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Truth or Lie?

A couple of weeks ago at a dinner party, we had the opportunity to play “Two Truths and a Lie” with friends.  It is always fun to learn little known facts about friends, but after the party was over, I can’t remember which were the truths and which were the lies!  I do remember that Chuck Lytle and Monty Montoya tied for the “best liars”!

Now you can guess which are the truths and which are the lies.

  • Esther Schoenfeld said that she has traveled in a blimp, a rocket ship and a nuclear submarine.  
  • Monty Montoya said that he met his wife, Tiffany when they performed cataract surgeries together in Arizona.
  • Chuck Lytle said that for his first date with Karen, he took her to Club Med and that he was a champion distance track runner. 
  • Kemper Freeman said that he and his wife, Betty, have been married for 50 years, that he has ridden his motorcycle 100,000 miles and that he was a championship swimmer at the University of Washington 
  • Ken Hatch said that he grew up in a home with no running water and no electricity and that he received a four year full-ride academic scholarship to University of Utah.  
  • Karen Lytle said that she and husband, Chuck, met in a bar.
  • Tiffany Montoya said that Monty had to present a budget to her fighter pilot father proving that he could afford her when he asked for her hand in marriage.   
  • Lenny Giannola said that he has bench pressed 1,500 pounds in 3 lifts and that he received a huge award last year as one of the select few Franchisees of the Year from McDonalds.  
  • Patty Barrier said that she worked with chimpanzees at her first job out of college and that she has traveled cross-country in a motor home.  
  • I said that I played the cello, was a provincial badminton doubles winner and Miss Cheerleader when I was in high school.  
  • Jimmy Barrier said that . . . (he has asked to keep his truths and lie a secret!)
  • Walter Schoenfeld said that he won a silver star as a Naval officer in Korea.
  • Betty Freeman said that she has given up riding motorcycles now that she is older and smarter.
  • Debi Giannola said that she was kicked out of first grade, that she totaled a snowmobile and took photos of grave stones for an ancestry website.
So, which factoids do you think are the truths and which are the lies?
Scintillating Lunch Conversation

Scintillating Lunch Conversation

Scintillating lunch conversation with Patty and Bob

Today, after 12 very cold holes of golf at Overlake Golf Club, Bob Cremin, Patty Barrier and I retired to the lounge for lunch and conversation.  Most of our conversation seemed to revolve about apps or photos on our iPhones though we did also talk about ringworm, potbelly pigs, shuttlecocks and glass art. At one point, we were clustered together  in one corner at the table trying to see the same iPhone photo all at the same time.

We saw photos of Patty’s cats Leo and Manny, antique embellished silver tea caddies and an antique gold candlestick with a moth perched on the handle that Bob is considering acquiring.  Bob thinks it is a butterfly, but Patty and I both think it is a moth drawn to the flame.

Bob seems to have his photo files figured out the best since he actually has albums of photos on his iPhone. I still struggle just trying to get the photos off the iPhone and into my computer so I can use them.  However, this photo is one that successfully made the transition from my phone to my blog.  You can tell by the interaction that we were having extremely fascinating lunch conversation!

Shuttlecocks, Battledores or Birdies?

Shuttlecocks, Battledores or Birdies?

Table centerpieces

Last night I accompanied dear friend and  Pilchuck Glass School Board member, Patty Barrier, to the 35th annual Pilchuck Glass Auction at the Westin Hotel.  We left our husbands happily at home in front of their respective TVs.  As usual, this was such a beautiful auction with all the beautiful, fascinating and whimsical glass displayed.  The table centerpieces were interesting geometric tangents and clustered pillars designed by artist Lynn Everett Read, that several people said looked like Kryptonite out of a Superman movie

When we arrived, Patty was immediately enthralled with a glass piece in the silent auction entitled Black Battledore by artist Tyler Kimball, which I think was misnamed since that should mean the racket that is used to hit the object that looked just like the birdies that I used to play with when I played competition badminton in high school.  Patty was the successful bidder and we have since been arguing about what the correct name should be for this piece of glass art.  I kept calling it a “shuttlecock” which she thought sounded naughty, but looking up the definition in Widipedia, I was right, which is of course a huge relief!

According to Wikipedia,
shuttlecock (also called a bird or birdie)[1] is a high-drag projectile used in the sport of badminton. Battledore and shuttlecock or jeu de volant is an early game similar to that of modern badminton.  This game is played by two people, with small rackets, called battledores, made of parchment or rows of gut stretched across wooden frames, and shuttlecocks, made of a base of some light material, like cork, with trimmed feathers fixed round the top.  The “shuttle” part of the name was probably derived from its back-and-forth motion during the game, resembling the shuttle of a loom; the “cock” part of the name was probably derived from the resemblance of the feathers to those on a cockerel.

