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These Men are up to Something Fishy!

These Men are up to Something Fishy!

Mike Kunath, Brendan O’Farrell, Ken Hatch

Husband Ken Hatch has been working with Brendan O’Farrell, Per Heggeland, Mike Kunath and others on a fresh water salmon project that has been in the works for over twenty years.  They are involved in a company called SweetSpring which has selectively bred Coho salmon to live their entire lives in fresh water and have earned Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch highest ranking of “Super Green, for any aquaculture raised salmon.

Cathi Hatch

Brendan is on the board of the Alzheimer’s Association, so prevailed upon his “fish friends” to join him last weekend for their First Annual Alzheimer’s Association Food for Thought Chef and Wine Dinner entitled “Nantucket Nights.”  It was actually a fun party which included a silent auction before dinner and a short live auction during dinner.  But the best part was the featured chefs and restaurants which provided the food at individual stations spread out around the edges of the ballroom.  Guests were invited to visit each of the stations and select items from each one.  The food ranged from fresh sashima and sushi to pasta to duck confit to seafood chowder to watermelon salad and a range of many other delectables.

The featured chefs and restaurants included:

Chef Susan Kaplan
Chef Stuart Lane 
Chef Sabrina Tinsley
Chef Jim Xie
Chef Jason McClure
Shiro Kashiba
Chef Ed Villacorta 

As we sat down for dinner, the emcee, Jim Dever of KING 5 Television’s Evening Magazine asked people to stand depending on how Alzheimer’s may have affected their lives.  By the time he asked who was already diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, who was a caregiver for an Alzheimer’s sufferer, who was related to someone with Alzheimer’s and who wanted to help find a cure, he had everyone in the ballroom standing.

Debbie Hunter, the brave surviving wife of an early onset Alzheimer’s disease victim, Chris Hunter, shared her story of sacrifice and heartbreak as she and her children lived through the ravages of the disease on their family.  They all vow never to forget Chris Hunter and to continue to work towards a cure.

SRO at Due Diligence Workshop

SRO at Due Diligence Workshop

Chuck Roxin leading the Due Diligence Workshop

On Wednesday, ZINO Society hosted a Brown Bag Due Diligence Workshop led by ZBDS Managing Director, Chuck Roxin to a standing room only crowd.  The motto of ZBDS is “A well managed company is a good invesment”.  It was a fascinating workshop.  Chuck began with the three primary questions every business should ask:

  1. Is there a market?
  2. Can we deliver?
  3. Can we make any money?

The workshop was attended by 33 ZINO Society members and guests; people who were interested in getting their businesses ready for an exit and people who are just getting started with brand-new companies and ideas.  There was a good amount of interaction between Chuck and the attendees including ZINO Society Advisory Board and Wine Professional Member, Greg Lill,  Elite Roundtable members, Michael Roupp and Ajit Sukesan, ZINOpreneurs Ken Battie, Don Rule, Mary Waiss, Pam Blanton, Rick BalakierBill Barnard and Chris Leyerle, and Coaching Board Members Peter Thermos, Darlin Gray, Kate Holmes, Carol Koutonias-Ray, and Doug Christy.

Chuck shared a number of insights and Due Diligence instruments that can be used as templates for performing due diligence.  Of course, Chuck, and his group of first-class consultants are also available and willing to help lead a company through preparation of their due diligence.

The Sanders Estate Benefits our Community

The Sanders Estate Benefits our Community

William and Mildred Sanders

What great news for our city that we will have two new medic units for the Seattle Fire Department due to the generosity of my friend, Don Krahmer, of Portland, who has donated over $1 million from the estate of his late aunt and uncle, Mildred Krahmer Sanders and William C. Sanders to two charities.  In addition to the Seattle Fire Department gift, the other gift was to the Research to Prevent Blindness (RPB), the leading nonprofit supporter of advanced eye research located in New York City.  The funds they received were for construction of a lab for advanced eye research.

William Sanders was born in Portland, Oregon in 1922. His wife, Mildred Jeanette Krahmer Sanders was born in Blooming, Oregon on the family homestead (near Hillsboro, Oregon) in 1921. They spent their early lives in the greater Portland metro area. After marrying in 1944, they moved to the Seattle area where William worked as an aerospace engineer and where he, retired as an executive in foreign engineering technology. Mildred, served in a variety of engineering support activities, ending her career as the librarian and manager of The Boeing Company’s engineering library. The couple were world travelers. Upon retirement, they settled in West Seattle where they enjoyed a skyline view of the City of Seattle and the Seattle Harbor. William  predeceased Mildred in 2002 and Mildredpassed away in 2011.

