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Festival of the Fountains Golden Gala

Festival of the Fountains Golden Gala

Marli Iverson, Cathi Hatch, Patti Payne, Jackie Mansfield,
Ginger Ackerley, Patty Barrier

Last night Ken and I attended the Festival of the Fountains Golden Gala celebrating Pacific Science Center’s 50th Anniversary Year.  The co-chairs this year were Ginger Ackerley, Kim Ackerley, Ted Ackerley and Chris Ackerley.  The entire Ackerley family has had a long-term association with supporting Pacific Science Center over the years.

Jimmy Barrier, Ken Hatch

As we arrived, we were greeted with a belly dancer and walked the long red carpet to the party.  Along the way, we were stopped several times by volunteers who were sharing science “moments” with the arriving guests.  Ken seemed to enjoy the belly dancer more than the science moments!

Cathi Hatch, Theresa Dowell Jones,
Ken Hatch, Lisa Iland
Sally Behnke, Dottie Simpson
Patty Barrier and Jackie Mansfield show their bugs to
Ginger Ackerley

When we walked into the party, we were impressed with the huge turn-out this year.  I heard that last night was either a record or at least one of the biggest years ever.  During the cocktail reception, we had the chance to catch up and talk with scores of people, some of whom we hadn’t seen in awhile including Phil & Geda Condit, Karen & Chuck Lytle, Penny & Mick Thackery, Kelly & Peter McLaughlin, Tina Orr-Cahill, Nicole Condit & Peter Duncan, Theresa & Greg Jones, Stephen Hilpert & Lisa Iland, Sally Behnke, Dottie Simpson, Chris & Jim Jiambalvo, Colleen & Guy Brown, Randa Minkarah, Christa & Charles Grinstein, Barbara Cahill, Dorothy & Dave Fluke, Jill Heerensperger, Carol WrightDavid Ferrar.Renee & Bob BraunKim Ackerley, Doug Armintrout, Kristie Nordstrom, Steve Kutz & Courtney Womack, Glenna Olson, Patti Payne, and Mary Knell.

We used the newly installed elevator to descend to the first level for dinner and almost had to eject Chug Grinstein since he was the last person on and the elevator was complaining that it was overloaded.  But, we travelled safely down a level.

David Ferrar, Carol Wright, Ken Hatch

The tables were ablaze with fuschia tablecloths centered with elegant white floral arrangements and there were water sprites in costume in the pools with the fountains and their movements were very balletic.  The best part about the table settings was however the robotic “bugs” (perhaps meant to be scarabs?) at each place setting.  Our table mates were Patty & Jimmy Barrier, Marli & John Iverson and Jackie & Peter MansfieldPatty, Jackie and Marli got quite excited about the bugs and proceeded to have their bugs give them head massages.  Jackie attempted to keep hers at her neckline and commented that the bug was “applying just the right pressure”.  I, of course, was far too sophisticated to play with bugs!?

Ken Hatch, Lisa Iland, Stephen Hilbert

We were all delighted to see our hostess, Ginger Ackerley and posed for photos with her just before we were served the first course.  Lisa Dupar Catering handled the food and service and I thought both were amazingly good considering the number of people being served.  My favorite courses were the entree course which included seared grren olive marinated halibut and cocoa nib crusted tenderlin served with herb and orange scented couscous, asparagus, roasted garlic jus, lemon creme fraiche and fried leeks and the dessert course which was a crisp layered almond pastry with orange blossom custard.

Gone to the Bugs! Patty Barrier, Jackie & Peter Mansfield

After dessert, Ken and Jimmy departed while Patty and I stayed to go through the Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharoahs exhibit.  But first, we posed for a photo with Barbara Cahill and our “smokin’ hot cocktails”.  The exhibit was so impressive.  My favorite pieces were an oversized statue of King Tut who appeared all-powerful and to be looking directly at us, a sarcaphogus for a pet cat, a highly detailed golden sarcaphogus which had contained King Tut’s stomach and some golden flip-flops.

Water Sprite in the Fountains

I was ready to totter out and go home to bed when Patty got a second wind and was hoping to dance to the great music of the Katrina Kope Quartet and DJ Ravi Drums.  The dance floor was packed and thankfully Patty didn’t find anyone for us to dance with, but next she proceeded straight to the Dante’s Inferno Dogs hot dog stand where we split a hot dog; my half was quite plain with only regular mustard while her half included hot mustard and jalapeno peppers. 

