Thursday, September 20, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Jamee Nunnelee, Tom Keeney, Cathi Hatch
Last night, ZINO Society member, Tom Keeney and his associates Mike Greiner, Hoon Kang, Adam Zimmerman and Jina Park at Summit Asset Strategies Group hosted a suite at Safeco Field for the Mariners versus the Orioles game.  Jamee Nunnelee, ZINO Society VP of Membership & Business Development invited some ZINO Society members and friends to join Tom there for what was a fun evening together.

Alex Camara, Darryn Pym, Anthony Bay
It was fun to spend some time with all the guests and I especially enjoyed reconnecting with Alex Camara, Lillian & Anthony Bay, Darren Pym, Ann & Ron Morford, Carol Lee and others.  We were treated to food and wine and memorabilia.  Tom presented both Jamee and me with a Seattle Mariner's Home Plate Suite hat which we proudly wore and which I plan to wear to the golf course soon.  And of course since it was a baseball game, I felt obligated to eat a hot dog and potato chips and baby corn dogs and . . .!  Yum! 

Ann Morford, Lillian Bay, Ron Morford
The final score was Baltimore Orioles -3, Seattle Mariners - 1, which was decided in the 11th inning  Since we had our big ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum scheduled for the next day, I had to leave after the 7th inning stretch to work on my powerpoint presentation.
Jamee Nunnelee, Ann Morford & Darryn Pym
speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil!

Thank you Tom and team for a fun baseball adventure!

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