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All Aboard!

steam locomotive maiden voyageLast night Ken and I joined friends Nancy & Van Strom along with other friends on a train trip that included the debut of re-conditioned and refurbished Santa Cruz Portland Cement steam locomotive 2  located at the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie, Washington.  It was like travelling back in time to Victorian times hearing the bells and whistles and seeing the picturesque train station and train waiting for us to board.

Van is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Northwest Railway Museum and invited a number of us to join them for the train ride and learn more about this very interesting museum.  Included in our group were Michele & Dan Heidt, Arlene Wright, Jan Rogers, Jane Hesch, Bob Cremin, Toni & Rod Hoffman, Sandi & Tim Premselaar, Mary & Tim Nelson and others.

train car owner Snoqualmie signWe had the opportunity to ride in a refurbished car that included the velveteen seats, working windows and beautiful woodwork, but which did not yet include lights.  This was not a problem until it got pitch dark during our adventure, but Museum Board member, Mary Nelson, who was the creator of the VIP evening and inaugural train ride, brought mini flashlights around to each couple as a gift which solved the problem.

Bob Cremin, Jane Hesch, Ken Hatch
Bob Cremin, Jane Hesch, Ken Hatch

Our trip took us to a viewpoint where we could see the Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge and then back again to the actual museum itself where we were able to see a Chapel Car that included the organ and all the woodwork and windows finished and was just waiting for the pews and lighting and podium to be installed once they raise the money to do so.  Nancy decided that several rounds of us singing “Amazing Grace was an appropriate activity for the Chapel Car.  “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.  I once was lost but now am found, was blind, but now I see.” 

Once we returned to the train for the final journey back to our starting point, Nancy also engaged us in singing “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” numerous times which we all seemed to enjoy.

Conductor Wanna-Bes Ken Hatch, Rod Hoffman, Van Strom
Conductor Wanna-Bes Ken Hatch, Rod Hoffman, Van Strom

What a fun experience to share with children.  We hope to return for the Santa Train this year between the end of November through December which runs from North Bend to Snoqualmie and back again..  And of course they are looking for more friends to support the museum so they can continue to refurbish and maintain these beautiful relics of a time gone by, but which helps us connect our past to the present and our future.

All Aboard!!

For Your Eyes Only . . .

Judd Wallenbrock, Humanitas Wines Founder with Kit Paquin Gilbert, Jessup's Director of Hospitality & Membership.
Judd Wallenbrock, Humanitas Wines Founder with Kit Paquin Gilbert, Jessup’s Director of Hospitality & Membership.

Last night Ken and I had the opportunity to attend a gathering of the 20/20 Club which is a winery membership club which supports sight-health organizations and meet Founder & Owner of Humanitas WinesJudd Wallenbrock, who created Humanitas Wines to help give back to the community charitably  He said that “One day the light bulb clicked on, and inspired by companies such as Paul Newman’s Own, . . . a vision was born to make wines ‘so good’ they could change the world – both in the quality of the wine & the quality of life the sale of the wines could create for those less fortunate.

The 20/20 Club is the vision of Dr. Vance Thompson, ophthalmologist and co-owner of The Good Life Wine Collective.which specializes in small-lot, handcrafted wines sourced from the Napa Valley’s finest vineyards including.Jessup Cellars, Handwritten Wines and Humanitas Wines.  As part of the 20/20 Club membership launch, and mission to support sight-health, people are encouraged to join the wine club and receive 40 bottles of wine throughout the year, of which 20% of the cost of each shipment will be donated to SightLife.

SightLife CEO, Monty Montoya with Kara Petry, SightLife Donor Development Manager.
SightLife CEO, Monty Montoya with Kara Petry, SightLife Donor Development Manager.

SightLife CEO, Monty Montoya along with his wife, Tiffany, were there to greet guests and join in the wine tasting. In case you didn’t know, SightLife is our amazing local corneal eye bank and is the only non-profit global health organization solely focused on eliminating corneal blindness in the U.S. and around the world.  SightLife works in partnership with surgeons and health organizations in more than 29 countries. Along with their global eye bank partners they provided nearly 17,000 corneas for transplant in 2013; over 17,000 lives changed for the better!

Some of the ZINO Society guests joining us at the wine tasting were Tina & Peter Weiss, Ina & Ira Dauberman, Katherine Kitzmiller, Ann Rogers, Ken Battie and Ram Dutt.

Sightlife at tableJoining the 20/20 Wine Club and listing SightLife as the beneficiary helps change more lives because there are over 10 million people with corneal blindness still waiting to have their sight restored. With our help, we can help them see the world through new eyes.  For anyone interested in becoming a member, email and let them know that you are joining to support SightLife.

19th Anniversary Dinner at Altura

Chef Nathan Lockwood of Altura
Chef Nathan Lockwood of Altura

Ken and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on Tuesday evening.  Ken made the dinner reservations and my request was to go to a restaurant that I had not seen previously so he chose Altura on Capital Hill.  What a great find!  Their menu provides the kind of reading that I didn’t want to put down with lots of unusual food items and fascinating pairings.  Altura is known for the tasting menu, which on the night we were there included 19 items which were a series of small bites, snacks and tastes interspersed with five main plates each.  Though the table next to us ordered the “full meal deal”, we elected to order conservatively with only 3 courses each but were surprised with a pre-dinner tiny cordial of rhubarb juice with a float of hazelnut oil and a sprig of tarragon plus a bouche amusee of truffled popcorn panna cotta and an after-dinner tiny espresso cup of Affogato, which was a Roman-style hot chocolate over a teaspoon of mascarpone gelato.

