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Learning how to use WordPress for my new Blog

Learning how to use WordPress for my new Blog

WOM10 social media guru, Blaine Millet, has been coaching me on how to transfer my old blog to my new blog on WordPress.

Why make the switch from Blogger to WordPress?  Other than having Blaine tell me this is a better way to go, I can also see that WordPress gives me many more features and ways to make my blog better for my readers (YOU). It has many more capabilities and I hope someday to use more of these. For now, it is a learning curve, but one that I hope will be well worth it for both you and for me.

Cropped tie pictureOne of the exciting aspects I can see already is how easy it is to create posts and add both pictures and even videos . . . this will be fun. I don’t quite know yet about the video thing but stay tuned . . . one will no doubt show up in the future.

Besides just switching to WordPress for the structure, it also gave me the opportunity to freshen up my site with a whole new look and some new colors. My good friend, Darlin Gray, at Darlin Gray Worldwide is responsible for the new design and color palette. I like how it turned out but you be the judge. Let me know what you think and if you have some suggestions, I am all ears. So off we go to a new venture in blogging and social media. As always, thank you for reading my blog and please stop by often and leave me your thoughts in the comments section.