Don Krahmer, Jr.

Don was a very devoted and loving nephew.  Over the years as we both served on the Pacific Continental Bank Board of Directors, I can recall him saying many times that he was coming to Seattle for a few days to spend time with his Aunt and I was always so impressed with his care and concern for her.

Thank you Don, for sharing a portion of your Aunt and Uncle’s estate with the Seattle community! 

Cutter Turns Three!

Cutter Turns Three!

Cutter Laramore is THREE YEARS OLD!

On Sunday, Ken and I drove to Bonney Lake to celebrate the third birthday of Cutter Jay Laramore, son of my daughter, Katie, and her husband, Kevin LaramoreCutter had been feted the morning before for brunch at the venue he calls the “Space Noodle” aka the Space Needle and this day was all about gifts and homemade ice cream cake with family.

THE Ice Cream Birthday Cake

Kevin’s mom, Jill Laramore, had made and decorated an ice cream birthday cake for Cutter, which was absolutely delicious.  Also celebrating was Kevin’s father, Rick Laramore, brother Kyle and his wife Sarah and two children Lilly and baby Henry.  Sister Jamie was there with her fiance, Danny Balaban, relatives Randy Laramore and Kathy Smith and Katie’s second cousin, Kyle Heneger, were all there to help celebrate too.

Katie Laramore with the Chicken Coop Villa

Katie and Kevin are the proud owners of three chickens and their chicken coop, designed and built by Kevin’s dad, Rick Laramore, is very impressive including the beautiful stained exterior and the artwork mounted inside the coop to entertain the chickens.  It is definitely a Chicken Coop Villa!  My favorite “art” inside is the photo of the baked chickens meant to warn these chickens to lay eggs if they don’t want to end up like the photo.

Boden checking out big brother Cutter’s new toys.

The Art Collection inside
Chicken Coop Villa

Cutter’s little brother, Boden, was also there doing his best to get access to some of Cutter’s new toys which was not a popular idea for the birthday boy.  But Boden seemed unfazed by all of this and just continued to find a way to gain access to the fascinating new toys.

The real owners of Chicken Coop Villa
ZINO Life full of LIfe and Energy!

ZINO Life full of LIfe and Energy!

l-r: Murray Johnstone, Michael Gilbert, Rachel Tanner, Prem Urali,
Jonathan Wright, John DesRosier, John Otter, Brad Harlow,
Sam Webb, Gregg Bennett, Chris Rivera, Christiana DelloRusso

Last Friday morning, ZINO Society produced our 4th annual ZINO Life Investment Forum at the Bellevue City Hall.  It was a jam-packed three and one-half hours full of life and energy and was an opportunity for thought leaders in the life sciences business sector and entrepreneurs who have developed companies in this area to gather together and exchange ideas and make connections.  In addition, we were able to feature ten medical device, diagnostics or healthcare IT companies who are looking for resources to our audience of around 130 investors, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Cathi Hatch and Mary Holmes with ZINO Zenith Award Winners
Best Presentation: Paul Ciechanowski, Samepage
Best Investment Opportunity: Ron Merryman, REDpoint Intl. Inc

There was a group of five panelists and another eight expert judges that asked tough questions of the presenting ZINOpreneurs and provided insights and feedback about the life sciences area.  Panelists included Murray Johnstone, Latisse Patent Holder, Michael Gilbert, Medical & Surgical Director of NW Vision Institute, Brad Harlow, B. Harlow & Associates, Chris Rivera, President WBBA, and Sam Webb, Partner at Stoel Rives.  In additional to the panelists serving as judges, there were an additional eight judges from the industry including Dave Smulkowski, CEO, Sensors in Motion, Gregg Bennett, Angel Investor, John Otter, President CBC Partners, John DesRosier, Director of Programs, Life Sciences Discovery Fund, Christiana DelloRusso, Managing Director, WINGS, Rachel Tanner, Program Director UW Coulter Translational Research Partnership, Prem Urali, President & CEO, Health Unity Corporation, and Jonathan Wright, Counsel, Cairncross & Hempelmann.  This group of thirteen judges was responsible for selecting the ZINO Life Judges’ Award for Best Investment Opportunity which went to dBMEDx / David Shine and Bill Barnard.

