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ZINO Zillionaire by the Names and Numbers

ZINO Zillionaire by the Names and Numbers

ZZIF Panel l-r: Mark Castelin, Troy Hartzell, Steve Mallouk,
Dale Vogel, Peter Weiss, Bob Wise (not pictured)

Our 7th annual ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum was a BIG success.  This sounds like a parody of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” but the numbers were impressive.

Ron Merryman of REDpoint International and Bill Barnard
of dBMEDx receive their ZINO Life fund allocations.

There were . . .
*175 people attending.
*26 Judges judging.
*21 Entrepreneurs pitching.
*12 ZINO Annual Angel Fund Investors selecting fund finalists.
*10 interns taking care of business.
*7 moderators/speakers at the podium.
*7 ZINO Team members executing the event plan.
*6 panelists sharing stories.
*6 ZINO Annual Angel fund finalists selected.
*4 Wine and Beer Professonal members pouring their liquid assets.
*2 ZINO Zenith Award winners selected by the people.
*2 $100,000 investments made on the spot with more to come we hope.
*2 $25,000 fund investment checks presented to the ZINO Life fund winners.
*1 Judges’ Award winner for Best Investment Opprotunity selected by the judges which went to Ron Merryman of REDpoint International.

ZZIF Fund Finalists from l-r:
Rick Hewitt of Emerald City Beer Co.
Mike Layton of Hydrovolts
Ryan Luce of Corengi
Vincent Bryan III of Whooshh
Mhairi Voelsgen of BroVo Spirits
Ron Merryman of REDpoint International

 I have included some of my favorite photos in this posting, but to see more, please go to this link for the actual ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum business session and this link for the After the Pitches Networking Reception.

The ZINO Zenith Award Winners were Monika Kinsman of Thrive for Best Presentation and Ron Merryman of REDpoint International for Best Investment Opportunity.

Congratulations and thank you to all winners and to everyone who participated, pitched and pontificated at ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum this year!

Seattle Brain Cancer Walk for Team Kenny

Seattle Brain Cancer Walk for Team Kenny

Daughter Tina with Ken Kirkpatrick

This morning, Debi Giannola picked me up bright and early for the second year in a row for us to go to the Annual Seattle Brain Cancer Walk together.  We are supporters of Team Kenny in honor of Ken Kirkpatrick’s fight with this horrible disease. 

Cathi Hatch, Ken & Sasa Kirkpatrick,
Debi Giannola, Kristie Mock

It was a cool, overcast day and raining when Debi picked me up.  I brought several layers of clothing and we stopped at Starbucks on the way for hot chocolate and a latte to warm up.  We arrived early and commented that we thought there were far fewer people this year than last probably due to the weather.  However, by the time half an hour had gone by, we agreed that there were actually twice as many people participating as last year.

Our inspiration, Ken Kirkpatrick showed up in a lime green Survivor’s tee-shirt along with wife SaSa and daughter, Tina and Tina’s boyfriend, Shon Atabaki.  It was so great to see that Kenny was ready and able to walk a lap this year and didn’t need a wheel chair! 

Team Kenny Leader of the Pack

A band was playing high-energy music and radio personalities Ron Upshaw, Co-Host of the Ron & Don Show on KIRO-FM and Pat O’Day were busy recognizing the many teams involved this year.  To add to the level of excitement, a team of around thirty volunteers dressed in bright orange tee shirts came together for a flash mob dance shortly before the start of the walk.

Rod Hoffman, Ken Kirkpatrick, Claudia Campanile

There were different individual teams with matching kershiefs, golden gladiator helmets, purple tutus, and matching feather boas.  Team Kenny was the team with the blue balloons though a few of our balloons escaped into the sky as they were being passed out to team members.  Claudia Campanile brought balloons but said it was really hard to get helium balloons this year.  Who knew that there was a helium shortage and helium tanks are hard to come by currently?  I wonder where all the helium is being used.

I didn’t count how many Team Kenny members there were this year, but I estimate that there were around forty including additional friends, Toni & Rod Hoffman, Nancy Hochman, Kristie Mock, and Debora Centioli.

The Kirkpatrick family cheers!

