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Undaunted with Judith Kindler

Undaunted with Judith Kindler

Judith Kindler, Artist and Hostess Extraordinaire

This week Ken and I attended a very interesting dinner party at Judith Kindler’s Atelier 31.  She and her husband, Kyle Johnson, brought together a group of friends and appreciators of Judith’s art to participate in her current project entitled “Undaunted”.

It is always such a treat to visit Judith’s studio since it is also a gallery of selections of her work and it is fascinating to see all the different bodies of work represented in one place.  It was also fun to catch up with friends, Chloe & Lance Mueller, JJ McKay, John Christensen, Michael Greer, Pam Anderson, Tim McKee,

Ken Hatch and John Christensen

Cathy & Tom O’Keefe and others.    

Pam Anderson & Tim McKee

Throughout the party, Judith invited her friends to come and model for her with a selection of props while she took individual photos and encouraged each subject to look angry, happy and sad (not all at once of course).  The props were an interesting selection of objects including a buddha, small nun in her habit with a large cross, baby doll, stack of books, two cantaloupe, a rabbit inside a cage, a stack of turkish towels, a small sailor man and a number of others.  Judith will convert a selection of these images that she took of her friends wielding the props into her project.  It will

JJ McKay and Julie Thomas

be interesting to see how my angry face turns out if she actually uses it (I am hoping not!).

Maestro of Wine at El Gaucho

Maestro of Wine at El Gaucho


On Monday evening ZINO Society members and guests gathered at El Gaucho Bellevue for the ZINO Society Maestro of Wine Monday, one of ZINO Society’s non-investment networking events open to all ZINO Society members and their guests. 

It was an intimate setting in a private room, which provided those attending the opportunity to engage with

Spencer Sievers, Amy Bailey, Cathi Hatch
Tom Keeney, Kelley Kavanaugh

one another and build relationships. The mood was festive, as  we connected with one another over excellent and interesting food and wine courses. See menu below.

With a little urging, guests shared some interesting little known facts about themselves.  Who knew that one of our ZINO Society members is proficient in Arabic? The rest of the secrets are safe with us . . .

One of ZINO Society’s long time members, Tom Keeney-co-owner of Ash Hollow Estate Vineyards & Winery, provided the wines and introduced charismatic winemaker, Spencer Sievers, who is the Consulting Winemaker of Ash Hollow Winery. For the food and wine pairings, Stewart provided interesting background about the wines served

Darlin Gray and Claire Dillow

Mike & Susan Redmond

El Gaucho General Manager Tony Capra, Sous Chef
Sarah Brinlee with El Gaucho Service Team

while El Gaucho’s Sous-Chef, Sarah Brinlee, introduced her creative dishes, for each of the five courses served.

Spencer shared the story of his background, and although he didn’t choose the most conventional path for becoming a winemaker, he certainly has acquired the skills to present wines with a huge flavor profile.  My personal favorite was his 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve paired with Sarah’s Fiddlehead Fern Risotto; what a marvelous combination.  I definitely needed a larger portion of the risotto however!

Katherine Kitzmiller, Ken Hatch, Emma Landis

Emma Landis, Katherine Kitzmiller, Ann Rogers

Thank you to Tom Keeney and El Gaucho Bellevue for hosting such a delightful event and to ZINO Society friends for attending and making Maestro of Wine Monday such a memorable networking event. Fun photos of the evening, compliments of our amateur photographer and fellow ZINO Teammember, Claire Dillow.  Thank you, Claire!

Full menu:
Truffled Hens Egg
Crème Fraiche, Caviar
06—Library Sauvignon Blanc
Caille en Confit
Quail, Blackberry Gastrique, Watercress
NV—Headless Red Blend
Fiddlehead Fern Risotto
Fava Beans, Sweet Pea, Shiitake, Parmesan
 ‘08—Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon
Roasted Grapes, Whipped Purple Potatoes, 10 Year Balsamic
Cassis Crème Brulee Tart
Port Reduction, Fresh Cream
Party of the Century

Party of the Century

Hallie Kuperman and Cathi Hatch

Tonight I went to DeLille Cellars to attend an event billed as the “Party of the Century” because it was a fundraiser to benefit Century Ballroom.  Century Ballroom owner Hallie Kuperman, was confronted with a huge tax bill of a quarter of a million dollars for a little known “tax on the opportunity to dance” which she was unaware of as were most establishments that also have a place to dance included.

