the Mille Fiori which feels like a Chihuly forest and the Ikebana and Float Boat where the colorful orbs and fronds were displayed in two canoes.  And then next we saw the Chandeliers Room and the Macchia Forest.  It must be noted that the darkened galleries and lighting enhance the pieces to their incredibly brilliant hues and colors. 

When we walked into the Glasshouse after the darkened galleries, it was exhilarating to walk into the light and the soaring 40 foot tall glass and steel conservatory with a 100-foot long suspended glass sculpture overhead.

Steve Schryver & Gordon Prouty

JJ McKay and Ken Hatch

A walk through the gardens outside was equally impressive with different colors of glass art focused in segments of the garden.  The Collections Cafe was another fascinating place to visit since it includes many of Dale’s collections including dozens of accordians hanging from the ceiling and tables with displays of silver Mexican sombreros, fishing lures, clocks, string dispensers, ceramic dogs, wooden spools, fishing reels, plastic radios and other interesting collections of assorted treasures.

The reception food was delicious and was being produced by the onsite Cafe.  I was so pleased to see old friends, Chris & Mike Douglas there, both of whom I worked with in the restaurant industry at Restaurants Unlimited many years ago.  Mike heads the food and beverages operations for the Space Needle Sky City Restaurant and the Chihuly Garden and Glass Collections Cafe.  If the flavors of the food I sampled are an indication, I would say that Mike is doing a fantastic job!

We connected with many friends and acquaintances during the reception of around 250 people who were there to celebrate the opening including Karen & Chuck Lytle, Patti Payne, Gordon Prouty & Steve SchryverCarolyn & Bob Kitchell, Jane & Dan McConnell, Carolyn & Lee Lewis, Susan Hutchison, Toni & Rod Hoffman, David Wright, Howard WrightJan Levy, JJ McKay, Ian MacNeil, Steven Goldfarb, Heide Lankeit, Rick Peterson, Janet Ketcham, Detra Segar, Matt Griffin and scores of others.

Congratulations to the Chihuly and Wright families and all of those who have been involved on the fulfillment of seeing this beautiful dream become a reality.  I can’t wait to return!

Ken & Cathi Hatch, Patti Payne, Dr. Bob Kitchell

Ikebana and Float Boat
Approaching Ecstasy

Approaching Ecstasy

Olivier Wevers, Cathi Hatch, Steve Jensen, Vincent Lipe

Last night, Christine Gilbert and I had the opportunity to attend a Whim W’Him production at the Intiman Theatre as guests of Artistic Director, Olivier Wevers.  It was opening night and the premiere of their new Approaching Ecstasy which is an engaging new dance collaboration composed by Eric Banks, choreographed by Olivier Wevers, and performed by Whim W’Him dancers, The Esoterics and the St. Helens String Quartet.  The production is part of the Seattle Center’s Next 50 Celebration.

The production incorporates 40 singers, 5 instrumentalists and 7 dancers and is based on 18 love poems by Constantine P. Cavafy.  Each of the 18 vignettes creates a different mood, some more literal than others.  One of my favorites was danced by PNB Principal Dancer and Whim W’Him company member, Lucien Postlewaite with Andrew Bartee, another PNB and Whim W’Him dancer who were looking into a mirror and completely replicating the other’s movements until finally the mirror “cracked” and they were able to step through the mirror and dance together.  Other favorites vignettes included PNB Principal Dancer and Whim W’Him company member, Kaori Nakamura and Andrew Bartee  in the first vignette dancing with a table.

The theatre was completely full and it was fun to see many people, that I primarily know from PNB, there to see the production including Francia Russell & Kent Stowell, Glenn Kawasaki, Steve Jensen & Vincent Lipe, Kathy Gerlich, April & Steve Kieburtz, John & Melba Short, Duell Fisher, Colette Courtion, Linda Sahlin,  Ariana Lallone, Carrie Imler, Candy & Rocky Koreis, Margo Spellman, Wayne Thurman, Juan Alonso, Nona Battistella, and dozens of others.

Congratulations to Olivier, who has done a fantastic job of bringing together a new dance company for our region, on his biggest undertaking to date!

Union Bank Open House Celebration

Union Bank Open House Celebration

Jorge Flores, Ken Hatch, Angie Schrimsher

On Thursday evening, Ken and I attended the reception celebrating the new Pacific Northwest Headquarters for Union Bank which was held in the Seond Avenue Atrium of the 1201 Third Avenue Building (previously WaMu Tower).  New member to the Union Bank team and ZINO Society member, Angie Schrimsher, invited us to the celebration where I also had the pleasure of meeting her boss, Jorge Flores, Union Bank Senior Vice President, who was visiting from Los Angeles.  We also had the opportunity to re-connect with Chris Merrywell, who is also a Union Bank Senior Vice President.