SaSa, Ken & Tina Kirkpatrick, Shon Atabaki


We were all there to cheer Kenny on and it is so heart-warming to see how his family has surrounded him with love and  rallied around him during this long and difficult battle.  And I know that they were all so happy to be there together today!

We’re there with you!

Artists and Friends in Jan’s Garden

Artists and Friends in Jan’s Garden

Susan Taylor, Jan Rogers, Arlene Wright, Dori Brashear

Last weekend, I attended a lovely party in Jan Roger’s beautiful garden on Hunts’ Point co-hosted by she and Tula Holmes.  It was a perfect, sunny, but not too hot afternoon when friends gathered to meet Tula’s visiting artist friend and honored guest, Paton Miller. and see his extensive group of recent paintings.

When I arrived, the first thing offered to me was a small peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Tula insisted that comfort food is all the rage in Southhampton.  It was actually delicious but my favorite was the small toasted Beecher’s cheese sandwiches which came next.  Much better with the wine!

Leo Von Dorp and Artist Paton Miller

Jan’s garden is magical and a special place to be with comfortable oversize outdoor chairs and sofas and a big outdoor fireplace which separates the seating area from the plantings.  I could definitely burrow into the corner of one of those sofas and read a book!

Toni Hoffman, Cathi Hatch, Trudi Syferd, Diane Foreman

I really enjoyed seeing Paton’s work which Kathie Price and I looked through together.  He was on his way to a private opening in Portland, at the “Industry & Art: Celebrating the Worker” to show his work.  Later in the week, we heard that four of his large major works were sold there including “Fixing a Hole”.

Winnie Baxter and Kathie Price
Leo Von Dorp admires Artist, Tula’s painting
Penny Thackery, Karen Dannenberg, Diane Foreman

Rod Hoffman, Richard Foreman, Dave Syferd


I saw lots of friends at the garden reception including Toni & Rod Hoffman, who were celebrating their anniversary, Winnie Baxter looking smashing in a lime green jacket, Trudi & Dave Syferd, Joni & Llew Pritchard, Arlene Wright, Susan Taylor, Penny & Mick Thackery, Dori Breshear, Karan Dannenberg, Diane & Richard Foreman, Susan Neumann, Leo Von Dorp and a score of others.

It was also an opportunity to see one of Tula’s Burundi paintings up close and personal.  I had seen this work in her email, but was so impressed to see it in person.  What an impressive talent she has!

Thank you Jan for a delightful afternoon in your garden!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Jamee Nunnelee, Tom Keeney, Cathi Hatch

Last night, ZINO Society member, Tom Keeney and his associates Mike Greiner, Hoon Kang, Adam Zimmerman and Jina Park at Summit Asset Strategies Group hosted a suite at Safeco Field for the Mariners versus the Orioles game.  Jamee Nunnelee, ZINO Society VP of Membership & Business Development invited some ZINO Society members and friends to join Tom there for what was a fun evening together.

Alex Camara, Darryn Pym, Anthony Bay

It was fun to spend some time with all the guests and I especially enjoyed reconnecting with Alex Camara, Lillian & Anthony Bay, Darren Pym, Ann & Ron Morford, Carol Lee and others.  We were treated to food and wine and memorabilia.  Tom presented both Jamee and me with a Seattle Mariner’s Home Plate Suite hat which we proudly wore and which I plan to wear to the golf course soon.  And of course since it was a baseball game, I felt obligated to eat a hot dog and potato chips and baby corn dogs and . . .!  Yum! 

Ann Morford, Lillian Bay, Ron Morford

The final score was Baltimore Orioles -3, Seattle Mariners – 1, which was decided in the 11th inning  Since we had our big ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum scheduled for the next day, I had to leave after the 7th inning stretch to work on my powerpoint presentation.

Jamee Nunnelee, Ann Morford & Darryn Pym
speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil!

Thank you Tom and team for a fun baseball adventure!

All Aboard for Village Theatre!

All Aboard for Village Theatre!

Captain Steve Hazlerig surrounded by his admirers,
Peggy Swistak, Cathi Hatch and Susan Neumann

What a beautiful evening to climb aboard the 58′ Delta Marine M/V Solara yesterday as we embarked on a cocktail cruise which our friends, Peggy & Michael Swistak had purchased at a Village Theatre auction. 

