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Introducing ZiZi Zinfandel Z-Dog!

ZiZi Zinfandel Z-Dog
Following our introduction at the ZINO Society 5th Birthday and Magnum Party last week by Kathryn Barnard, photographer extraordinaire and her original owner, we are the proud owners of newly named ZiZi Zinfandel Z-DogKathryn brought her to the birthday party because after our Dog Days of Summer Party the previous week when she was taking photos of al the dogs in attendance and their owners, she realized that Ken and I were “dogless” since our adored little 14-year-old Maltese, Callie, had passed away in April.   
I didn’t think I was ready for another dog and I was only interested in another Maltese, not a Yorkshire Terrier!  But, she is already wrapping Ken and me and everyone with whom she comes in contact around her tiny little paw!  At ZINO Society, she has become another member of the Z-TeamElizabeth lets her sit on her lap while she works.  Mary comes and wakes her up while she is sleeping to take her outside, which ZiZi does not like, but does like the cuddling that she gets from everyone in the office.
Mary and ZiZi
Elizabeth and ZiZi
ZiZi kisses Mary

Clearly ZiZi doesn’t really approve of the landscape (or lack thereof) around our new office and picks her way very gingerly through the dirt and gravel.  Mary has already affectionately nicknamed her “ZiZi, Slum-Dog Zillionaire”.Don’t be surprised if the next time you go on the ZINO Society website to see her included on the Z-Team page as a full member of the team! 

Who Says Biggest is Best?!

Kathleen & Allen Shoup with Hobbs
Bob Cremin, “da judge”, Pepper, and Patti Payne

Yesterday at the Dog Days of Summer Party at Dave & Sally Maryatt’s beautiful home and gardens in the Highlands, it was hilarious to watch the big and little dogs interact with one another. My favorite one to watch was Connie Blumenthal’s little Pug/Chihuahua/Boston Terrier mix, Valentine. She looked like a tiny black speeding bullet rocketing around the lawn as she enticed the big dogs to chase her. The dogs would race around the people as if they were part of the obstacle course until Valentine would ultimately run underneath a chair where the big dogs would get stuck and couldn’t follow her. She got this same game going over and over again.

Rufus, the party host Golden Retriever, snarled at the Shoup’s Hungarian Vizsla, Hobbs, during the dinner and Hobbs was so embarrassed with the encounter that he faced the wall for the rest of the dinner. Sitting at the same table at eye level with the guests was Lorna Kneeland’s sister’s dog, Tony, a HUGE Alaska Malamute that was twice the size of Lorna.

The dog that had the most impeccable manners was definitely Lilly, Kevin Swett’s beautiful Yellow Lab that is a highly trained companion dog and recently birthed her first litter. Also, during dinner, Dave McGinnis’ dog, Leo, wrapped his leash around the leg of the pop-up awning (that luckily wasn’t needed since there was no rain) and just about brought the whole thing crashing down on top of the tables. That crisis was happily averted at least a couple of times.

To see a list of all the dogs and their awards, please check out this link on the ZINO Society blog.

With the death of our little Callie the Maltese in April, Ken and I have been “dogless”, but this party really got me in the mood to put my heart out there again and fall in love with another puppy . . . soon! All in all, it was a perfect day for dogs and dog-lovers.

Up on the Rooftop

Today, the Z-Team climbed up on the roof above the new ZINO Society at Urban Enoteca offices to envision the roof terrace planned to be added at some point in the future and to view the Blue Angels practice round.  It was an adventure climbing up the steep red ladder located in the mens’ room and climbing up through a hatch onto the roof.
Once comfortably ensconced and while the Blue Angels thundered overhead, our ever charming and hospitable landlord, Terry Thompson, who is the proprietor of Urban Enoteca, brought a selection of chilled white wines to share with us.   He gallantly served us as well.
When we saw the six F-18’s fly over us, one by one, with their landing gear down towards Boeing Field, we knew it was time for us to return to our offices to finalize the last minute details for our Dog Days of Summer Party this weekend.