Hallie is working to change the law since we are the only state where such a tax exists.  However, in the interim, she must pay the delinquent taxes.  She was ultimately able to get the State of

Hallie dances with Century Ballroom co-owner, Alison

Connie Blumenthal and Sheila Otter

Washington to settle for $92,000 and has raised $80,000 towards that bill to date.  Tonight’s event was what she hoped would bring in the final $12,000 needed to fund the tax bill.

Hallie and several of her professional dancers did some exhibition dancing and it is always so much fun to see how accomplished they are!  Problems with the sound system at DeLille Cellars fazed Hallie not at all and she led everyone is clapping to the beat so the dancers could finish their dance.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Hallie and Century Ballroom because of my past experience in dancing in the Seattle Dances fundraiser to benefit Plymouth Housing Group a few years ago.  Hallie has been a sponsor of that event from the beginning which could not have happened without her involvement in using her teachers and dance associates to partner the local “celebrity dancers” and using her studios and ballroom as a place to learn and practice our dances.  Plus Hallie has served as the producer and co-emcee of each event too.

Ian MacNeil and Fredda Goldfarb

There were lots of friends and past Seattle Dances dancers on hand to support the cause.  Past “celebrity” dancers, Stacy Lill and Patti Savoy co-chaired the event and some of the other past dancers on hand included Ian MacNeil, Connie Blumenthal, Dean Jones and me.  Professional partners were also on hand and I was so pleased to see “my” partner, Marcelo Garces, who was there with his wife, Rachel.  We realized that each of the years that Marcelo has danced in the competition that his partners have won the “Peoples’ Choice Award” for bringing in the most money.  Besides me, the Peoples’ Choice winners have included Stacy Lill, Nancy Pellegrino and .

Rachel & Marcelo Garces

Connie Blumenthal

Other supporters attending the party included party co-host, Greg Lill, Fredda Goldfarb, Erik Anderson, Brad Vancour, Stacy Jones, Sheila Otter, Lorna Kneeland, Effie True Gleason and dozens of others.

Can’t wait to hear the outcome of this evening’s fundraising total which I will share with you soon!

Libations on Location at Chihuly Garden & Glass

Libations on Location at Chihuly Garden & Glass

Jessica Hoerschelmann, Alix Compton, Darlin Gray, Christy
Cheever, Matt Viers, Meg Landies, Claire Dillow
Howard Wright toasting ZINO Society

Yesterday evening, ZINO Society member, Howard Wright, hosted ZINO Society members and guests at the Chihuly Garden and Glass for a very special LOL! event.  In this case LOL! means “Libations on Location” and is one of several non-investment event networking parties that ZINO Society plans each year as an opportunity for members and guests to interact and build connections with other interesting people in a fascinating location.  The Chihuly Garden and Glass definitely fit the bill as an “facinating location”!!

TAN Angel Group Members John Rodenberg & Bob Kimball 

The attendees had the opportunity to tour all eight of the eye-popping galleries and the garden while the actual party was located in the Glasshouse with its soaring glass ceiling and bright orange and yellow floral glass arrangement and the Space Needle hovering above.  Featured ZINO Society Wine and Brew Professional Members included DeLille Cellars, Hedges Family Estate, Avennia, Treveri Cellars and the Pike Brewing Company.  The Collections Cafe supplied the delicious hors

ZINO Society Team Members Meg Landies and
Claire Dillow with Bob O’Hara

d’oeuvres.  My personal favorite was the “Cheese Curds in Sweet Tomato Jam”.

Cathi Hatch, Michael Roupp, Chaitra & Ram Dutt

Thank you so much Howard for hosting such a delightful event which everyone enjoyed!  Here are a few photos to give you a taste of the evening.