We ran into artist Steve Jensen, shortly after we arrived to find out that he had a piece in the live auction which was very unlike his traditional art.  This piece was an art glass bottomed boat with amber glass and driftwood sides.  Both Patty and I really liked it.  And then we ran into artist Debora Moore and also loved her white flower vase with orchids that was included in the live auction too.  There was also an exquisite black and white and red Dante Marioni piece that reminded me of how much I loved the tall red Dante Marioni that I received during my year as PONCHO President.  Everywhere we looked, there were amazing pieces of glass art!

Friends that we ran into also enjoying the evening were Faye Page, Bob Cremin, Dena Rigby, Carole Ellison, Toni & Rod Hoffman, Nancy & Charlie Hogan, Larry Hitchon & Dana Reid, Mitzi & John Morris, Sandi & Tim Premselaar and we were seated with Dorothy SaxeEve & Chap Alvord and Karyl & Elias Alvord, long-time supporters of Pilchuck Glass School and the arts in our community.


Museum of Flight Gala

Museum of Flight Gala

Sherry & James Raisbeck with Raisbeck Aviation HS Student

Curmedgeon Ken and I enjoyed attending the Museum of Flight Gala this past weekend as guests of Puget Sound Business Journal.  It was a spectacular party with around one-third of the guests really getting into the spirit and dressing up in Great Gatsby era clothing.

Greeting guests near the front door by his exquisite classic car was James Raisbeck along with wife Sherry and a student from the new Raisbeck Aviation High School.  Sherry was wearing her special dress that had been Marilyn Monroe’s and looked fantastic in it.

Ken Hatch with the “Champagne Girl”

Of course, one of the guest stars of the evening was the Electra 10-E airplane, a restored plane identical to the one Amelia Earhart loved flying and ultimately disappeared in, which came wheeling in front of the Museum of Flight piloted by Ann Simpson, Delta Airlines Captain, Museum of Flight Trustee and co-chair of the evening’s festivities.

The Museum of Flight is of such grand size and scale that the tables awaiting the guests for dinner seemed tiny in comparison to the big Blackbird airplane towering over them.

We saw many friends including Gordy Prouty,

The tables awaiting the guests in the shadow of the Blackbird.

The “Champagne Lady”

Star of the Party:  The Electra 10-E

Marshal McReal, Patti Payne, Lee Keller, Nancy & Charlie Hogan, Dottie Simpson, Ann Wyckopf, Susan & Andy Hutchison, Bruce McCaw, Stacy & Doug King, Laurel & John Nesholm, Laurie Lyford, Robin Gainey & Jerry Sanford, Glenna Olson, Craig Stewart and others.

On the Eve of TNT: Travel & Technology Conference

On the Eve of TNT: Travel & Technology Conference

Emma Landis and Claire Dillow working on TNT

The entire ZINO Society team has been hard at work preparing for TNT: Travel & Technology Conference that we are producing tomorrow in partnership with Garvey Schubert Barer.

We are expecting 150 people to join us at Bell Harbor International Conference Center tomorrow afternoon to hear from nineteen expert panelists in three separate panels in the fields of hospitality, travel and tourism and how technology impacts these business sectors along with one Dealflow flight which will include six entrepreneurs from start up and expansion companies in these sectors.  Click HERE to see more details about the

Ana Ongko and Meg Landies working on TNT

companies represented by panelists and entrepreneurs.

Meg Landies, ZINO Society Operations and Dealflow Manager, has prepared the presenting entrepreneurs to be ready to pitch their companies tomorrow, while Emma Landis, Member Services Manager, has worked on audience development and Claire Dillow, Marketing & Event Manager and newest team member, Ana Ongko, Events Coordinator, have handled the hundreds of details necessary to produce an event of this complexity.

Preparing the nametags for TNT.

The day will end with presentation of the TNT Explosive Idea Awards for best presentation and best investment opportunity followed by a networking reception featuring beer and wine from ZINO Society Brew & Wine Professional MembersWoodward Canyon Winery, Avennia, Castillo de Feliciano and Emerald City Beer.

AppleFest 2013

AppleFest 2013

Penny Thackery at work cutting apples. Carole Ellison at the press A week ago, we braved the rain and wind to go to Carnation Valley to join our friends, Nancy & Van Strom,  at their annual AppleFest event.  This event is all about crushing apples for cider followed by a delicious dinner on our hosts’… Continue Reading