Behrooz Chitsaz and Tom James on the stern

When we arrived at the designated embarkation destination in Newport Shores, we realized that the home was the home that friends, Diane & Richard Foreman had built around 15 or 20 years ago.  I can remember many good times attending Book Club and attending the bris of their grandson, Max, in this beautiful home. 

To add to the frivolity of the evening, our host’s next door neighbor was also having a cocktail cruise party aboard his yacht, Yachta Yachta, and several of the Swistak’s guests ended up on the yacht next door before realizing that they were at the wrong party and didn’t know anyone else on board!

Yacht owner and Village Theatre Board Trustee, Steven Hazlerig was our able Captain and host. Louise Kincaid, Village Theatre Development Director, played the supporting role of First Mate and organized the food and wine and took care of all of our gustatory needs on the cruise.

Gail James, Peggy Swistak, York & Alice Harris

Guests on board in addition to Ken and me, included Susan & Gary Neumann, Sue & Tom Raschella, Gail & Tom James, Melanie & Behrooz Chitsaz, Peggy & Bruce Wanta and Alice & York Harris.

Louise Kincaid, Peggy Swistak, Bruce Wanta,
Gail James and Michael Swistak on the bow
with Seattle Yacht Club burgee flying.

It was the perfect temperature as we cruised slowly through Lake Washington inspecting not only the lakefront homes, but also the barges and cranes, through the Montlake Cut, and on into Lake Union.  Lake Union was teaming with people on sailboards, Ride the Ducks boats, sail boats, speed boats, the Virginia V (where we had spent the previous evening; see blog posting HERE) and other tour boats, and even an old-fashioned sailing ship replica sporting all sails flying.

Steve has amazing navigational instruments and electronics on his boat and it was fascinating to see how many more bells and whistles he has than what I remember on our 57′ Ocean Alexander, the StarSpirit which we owned in partnership with the Neumanns many years ago now.

Navigating through the barges and cranes with
ashes of roses clouds in the background.

As the sun began to wane, Peggy pointed out the exquisite fluffy pink and lavendar clouds and told the story of when she was a child, when she was drawing a picture, she would always color the clouds pink.  That has always been my favorite color for clouds too, so I shared with her the name I use which is Ashes of Roses, that slightly greyed-lavendar-pink tinge.  By the time we returned to Newport Shores, the sky was dark and in addition to consulting his panoply of electronic gear, Steve navigated back the old-fashioned way by steering to the red-flashing buoy and leaving it on his starboard side as he threaded his way into the channel.

Ken Hatch and Michael Swistak

Ken Hatch, Gail James, Sue Raschella enjoy the main salon.

Just as Captain Steve was safely docking the boat, an unexpected accident occurred and one of our friends stepped back unknowingly and fell straight down into the spiral stairwell leading to the forward stateroom.  He hit his head and was knocked unconscious. 

Thankfully, Michael Swistak, who is a doctor, was beside him in an instant and 9-1-1 was immediately called.  The medics arrived on the scene within 3-4 minutes of the time they were called and were able to stabilize our friend with a head and neck board to ensure that nothing was seriously injured as under his own power he walked off the boat.  Though we still don’t know the end of the story, we were relieved to hear that when he arrived at the hospital he was given a cat scan and everything looked normal, though they did decide to keep in the hospital overnight for observation.  We are still crossing our fingers and praying that he has suffered no damage and will be back to normal in no time!

As we departed, Peggy sent us off with a gift bag which turned out to be two wine glasses and more importantly a voucher that can be exchanged for two tickets for one of the upcoming Village Theatre productions.  Both Ken and I look forward to choosing which one and attending!

A Friendship Cruise Aboard the Virginia V

A Friendship Cruise Aboard the Virginia V

Len Cereghino, Susan Taylor, Carole Ellison Last night Ken and I joined many friends aboard the 1921 steam-powered passenger vessel, Virginia V for a cocktail cruise from Lake Union into Lake Washington and back again.  We boarded the boat near the new MOHAI location on Lake Union after wheedling a parking pass from the The Center… Continue Reading