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Ferris Wheel Whimsy celebrating Christine

Ferris Wheel Whimsy celebrating Christine

ZINO Team members l-r: Jamee Nunnelee, Chuck Roxin,
Kate DesRosier, Christine Gilbert, Meg Landies, Cathi Hatch

Yesterday, the ZINO Society team was celebrating our departing team member, Christine Gilbert (who has accepted the Client Relationship Manager position at Absolute Mortgage Co.) so we went on a field trip to the Seattle Great Wheel and the Pike Place MarketChristine, along with Jamee Nunnelee, Chuck Roxin, Kate DesRosier, Meg Landies and I met at the base of the ferris wheel and though some of us seemed a little more nervous than others (Chuck??), we embarked on the Great Wheel for our three revolutions.

Scary!?  Christine, Meg & Cathi

As we climbed onboard, we remarked on the number of signs in the ferris wheel car pointing out what is NOT allowed and then noticed that Chuck appeared to be a bit queasy as we even talked about it. By the time we took multiple photos and remarked on the incredible views from the big wheel, it was over.  It turns out that three revolutions doesn’t take very long so we were back on terra firma within around 15 minutes or so of embarking.  Chuck’s spirits picked up once his feet were back on the ground.

Kate, Chuck, & Jamee

From there, we walked uphill to the Pike Place Market where we browsed a couple of the food shops and introduced Christine to Rachel the Pig, whom she had never met.  She was encouraged to give Rachel a kiss on the snout which is known to bring good luck.

At one of the shops, we saw a display that included products from two past presenting ZINOpreneurs; bacon flavored croutons from J&D’s Foods, and Chocolate Salted Caramel popcorn from POP Gourmet Popcorn.

Rachel the Pig with Christine and ZINO Team

From there, we headed to Etta’s Restaurant for lunch and were all very pleased with our food selections and the service.  The favorite food consumed was either the French Fries or the Coconut Cream Pie and I think the group was evenly divided.

Christine kisses Rachel for good luck.
Kate, Jamee, Christine, & Meg

Once we returned to the office after our adventure, Christine jumped right back into training mode working with Meg Landies, who is taking her place at ZINO Society, to make sure that Meg has all the information she needs to be effective as the new Events & Marketing Manager.  When I left the office well after 6:00 pm, Christine and Meg were still hard at it.  We are all delighted to have Meg join us, but we are also sorry to see Christine leave.  She has been such an important part of the ZINO team for the past several years when she first served as an intern each summer while going to college and then a little over a year ago when she took on the full-time position of Events Manager.

Christine points out Bacon Croutons and Popcorn

We all wish Christine much success in her new career and look forward to the day when she comes back to us as a member of ZINO Society!

Our Annual Weekend Golf Adventure

Our Annual Weekend Golf Adventure

Front row l-r: Patty Barrier, Sarah Rindlaub,
Cathi Hatch, Carole Ellison; Back row l-r:
Jimmy Barrier, Bob Cremin, John Rindlaub,
and Ken Hatch

Last weekend, Ken and I were invited to join good friends Sarah & John Rindlaub at their family beach cabin at Sandy Point.  We drove with our friends, Patty & Jimmy Barrier, north and arrived in time to play 18 holes of golf at Semiahmoo.  But first, we moved into the large cabin where each of us had our own suite which included a separate kitchen.  The cabin is right on the beach so the sound of seagulls and smell of saltwater was enticingly noticeable.

Though we were chastized for playing too slowly (we were a five-some since Ken was our designated scorekeeper) and Jimmy was chastized for driving both too close to the tee box and green simultaneously (which was rather challenging), we had a great 18 holes of golf at Semiahmoo.  Following the game,  Bob Cremin and Carole Ellison joined the group for dinner in the restaurant.

Carole and Jimmy accept their awards.

The next morning we were up and out early for another golf game at the nearby Shuksan Golf Club.  The course has incredible views of Mount Baker on many holes and seemed especially challenging to me.  I was surprised at the end of the round to see that my score was about the same as usual, though I thought it was going to be much higher.