Affogato Roman-style Hot Chocolate with Mascarpone Gelato
Affogato Roman-style Hot Chocolate with Mascarpone Gelato
Service team James Chan with Rachel.
Service team James Chan with Rachel.

We were pleased to have waiter, James Chan, take care of our table, whom we fondly recalled previously had served us at Rover’s Restaurant.  Altura is a small restaurant with around only 48 seats with a display cooking line and saute station.  With the restaurant business in my background, I was impressed with some of the small touches such as how organized and clean the cooking line was with very shiny, neat stacks of stainless saute and sauce pans and copper sauce pans angelthat were polished and glowing.  There is a beautiful angel statue with outstretched wings which is a focal point in the dining room that had been recovered from a bombed church in France after World War II along with four others that are currently located at the Four Seasons in New York City.

Chef Nathan Lockwood has focused his Italian inspired menu on “wild foraged products, pristine Puget Sound seafood and locally raised heirloom meats and vegetables.” according to the website.  But when I read to expect to spend two to three hours enjoying 10-15 courses, I decided to order fewer courses which was still plenty since we left with a doggie bag with most of my Potato Gnocchi leftover.  For me the over the top item in flavor profile was the Sweet Corn Soup which included an artistic arrangement in the bottom of the oversize rim soup bowl with tiny amounts of chili roasted crab, smoked mussels, garlic scapes and orange nasturtium petals with a miniscule portion of velvety smooth bright yellow corn soup ladled over.  It was truly a flavor masterpiece!

Sweet Corn Soup
Sweet Corn Soup

We both look forward to returning to Altura since there are many more fascinating  menu items to taste.



Connected Through Music

SSO Legacy lunchYesterday Ken and I attended the Seattle Symphony Musical Legacy Society luncheon at Benaroya Hall.  As always it is inspiring to connect with people who care about music and about making it accessible to all.  The program focused on a young high school composer, Will Langlie-Miletich, who had written a piece for a string quartet and got to hear it for the first time performed live along with us. We also heard two original lullabies that two homeless mothers had written associated through a Mary’s Place project performed by vocalist, Amy Bokanev, and finally an enthusiastic LinkUp instrumental and vocal performance by Northshore Christian Academy.

Since I have believed for many years that we have a societal duty to not only help support the basic needs of food and shelter for those less fortunate, but that we also should have the desire and duty to “feed the soul”. The programs that the Seattle Symphony presented yesterday were doing just that for people who otherwise might not have access to music.

Mary's place kidsThe Musical Legacy Society will help ensure that these programs can be continued into the future.  And as always, we enjoyed seeing other Seattle Symphony family members whom we have gotten to know over the years including Llew Pritchard, Bob & Clodaugh Ash, Cynthia Bailie, Marilyn & Reid Morgan, Julia & John Shaw and Nancy & Russell Fosmire.

PATH Breakfast

thumb-mch-safebirthSome of the statistics I heard this morning at the PATH Breakfast were startling.  Steve Davis, PATH President and CEO, matter-of-factly stated that PATH is the leading innovator in global health and that in 2013, over 219 million people globally have been impacted by PATH with new vaccines and drug treatments, breakthrough health tools, and powerful strategies to change the course of disease.  What has already been achieved is breathtaking and truly amazing as PATH has introduced vaccines, affordable drugs and diagnostics, especially targeted to the world’s most vulnerable women and children.  But PATH remains committed to collaboration and to the effective use of resources to fuel transformative change in global health.  Jean Enersen, of KING TV, chimed in to say that PATH really is Seattle’s “home-town hero”, and that few of us recognize the immense role it plays on the world stage.

There is a current initiative at PATH to focus on the first 1,000 days of childhood, which includes pre-birth pregnancy care for the moms.. As Steve talked about the immensity of the need but also the success that these programs are having, he quoted Nelson Mandela’s famous saying, “It always seems impossible until it’s done!”

Congratulations and continued success to PATH as it continues to change the world!

Ring in 2014 New Year’s Day Brunch

Cathi Hatch with hostess Jan Rogers Yesterday, Ken and I went to an entirely delightful New Year’s Day brunch at the home of talented friend and amazing hostess, Jan Rogers.  No one can set a table like Jan can do and her two tables were exquisite with lots of gold candles, gold netting, and gold… Continue Reading

Sending Wishes Aloft on New Year’s Eve

Michael Sandoval & Ken Hatch with Seahawks Tree Ken and I enjoyed celebrating New Year’s Eve with our friends who live on the water in West Seattle.  Their home was decorated with lights and swags from the top of their driveway throughout the interior of the home as well.  One of my favorite decorations was… Continue Reading

The Stockings Were Hung and the Creatures Were Stirring . . .

Race car drivers Spencer Hatch, Andrew Hatch, Jackson Hatch, Cutter Laramore & Bode Laramore Sunday we celebrated Hatch Family Christmas with all our children and grandchildren that could be in Seattle to join in the festivities.  We missed Ken’s daughter Liffy, and my son Justin and his family, but otherwise everyone else was there for… Continue Reading

Single Malt Scotch Tasting with ARCS Members

Single Malt Scotch Tasting with ARCS Members

The production of Scotch Whisky. Last week I attended a Scotch tasting and dinner for women only at Jacque & Rick Doane’s beautiful Yarrow Point home that had been purchased at the Seattle Chapter of the ARCS Foundation Auction earlier this year.  It turned out to be the auction item which raised the most money because… Continue Reading

SVP Fast Pitch Showdown

Wednesday night at McCaw Hall was the culmination of over 11 months work for ZINO Society in partnership with Social Venture Partners to produce their 3rd Annual SVP Fast Pitch Showdown.  There were literally thousands of details and decisions that were made over that space of time and hundreds of hours invested by entrepreneur innovators,… Continue Reading