King Tut stomach sarcophagus

Brian Marcinek, who was at the  hot dog stand at the same time we were ordering, ordered a hot dog with the works which included a fat ribbon of cream cheese, sauerkraut, hot mustard, hoisin sauce, Sriracha Sweet Chili Pepper sauce and jalapeno peppers.  I had to take a Zantac in the middle of the night after not even finishing my half very tame hot dog.  I can’t imagine what Brian needed to take to make it through the night without indigestion; maybe a fire extinguisher!?

We finished off our post-dinner eating extravaganza with a Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnut delivered to us by Courtney Womack and a little Coca-Cola to wash it all down. Thank you, Courtney!

All in all, it was a memorable party with lots of fascinating people and multitudes of things to see and do!  Happy Birthday, Pacific Science Center!

Birthday #1 for Andrew

Birthday #1 for Andrew

Andrew asks “Are we having fun yet?”

On Sunday evening, we went to Alicia & Michael Hatch’s home in Broadmoor to celebrate their youngest son, Andrew’s first birthday.  Alicia’s mom and dad, Jan and Jeff Jackson, were in town to visit and join in the celebration.

Spencer as Spiderman

When we arrived, big brothers Jackson and Spencer were dressed in super-hero costumes.  Spencer was Spiderman, while Jackson was Iron Man.  Both were incredibly excited about presents, cake and ice cream though there was some difficulty understanding that this time it was supposed to be all about Andrew.  Luckily, Andrew didn’t seem to mind that he was getting upstaged on his day at all.

Andrew admires the cake.

Alicia had ordered a whimsical checkerboard cake that was decorated fantastically like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.  There was also a small chocolate cake intended just for Andrew, but his big brothers had already sneaked into the kitchen during the middle of the night to steal a little in advance.  However, once the cake was presented and Andrew got into it himself, I don’t think he noticed that part was already gone.  And by the time he was finished, it was just a big pile of chocolate cake crumbs and icing that filled his high chair tray and surrounded him.

Michael & Alicia Hatch with Jackson, Spencer
and Birthday Boy Andrew

Andrew received an entire new wardrobe from his Grandma and Grandpa Jackson plus a brightly colored slinky toy which he loved.  He will certainly be the best dressed one year old in the city!  Ken and I brought him a little car that he could sit on and that could shoot balls out of the front of the car.  Michael was drafted into service to put the car together and of course we lost the tiny little screws for at least half an hour before we finally found them buried in the package wrappings and unfortunately never found working batteries to totally complete the gift.  Again, Andrew was a good sport and didn’t seem to even notice that his new car wasn’t yet quite perfect.

My cake!  Yum!

We so enjoyed seeing Jeff and Jan and being a part of the first birthday celebration for sweet Andrew!

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Happy Birthday Toni!

Happy Birthday Toni!

Back row: Trudi Syferd, Cathi Hatch, Patti Payne, Birthday Girl Toni Hoffman, Diane Kuenster
Front row: Suzy Krabbe, Penny Thackery, Detra Segar, Joyce McCallum

Today a small group of friends got together to celebrate Toni Hoffman’s birthday.  It is not the BIG ONE yet, so it was a small celebration with just a few girlfriends.  We had lunch at John Howie Steak and the food and service were both outstanding as always.

Birthday Girl Toni makes a wish!

Since it was Toni’s birthday, most of us were able to justify that since we were celebrating on her behalf, we certainly had permission to eat the warm gougeres served when we first arrived as well as the tempura deep-fried bacon which we ordered soon afterwords.  Both are sinful but truly delicious.

Enjoying the comraderie and adding to the celebration with fun cards for birthday girl Toni, were Trudi Syferd, Patti Payne, Penny Thackery, Diane Kuenster, Suzy Krabbe, Joyce McCallum, Detra Segar and me.

Happy Birthday, dear Toni!  Happy Birthday to yoooooooouuuuuuuu!

The Camp Korey GROW Event is Coming . . .

The Camp Korey GROW Event is Coming . . .

It was heartwarming and so fascinating to hear the Camp Korey story at the lovely “friendraiser” party Bridge Stuart hosted at his home at the beginning of June for ZINO Society members and friends.  Read more about that party HERE
What is coming up next sounds like it will be a fantastic evening at Camp Korey itself.  Just to give you a bit of the flavor . . . the evening will begin with wine tastings from our area’s top vintners and walking tours of the camper spaces, followed by the ultimate farm-to-table dining experience featuring fresh, local fare prepared by Executive Chef Jason Stoneburner of Bastille Cafe & Bar.  All of the details are below in the colorful invitation and creative brief following with how to make reservations.