Bob, Jimmy and Ken

That evening, we prepared dinner at the cabin and feasted on fresh Dungeness crab which one of the Rindlaub’s neighbors brought to us after Patty befriended their dog on the beach.  Over dinner, John awarded golf head cover prizes to Jimmy for Most Improved Golfer and to Carole for Favorite New House GuestCarole was definitely invited to return next year and it appeared that Bob is to be invited as well.

Following dinner, firebug John, built a crackling campfire on the beach and we gathered around it to enjoy the ambiance of  the beach and the fire.  We were all still so sated from the delicious chocolate pie that Carole had brought for dessert that none of could even get interested in doing s’mores.  However, we did enjoy drinking a magnum of ZINO Vino blend that Bob brought to share which included equal portions of Cabernet Sauvignon from DeLille Cellars, Dunham Cellars, and Pepper Bridge.

The next morning it was time for Hatchman’s Big Breakfast which included “Hatch browns” of course, scrambled eggs and all the fixings.  After breakfast, it was time to clean up, pack up and head home.  I’m already looking forward to next year!  Thank you John and Sarah!

Horse Racing at Overlake Golf Club

Horse Racing at Overlake Golf Club

Claudia & Philip Robbs

I have never played golf in a horse race format before, but since this year it began at Overlake Golf & Country Club late afternoon on a Friday, I decided to participate.  The women really got into it, dressing up in Western wear.  The beverage cart came along during the entire 1-1/2 hours to make sure that the players’ thirst was quenched. 

Th event was crazy and measured chaos!  Sobie Foody set up her golf cart with stereo and speakers playing country Western music while Claudia Robbs, who deserved a prize for most glitzy and cute Western outfit, staffed two super soakers to harass and intimidate the other golfers.  There were 11 teams participating and each team was comprised of 3 golfers, one low handicap, one medium handicap and one high handicap.  Misbehavior and distracting behavior was encouraged and recommended.  Most teams crowded three people and three golf bags into a golf cart, which turned out to be quite fun. My team #5 included Bonnie Keene and Leslie Byrne.  My other golf friends, Patty Barrier and Maggie Dorsey were playing on other teams.

Maggie Dorsey and KJ Hoetmer

Team #5 was thrilled when we managed to grab one of the top three spots after two holes of play when the field was narrowed from 11 teams to only 3.  Bonnie was our star player and she managed to hit a long playable drive on the first hole and chip on close to the pin on the second hole, so we were at a total of 11 points.  We proceeded to the third hole where each team member had the chance to hit a ball on the green with best ball to be selected. 

Pat surrounded by the women

Cathi Hatch, Donna Keene, Leslie Byrne


We each hit a ball and selected the best ball which was on the green but not very close to the pin.  We took 4 points to complete the hole and were tied with one of the other teams for 2nd place.  We had to play a “chip off” to determine who would get 2nd place.  After taking turns pitching or putting (I chose to putt) with the other tied team, Team #5 won 2nd Place!  Hooray!

However, the only bet I placed was for our team to win while Donna bet her money on our team coming in 1st, 2nd or 3rd.  Congratulations, Donna!  You are in the money!

Spiders, Violets, Sunflowers, Potatoes and Snakes.  Oh My!

Spiders, Violets, Sunflowers, Potatoes and Snakes. Oh My!

Jim Towne

Two nights in a row, I went to events to learn more about finding a cure for cancer.  Last night Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Washington State University teamed up to produce an event entitled A Partnership for Our Pets targeted at pet owners who are interested in finding a cure for cancer.  Chairwomen of the Volunteer Committee, Bonnie Towne was nursing a broken toe, so her husband Jim Towne stepped in to replace her and try to fill her small shoes.  He actually did just fine in keeping us on track and leading the evening.

Maggie Dorsey, Shelley Hovind and Patty Barrier look on.

Other Volunteer Committee members attending were Patty Barrier, Nancy Pellegrino and me.  We invited guests to join us and first had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Jim Olson, who is not only a Professor of Pediatric Oncology at the University of Washington, but also an attending Physician at Seattle Children’s Hospital as well as a member of the Clinical Research Division of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and focuses on studying brain tumors in children.  His resume is impressive, but most impressive was his abiltity to communicate clearly and make the topic of cancer research totally approachable.