The sign of the “Z”
ZINO Society Team Members Meg Landies,
Claire Dillow, Emma Landis
Meg Landies, Ann Lyda Rogers, George Thomas
Bridal Shower for Kendra

Bridal Shower for Kendra

Bride Kendra with Penny’s beautiful gift.

This morning, I co-hosted along with Pat Wallace and Detra Segar a bridal shower for Kendra Visser, bride-to-be of Ryan Richmond. It was a bridal shower brunch at Pat’s beautiful loft space in downtown Seattle.  The very high ceilings and big arched windows with a view of the Union train station clock tower set off Pat’s fascinating and eclectic art collection perfectly.

With her long blonde hair and warm smile, Kendra will be a beautiful bride!  It was fun to meet her sisters-in-law, Julie Visser and Sarah Visser, along with her mom, Susan Visser and good friend, Roxanne Helling and gather together with several of mother-in-law-to-be, Toni Hoffman’s friends including Trudi Syferd, Patti Payne, Terri Olson Miller, Cynthia Stroum, Penny Thackery and Diane Kuenster.  

Patti Payne and Trudi Syferd

Diane and I arrived early to bring the wine and sparkling water and helped with place cards and seating.  Detra had already delivered the beautiful floral arrangements and Fran’s party favors.  Pat had taken on the major hosting responsibility since it was at her home and had already set the tables with her exquisite china, crystal and silver including one of my favorite Herend china patterns, Queen Victoria.  Pat also prepared all the food which included a delicious curried chicken salad with grapes, apples and strawberries and petite croissants and cinnamon rolls.     Dessert was a beautiful yellow cupcake with pale orange sugared frosting.

Toni Hoffman, Julie, Susan & Kendra Visser

Sarah Visser, Roxanne Helling

After brunch, Kendra opened her gifts which included kitchen appliances, baking and cooking utensils, exquisite silver picture frames, towels, china, linens, a beautiful Chihuly limited edition Pendleton blanket, and a silver bracelet with a small Ferris wheel charm from her mom, Susan to remind her of her engagement.  (Ryan asked Kendra to marry him on the Ferris wheel.)  One of the favorite gifts that we all admired was a scrapbook that Roxanne had made which included special themed decorated pages just waiting to have the photos added for all the special

Detra Segar, Diane Kuenster, Penny Thackery

events leading up to and through the wedding.

As the gifts were being opened, it was quite a production with Toni making a bouquet out of the bows, Roxanne tying the long ribbons into bows for the bouquet, Susan in charge of organizing the cards and wrapping paper and Julie taking notes of whom had given each gift.  Kendra took the time to totally open each gift and admire it before moving on to the next gift which was fun to watch.

Pat had asked each of us to share a recipe in advance and prepared a recipe book for Kendra and each of the guests to take home with them.  We all laughed together, especially at Penny’s disclaimer that she doesn’t cook as a cautionary warning accompanying her recipe, and though she couldn’t be there, Suzy Krabbe’s recipe for pita chips.  Terri’s was another favorite since it was a taco soup that you make in a crock pot.  They all definitely sound worth trying!

Kendra receiving silver bracelet from her mom, Susan

Cathi and Kendra display Beautiful Chihuly limited edition
blanket from Leslie Chihuly

What fun to share this special time with our dear friend Toni, as her handsome son, Ryan, gets ready to marry lovely Kendra!
Toni Hoffman and Cynthia Stroum
Kendra with her “bow” bouquet
Curried Chicken Salad
A Symphony of Friends for Susan

A Symphony of Friends for Susan

CK Coles, Birthday Girl Susan Neumann,Trudi Syferd, Joyce McCallum We recently celebrated an auspicious birthday for dear friend, Susan Neumann.  I don’t want to make it too obvious but the birthday does include a “7” and a “0”.  Several of her friends including Nancy Strom, Sue Raschella, Jan Rogers, Trudi Syferd, Diane Kuenster and I… Continue Reading