I know that Camp Korey Board member Ken Hatch, aka “The Curmudgeon” is planning to be there with bells on and hopes to see you there too! 


Event Date
Saturday, September 15, 2012
The Hippodrome, Camp Korey at Carnation Farm
28901 NE Carnation Farm Road, Carnation WA 98014
Directions at
*Covered self-parking will be available with guest shuttle transportation to and from the Hippodrome entrance.
Event Chair
Gretchen Wittenberg, Camp Korey Board Member and Community Leader
Event Sponsors
Newman’s Own – Title Sponsor
Key Bank
Warehouse Demo Services
John L. Scott Foundation
Wizards of the Coast
Worldmark by Wyndham
Stock Pot Soups
Over 350 business and community leaders will join us for a special view into the heart of Camp Korey at Carnation Farm, located in the picturesque Snoqualmie Valley.  The evening will begin with wine tastings from our area’s top vintners and walking tours of our camper spaces, followed by the ultimate farm-to-table dining experience.  Dinner will feature fresh, local fare prepared by Executive Chef Jason Stoneburner of Bastille Café & Bar. 
Guests will enjoy a very special camper Stage Night and join us in celebrating our 2012 camp season, followed by Raise the Paddle which includes many exciting matching opportunities to help your support go even farther!  Get ready to raise your paddles high in support of our camper programs!
Guest Chef
Jason Stoneburner, Bastille Café and Bar
Jason Stoneburner brings years of experience and immense creativity to his position as executive chef of Bastille Café & Bar. A self-taught chef, Stoneburner began his career in Boulder, Colorado before moving to Seattle In 1998 to open Stars under celebrity chef Jeremiah Tower. Since his arrival in Seattle, Stoneburner has spent time cooking with some of the city’s most celebrated chefs. He spent three years with Daisley Gordon at Campagne before joining the Ethan Stowell Restaurants team – first at Union as pastry chef and later chef de cuisine, before moving on to open Stowell’s highly-acclaimed How to Cook a Wolf.  Stoneburner has also worked with Renee Erickson at Boat Street Café before joining the opening crew for Bastille. In June of 2009, Bastille opened to critical acclaim with Stoneburner acting as chef de cuisine under Shannon Galusha. Stoneburner was named executive chef in May of 2011.
Participating Wineries
Pomum Cellars  
O S  
Purple Star
Hestia Cellars
Table Opportunities
Tickets are $250 per person or $2,500 for a table of 10.  Accommodations can be made for 11 or 12 guests per table for an additional $250 per guest.  Guests may pay individually, or the Table Captain may choose to pay for the entire table.
Sponsorship Opportunities
Corporate Sponsorship opportunities offer greater exposure and are available at the following levels:
$1,000 Bronze Sponsorship
$2,500 Silver Sponsorship
$5,000 Gold Sponsorship
$10,000 Platinum Sponsorship
SOLD  – $50,000 Title Sponsorship
*a complete list of detailed Sponsorship benefits can be found at the event website,
Completed Table Registration forms are due by Friday, August 31
In an effort to continue to steward our environment, the individual RSVP process for Grow will be paperless.  Guests paying individually may RSVP online directly at  For more information or further questions, please contact Dawn Draves, Event Manager, at (206) 844-3275 or at  
Dawn Draves, Event Manager –  or 425.844.3275.
A Weekend of Weddings

A Weekend of Weddings

Bride Leslie Graham with bridesmaids

The Graham/Haggart Wedding
Friday evening, I attended the wedding of Leslie Graham and Matt HaggartMatt’s mom, Kathy Haggart, is in the same Book Club of which I have been a member for somewhere around thirty years. And Matt’s father, Dan Haggart, I met when he was the fund winner for the ZINO Society 2008 ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum for his health and energy drink, CHERRish.

Wedding vows afloat

After raining torrentially with thunder and lightning storms for most of the day, the sun came out and shone on the bride and groom for their 6:00 pm wedding ceremony at water’s edge at the Lake Union Crew House.  The ceremony was on the floating dock attached to the crew house and as more guests walked out onto the dock, it sunk lower and lower in the water.  By the time the bride entered, there was around an inch of water for her to traverse with her gown and trailing train.  The water didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits and the ceremony proceeded with lots of love and happiness to go around.

Following the ceremony we filed into the crew house for beverages and hors d’oeuvres and ultimately upstairs for dinner, toasts and dancing.

Proud parents Kathy & Dan Haggart

We heard the story of Matt and Leslie meeting on a cruise and Leslie, who lived in San Francisco, giving Matt her phone number so he could contact her.  He unintentionally left the slip of paper with her number on it in his cabin when he disembarked and once he realized it, had to rush back and have the housekeeper cleaning his suite help him find it in the trash.  Happily, it was found and the rest is history.