ZINO Annual Angel Fund Finalists for ZINO Life
l-r: David Shine & Bill Barnard, dBMEDx
George Gates, OtoMetrix Medical Technologies
Ron Merryman, REDpoint, Int’l. Inc.
Ron Berenson, KitoTech Medical

There were also two ZINO Zenith Awards announced for Best Presentation and Best Investment Opportunity as selected by all attendees.  Winners of those awards were Paul Ciechanowski of Samepage for Best Presentation and REDpoint International, Inc. / Ron Merryman for Best Investment Opportunity.

And finally, though it was very difficult since the companies were all especially exceptional, the fund investors who are part of the ZINO Annual 2012 Angel Fund Investment LLC selected four fund finalists with whom we will enter into due diligence prior to selecting only one to receive the ZINO Life fund allocation which will be announced in around 60 days or so.  The fund finalists included:

dBMEDx / David Shine & Bill Barnard
Developing a range of low cost, wireless, 3D ultrasound devices for both application specific and general purpose imaging applications.

KitoTech Medical / Ron Berenson

Painless wound closure device as alternative to sutures.

OtoMetrix MedicalTechnologies / George Gates
Manufactures the revolutionary OtoStat, a Doppler ultrasound device to accurately diagnose middle ear infections (otitis media).

REDpointInternational, Inc. / Ron Merryman
Patent pending and FDA registered exempt primary tubing stabilization devices for catheters provide the most effective solution to a $1B global recognized problem.


Lunch for Street Kids at Orion House

Lunch for Street Kids at Orion House

ZINO Society team members Christine Gilbert, Jamee Nunnelee,Mary Holmes and Kate DesRosier prepare the meal. Today, at the request of the ZINO Society executive team that we do something for charity together as a group, we purchased, prepared and served lunch to around 75-80 street kids between the ages of 13-24.  The ZINO team including Mary Holmes,… Continue Reading

Two Fathers’ Day Celebrations

Two Fathers’ Day Celebrations

Ken Hatch with ZiZi, Sean Hatch, Troy Clark Ken was completely celebrated on Fathers’ Day with his eldest son, Sean Hatch and partner Troy Clark, coming over Sunday morning for brunch.  I wanted them to see Michael Chiarello’s incredible recipe for “Green Eggs and Ham” from his Bottega restaurant cookbook which involves numerous, complicated steps to make… Continue Reading

Fantastic Volunteers at ZINO Life Investment Forum

Fantastic Volunteers at ZINO Life Investment Forum

Jamie Levin, Britton Stamper, Dealflow Manager Kate DesRosier, Ricky Holm, Matt Beattie, Urvashi Chowdhary, Wil Stevens On Friday, I was so impressed with the fantastic cadre of volunteers and interns that helped make ZINO Life Investment Forum run so smoothly!  Most of these people, I and the ZINO Society team  have met through their entrepreneurial programs… Continue Reading

Inside the Winemakers’s Studio with Ali Harvey, Dumas Station Wines

Inside the Winemakers’s Studio with Ali Harvey, Dumas Station Wines

Jamee Nunnelee Inside the Winemaker’s Studio ZINO Society Membership VP, Jamee Nunnelee interviews Wine Professional Ali Harvey, Conductor/Marketing and Sales of Dumas Station Wines:Jamee:  When did you fall in love with wine?  Debbie & Jay DeWitt, Ali Harvey, Doug Harvey Ali:  Are the feds going to hunt me down if I say that it was on a trip… Continue Reading

Masterful Master of Wine Monday at Koral

Masterful Master of Wine Monday at Koral

Cathi Hatch and Bradley Dickinson in Koral Bar & Kitchen Last Monday night, Co-Owners Bradley Dickinson and Mikel Rogers hosted a fantastic Master of Wine Monday for ZINO Society members and guests at their newest restaurant, Koral Bar & Kitchen, in Bellevue.  Koral is conveniently located in the Bellevue Hyatt Regency with both valet parking… Continue Reading