Norman in the Lab.

One of his most impressive findings (in my layperson’s opinion) is that he was able to discover that a specific Israeli scorpion toxin sticks to cancer cells but not regular brain cells and serves as a molecular flashlight that causes the cancer cells to light up.  This is of course a huge aid to a brain surgeon trying to figure out how much of a brain tumor needs to be removed in order to get all the cancer cells.

We also had the opportunity to go on a lab crawl and meet the brilliant researchers who are looking for answers everyday.  My favorite part was meeting Norman the golden retriever, who was happily ensconced in one of the labs with his researcher owner, Sally.  In another lab, we saw his very ugly tumor the size of a grapefruit that had been removed from his intestine and how bits of the tumor are sliced off to study on slides and placed in a machine affectionately named the “mosquito” that sticks tiny pins into dye and deposits them on the samples that are being studied.

Leading the fundraising evening from Fred Hutch were Nancy Greenwood Vehrs, Alex O’Neill and staff team who were thrilled to announce that we raised a total of $61,000 last night towards our total goal of $80,000.

Other friends also attending that I was happy to see joining us were Shelley Hovind, Maggie Dorsey and Roberta & Jim Weymouth.

You ask why the name of this blog post is Spiders, Violets, Sunflowers, Potatoes, and Snakes?  These are all plants or animals that contain knotted mini proteins that act as drug scaffolds and have been discovered to help address cancer and are being used to develop new drugs.  We can all stay tuned for future breakthroughs!    


Deciphering the Complexity of Cancer

Last night Ken and I attended a cocktail party hosted by Carole Ellison at her beautiful Kirkland waterfront condominimum featuring Dr. Lee Hood, Founder and President of Institute for Systems Biology.

His Institute for Systems Biology faculty associate, Dr. Ilya Shmulevich spoke passionately about how cancer should be viewed as part of the overall system of our bodies versus as a germ that enters into our bodies from an outside source.  They believe that what causes cancer is a morphing of individual cells that reproduce within our bodies and that the actual fingerprint of various cancers is not separated by which organs they inhabit, but instead what cell variations or mutations occur in the body.  The cancer “fingerprint” for breast cancer can be absolutely the same as that for ovarian cancer.  They both also believe that millions of dollars can be saved in cancer research if instead of addressing cancer with only one drug at a time since the cells quickly mutate to avoid the effects of the drug, that at least three drugs should be used simultaneously to overcome this obstacle.  Though some of the slides were far too complicated for most of the layperson audience, Dr. Shmulevich was a fascinating speaker.

Some of those whom we knew also attending the event were Stan McNaughton, Gordon Kuenster, Bob Cremin, Patti Payne, Gloria Northcroft, Sherri Rogalski, Robin DuBrin and Doug Howe.

Arlene’s 80 Years Plus One Day Party

Arlene’s 80 Years Plus One Day Party

Arlene Wright with her Great Granddaughter, Jaden This is the second party in the past week I have attended to celebrate Arlene Wright’s 80th birthday.  Last evening was a beautiful black tie party at Arlene’s Hunts’ Point home that she organized to share her BIG birthday with her many friends that love her.  I am… Continue Reading

Arlene Turns 80 Years Young!

Arlene Turns 80 Years Young!

Arlene Wright surprised!  With Jan Rogers Considering how young she looks, it is hard to believe that Arlene Wright is turning 80 years old this week!  She has promised to share her secrets of continuing to look so youthful which we are all eager to hear. In celebration of the big event, friends Jan Rogers, Kathie… Continue Reading

Summertime & Friends

Summertime & Friends

Susan Neumann and Joyce McCallum Ken and I have so enjoyed getting caught up with some of our family and friends this summer, though it seems like we never have time to see everyone that we care about.Last weekend we so enjoyed going to the Neumann home for cocktail and hors d’oeuvres prior to a… Continue Reading