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Ring in 2014 New Year’s Day Brunch

Cathi Hatch with hostess Jan Rogers

Yesterday, Ken and I went to an entirely delightful New Year’s Day brunch at the home of talented friend and amazing hostess, Jan Rogers.  No one can set a table like Jan can do and her two tables were exquisite with lots of gold candles, gold netting, and gold ropes with sparkling sterling and crystal.  In fact, her entire house was decorated from top to bottom and was so festive and welcoming.

She began the brunch with a lovely Cremant Rose which wine guru Bob Betz had suggested.  It was light and crisp and easy to sip.  She had done most of the food herself and had another good friend of mine, Judy Bone Hebert of Hey Jude Catering in the kitchen to help her with service, organization and clean-up.  

It was an elegant brunch buffet menu which began with a butter lettuce salad which included lots of fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and pecan halves, a delicious cheese souffle prepared by friend Tula Holmes, decadent and yummy eggnog baked French toast and another pecan French toast, thick sliced spiral ham with soft rolls and lots of maple and fruit syrup accompaniments and finally an amazing rum cake with whipping cream prepared by Arlene Wright’s daughter, Crissey.  I think we all want the recipes for the eggnog French Toast, the cheese souffle and the rum cake!

Arlene Wright, Ken Hatch, Sandi Premselaar

We had English crackers at each of our places which we pulled apart to reveal jokes, crowns and prizes.  Diane Kuenster definitely got the largest prize which was a manicure set inside a metal case, though she did try to make us even more jealous than we already were since she said it was a camera!

Penny Thackery, Tom Raschella, and Diane
showing off her prize.

Some of the other friends we so enjoyed catching up with at the party were Penny & Mick Thackery, Nancy & Van Strom, Michele & Dan Heidt, Carole Ellison, Sandi & Tim Premselaar, Kathie Price, Gordon Kuenster, and Sue & Tom Raschella.

Van Strom had just finished his fall batch of sauerkraut and was kind enough to bring Ken and me a couple of bottles since we both love it and fight over Van’s sauerkraut!

Nancy Strom, Gordon Kuenster, Michele Heidt,
and Tula Holmes
Van Strom

Thank you Jan for another warm and memorable time at your lovely home!

We’re the group from Table One! . . .

Sending Wishes Aloft on New Year’s Eve

Michael Sandoval & Ken Hatch with Seahawks Tree

Ken and I enjoyed celebrating New Year’s Eve with our friends who live on the water in West Seattle.  Their home was decorated with lights and swags from the top of their driveway throughout the interior of the home as well.  One of my favorite decorations was the whimsical “Seahawks Tree” that was proudly sporting both green and blue lights.  

It was a celebration evening where we were greeted with vintage champagne and caviar as we entered the party.  Owner and Chef Extraordinaire, William Belickis of Mistral Kitchen was the culinary maestro installed in the kitchen for the party and

Chef William Belickis
and culinary team at work

we of course saw beautiful (and delicious) food served all evening.  My favorites were his risotto with shaved truffles though for me his roast guinea hen with foie gras sauce was a close second and the octopus ceviche was also a contender.

His food is art and it was fun to end the evening with a highball of vintage Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Scotch from an exquisite presentation box served over a carved ice globe.  In addition, Ole Thompson, previously of Wild Ginger and now part of Acme Wine Company ensured that no one’s glass was empty for long.

Everyone was in festive attire and it was fun to see some of the gorgeous shoes.  My favorites were some furry little mules and Sue Bianco’s sparkling stilettos with jeweled soles.

In addition to catching up with old and new friends (Sue & Jim Bianco, Tim O’Keefe & Lisa Lloyd, Michael Sandoval, Jack Singer & Tia Higano, John Bauer & Maryel Duzan to name a few), we took the opportunity to

send aloft nine sky lanterns on which everyone had signed their names and added their wishes for the New Year.  The white sky lanterns glowed against the dark sky and it was magical to see them take flight.

We counted down to welcome the New Year with everyone consulting their cell phones and the television to make sure we were in sync.

Counting down . . . 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 . . .
Bianco boys, Gianni, Luciano, and Julio with friends
and Sue & Jim Bianco

Though there were some exceptions, most of the guests saidthey were glad to see the end of 2013 and were looking forward to 2014 with enthusiasm.  Happy 2014!