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Trademarks, Copyrights & Patents: Oh My!

Eric Lent, Mike Reynvaan, Ben Straughn

Yesterday, our ZINO Business Insights education event for ZINO Society members and guests was sponsored by the Intellectual Property and Winery & Vineyard Practices at the law offices of our annual sponsor, Perkins Coie.  Leading the seminar were Perkins Coie attorneys Susan Betcher, Of Counsel, and Julianne Henley, Associate, who talked about the ins and outs of protecting your brand, copyrights, patents and rights of publicity. The over 40 people in attendance enjoyed lunch and then were totally riveted to the presentations and had many questions to ask both during the presentation and afterwards, mobbing the speakers and panelists with their questions.

Julianne Henley answering trademark

Susan Betcher answering IP questions

In addition to discussing intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting considerations that are applicable across all industries, the unique interplay of these rights and risks in specific industries – including the wine industry – was highlighted in a panel discussion featuring Eric Lent, Associate General Counsel of Chateau Ste. Michelle Wine EstatesMike Reynvaan of Reynvaan Family Vineyards and Partner at Perkins Coie and Ben Straughn, Partner at Perkins Coie.

ZINOpreneur Select Members, Dave Owens and Gary Schare
talk with ZINO Society member, Gary Ritner 

A couple of our ZINOpreneur Select members, Dave Owens of FindProz Inc. and Gary Schare, President of Browsium commented on how valuable this session was as a benefit of their membership.  I also heard several other long-time members say that this was the best ZINO Business Insights session they have attended.

Thank you to our friends and experts at Perkins Coie!

ZINO Business Insights with Wendy Goffe & Kathryn Garrison

Wendy Goffe & Kathryn Garrison

Earlier this week, I attended a fascinating ZINO Business Insights luncheon at ZINO Society sponsor member, Graham & Dunn’s boardroom featuring Wendy Goffe, Attorney at Graham & Dunn and another ZINO Society sponsor, CFA Kathryn Garrison of Moss Adams Wealth Advisors.  It was a beautiful sunny day to sit in the corner boardroom at the end of the pier drinking in the spectacular beauty of the bay.  

ZINO Business Insights working lunch

The working lunch was focused on tackling legal and tax issues for domestic partnerships, civil unions and unmarried couples covering issues affecting unmarried couples that have chosen not to marry or cannot marry for legal reasons.  The session examined the various domestic partnership, civil union and same-sex marriage laws, and the varying rights and resonsibilities they provide.  Also discussed was the planning that can be done to minimize taxes, minimize conflict, and ensure that the disposition of assets at death or dissolution of a relationship occurs as intended.

Wendy and Kathryn took turns sharing their knowledge, giving advice and answering questions for the attendees explaining that the laws that determine the rights and obligations of the parties in the event of death, disability or dissolution of the relationship that apply to married couples for the most part do not apply to unmarried couples. 

Wendy’s practice focuses on estate planning, estate and gift taxation, probate and trust administration, charitable giving and non-profit trusts and corporations; and family-owned business succession planning.  Recently, she has given a number of presentations on the legal implications of changing laws regarding same gender partnerships. Specifically, Wendy was involved in the drafting of the Washington State Domestic Partnership Bill.

Kathryn is a financial advisor with Moss Adams Wealth Advisors. She advises executives and high net worth individuals in the creation of highly personaized financial plans and comprehensive wealth strategies.  She is a member of the firm’s Portfolio Management Team, guiding the implementation of client investment portfolios. In addition to providing personal financial planning and investment management services, she also povides insurance analysis, estate planning, education planning, and innovative strategies for clients to incorporate philanthropy into their financial estate plans.

Thank you Wendy and Kathryn for sharing your knowledge with us.

Gamification. Say what??!

Kraig L. Marini Baker

This week we presented a ZINO Society Business Insights luncheon entitled:  Gamification, Designing Fun into Everything!  The featured expert presenter was Kraig L. Marini Baker, a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine who is the Chair of the Technology, e-Business & digital Media Practice; and Co-Chair of the Games Practice. 

What is Gamification?  According to, Gamification “is the integration of game mechanics into non-game material to increase user engagement, loyalty and fun.”

According to Kraig and the guru of gamification and world-renowned game designer, Jane McGonigal, Gamification makes technology more appealing by encouraging desired behaviors, while taking advantage of our psychological predisposition to play. While Gamification may encourage users to actually enjoy performing chores they would ordinarily consider tedious, broader trends  are showing us potential applications in nearly every industry, from education and health to social investment and work.

Kraig shared three categories of gamification:

  • consumer engagement – to draw consumer eyeballs and sell more goods and services
  • employee incentives – increase productivity or encourage training completion
  • social change – using game mechanics to work social change 

He said the advantages of using gamification are accelerated feedback cycles, clear goals and rules of play, a compelling narrative, and useful for tasks that are challenging but achieveable.   He also talked about the allure of people responding to rewards and that cash isn’t actually considered that good of a reward.  Instead, he said that people respond to rewards in this order:

  • status
  • access
  • power
  • stuff

Unfortunately, I had to leave for another meeting before the conclusion of the session so hope that someone that did attend the full session will add comments to this posting that include any additional “a-has” that you may have taken away from the presentation.

The Power of Three

I have been impressed with the programming we have been able to attract for our ZINO Society educational events known as ZINO Business Insights. Today I attended the ZINO Society Business Insight event entitled “Avoiding Death by PowerPoint” at the beautiful offices of ZINO Society sponsor, Davis Wright Tremaine.

Darby Roach, the principal and creative force behind Orbit Direct Creative Marketing led the lunch seminar. He has been a teacher of graphic design at the country’s leading colleges, won numerous design awards and headed up some of the most creative marketing shops in Seattle.

Darby focused the group on PowerPoint formats and what is most pleasing to the eye of our audience. He suggested that with the myriad typefaces, themes and effects availablein PowerPoint, the tendency is to overdo it, resulting in long, disorganized and visually disorienting presentations that drive an audience to distraction. By learning a few simple design principles, he shared how to avoid Death by PowerPoint and create presentations that communicate the message with style, grace and impact.

One of the “a-ha” moments for me was his discussion about the “power of three”, particularly when sharing information. It is difficult for people to remember more than three points. As Darby said, “Three’s the key, four’s a bore!”