Kathy Tune, Ken Hatch, Jim Tune, Cathi Hatch

Union Bank President and CEO, Masashi Oka was there from San Francisco to greet the guests and present a check for $25,000 to support a YMCA program helping children at risk which Seattle Seahawks are also supporting.  Seattle Seahawks President, Peter McLoughlin, was there to celebrate the donation and took the opportunity to unveil the new Seattle Seahawks football uniforms which include a true navy blue jersey with touches of bright green and twelve feathers running down the sides of the pants which represents the “twelfth man”.  He also presented a special commemorative football to Masashi Oka.

We enjoyed talking with several other friends there including Sue Camou of the YMCA, Brendan O’Farrell and Kathy & Jim Tune.  Congratulations to Angie, Jorge and all the folks at Union Bank!

Dynamic Duo Delves into the Details to Create Heavenly Happening

Dynamic Duo Delves into the Details to Create Heavenly Happening

Demon Christine Gilbert and Angel, Kate DesRosier

Last night, ZINO Society hosted our second “Angels & Demons” Roundtable Investment Meeting at the Columbia Tower Club.  It is like a regular investment meeting, but more fun since there are additional program elements.  More about that in a minute.

Angels & Demons panel:  Charles Finkelstein,
Peter Weiss and Brian Vowinkel

There was an “Angels & Demons” panel featured which included Brian Vowinkel, Charles Finkelstein and Peter Weiss, all of whom are ZINO Society members and active angel investors with many years’ experience.  It was fascinating to hear them share their experiences in making both good angel investments and investments that didn’t work out and hear their advice on what is most important to consider when making an investment decision.  There were some funny quips along the way including one of my favorites when Charles agreed that he would join the “old Rangers” Corps, but only after he returned to Harvard for another degree.  Since Brian was the Distinguished Honor Graduate at U.S. Army Ranger School following West Point and both Peter and Brian graduated from Harvard Business School, Charles felt like he needed to beef up his already extensive resume.

Cathi Hatch with UW Lavin Entrepreneurship Students

There were around 100 people in attendance and six entrepreneurs were showcased with fascinating companies for which they are raising funds including Randy Neely of ekt, Ali Shahrazad of SaLTBOX Services, Vishaal Melwani of Combatant Gentlemen, Kelly Ogilvie of Quemulus, Inc., David Israel of POP! Gourmet Popcorn and Kyle Schei of  Click on the links if you would like to see more about what each of them do.  Because of sharing his company’s popcorn with each attendee, I think David Israel got the nod for most popular entrepreneur of the evening.

Yvonne Swanberg of San Juan Vineyards

Some of the additional fun program elements included ZINO Society team members Kate DesRosier, Operations and Dealflow Manager, who was dressed as an angel with wings and a halo and Christine Gilbert, Director of Events, who was dressed as a demon complete with devils’ horns and a pitchfork.  Christine did reluctantly share her pitchfork with the entrepreneurs when they got up to deliver their final pitch during the Redemption Round.

Featured wine makers were Yvonne Swanberg of San Juan Vineyards and Alphonse de Klerk of Rolling Bay Winery.  I loved the 2009 Cuvee Aldaro red wine Bordeaux-style blend that Alphonse was pouring and Ken definitely approved of the Estate Grown 2009 Madeleine Angevine white wine that Yvonne was pouring.  The Madeleine Angevine is a grape that I had never heard of before and the tasting notes say that it offers a “summer melon and a wet slate nose offers citrus and stone fruit flavors with a clean finish.”

It was an impressive evening and though each ZINO Society team member, along with the many interns and volunteers that helped us with the details, brought much to the success and were so appreciated, the “Dynamic Duo” award for the evening goes to Kate and Christine!

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Alicia & Andrew Hatch with Bode & Katie Laramore It was a delightful Mothers’ Day this past weekend.  First I got to play nine holes of golf with my new Mothers’ Day gift of golf clubs with our two good friends, Judith Kindler and Kyle Johnson.  It was especially fun since even Ken agreed to ride around… Continue Reading

Local Investing – From Groceries to Green

Michael Shuman speaks at Your Local Market Jason Brown, CEO of Your Local Market, has invited me to participate on a panel in a couple of weeks focused on local investing.  I was fascinated by a recent event that he hosted for his customers and ZINO Society members and guests where he featured Michael Shuman, author… Continue Reading

Treasures & Trash at our Garage Sale

Santa Fe sheep from Ken’s collection Kate DesRosier modelling ball gowns. More sheep! Christine Gilbert modelling ballgown anddevils’ horns Over the past 17 years since Ken and I have been married, we have collected LOTS of trash and treasures and it is time to downsize!  So . . .  we are having a Garage Sale today and… Continue Reading

Junior League Past Presidents’ Luncheon

Outgoing JLS President Renee Hartnett withAshley Baerwaldt, Incoming JLS President Today I attended the Junior League of Seattle Past Presidents’ Luncheon to join in welcoming the incoming JLS President Ashley Baerwaldt to the group.  It was a lovely luncheon at the Rainier Club hosted by the outgoing JLS President, Renee Hartnett, and it was a… Continue Reading

Exciting Judith Kindler UNDAUNTED Project

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