Recessional:  Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Haggart

Mother of the groom, Kathy gave a lovely toast to her girl friends including her “Bookie” friends who have heard her lament from time to time that her handsome sons were never going to get married.  Other “Bookies” joining in the celebration were Jan Rogers, Jacqueline Witter, Diane Foreman and husband Richard, Diane Kuenster and husband Gordon, Susan Neumann and husband Gary, Pam Kaiser and husband Kim, and Jolie Roze and husband Gatis.  The Curmudgeon stayed home.

First Dance for Newlyweds Leonora & Jesse Diller

The Stevens/Diller Wedding
On Saturday, Ken and I boarded the ferry to Bainbridge Island to attend the afternoon nuptials of Leonora Stevens and Jesse Diller at the charming Grace Church followed by a reception and dinner in the exquisite gardens at the picturesque Bloedel ReserveLeonora is the daughter of ZINO Society member and friend, Charles Stevens and fellow ARCS member friend, Delphine Stevens.

There were many friends from Charles’ Microsoft days attending including Tricia & Jeff Raikes, Laurie & Scott Oki, Pradeep Singh, Heide & Matthew Felton and there were other ARCS friends attending including Lynn Mowe, Susan & Bill Potts and Jacque & Rick Doane.  Another friend that I enjoyed sittig next to at the seated dinner was JJ McKay, who always keeps me laughing with his oversize personality and sparkling wit.

Nicholas & Charles Stevens

Delphine Stevens with Ken

The flowers were spectacular both on the grounds and on the dinner tables.  Hors d’oeuvres were presented from around the world along with appropriate libations to accompany them.  Brother of the bride, Nicholas Stevens toasted his sister and new brother-in-law with such a humorous and self-deprecating presentation that everyone was guffawing during his toast.  Sister of the bride, maid of honor and incredible singing talent, Amanda Stevens, joined the featured Dusty 45s band to sing two songs, one for the first dance of Leonora and Jesse and one for the father-daughter dance for Charles and Leonora.  What a beautiful, strong compelling voice she has!

Amanda Stevens singing with Dusty 45s

What fun to attend two wedding in one weekend.  Though the style of each wedding was very different, they both shared the overarching importance of family and love.  Wishing both couples a lifetime of love and laughter!

Mothball Putting Tournament

Mothball Putting Tournament

Dorothy Fluke, Cathi Hatch, Karen Lytle, Patty Barrier Today, good friends Patty Barrier, Karen Lytle, Dorothy Fluke and I got together to celebrate Karen’s birthday.  We met on the Overlake Golf Course putting green and played our first game of the “Mothball Putting Tournament”.  The tournament was so named due to Dorothy’s insistence that she… Continue Reading

Supreme Women Luncheon featuring The Honorable Dr. Anne Radice

Supreme Women Luncheon featuring The Honorable Dr. Anne Radice

Tina Orr-Cahill and Dr. Anne Radice Today I was a guest at EMP Museum CEO, Tina Orr-Cahill’s Supreme Women Luncheon Series featuring The Honorable Dr. Anne Radice, who has enjoyed a distinguished career in the museum world.  What a delightful and fascinating woman!  she has served as the head of the National Endowment for the Arts,… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Kjell!

Happy Birthday Kjell!

Katerie and Kjell Last night, Patty & Jimmy Barrier hosted a fun party at Canlis Glass Gallery and Studio to celebrate Kjell Schei’s 40th Birthday.  When husband Ken and I arrived, Kjell and Jimmy were standing outside close to the street and both offered to valet park my car for me (which I immediately accepted of course!). … Continue Reading

Time to Swim!

Time to Swim!

Bode in his own pool. With the beautiful weather over the weekend, it was time to fire up the swimming pool.  My daughter Katie, along with husband Kevin Laramore and their two sons, Cutter and Boden spent a casual day with us on Sunday enjoying the sun.  ZiZi flirts with Kevin Cutter, who is three years old,… Continue Reading

July 6th Casual Barbecue Celebration

July 6th Casual Barbecue Celebration

Sumptuous buffet with Sandi Premselaar, Susan Taylor,Jan Rogers, Sue Raschella Yesterday, husband Ken and I arrived promptly on time for the 4:00 pm start of the casual July 6th Barbecue party at Sandi & Tim Premselaar’s beautiful home in Redmond.  We had arrived late the previous two times we had been invited to their home, so… Continue Reading