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What a (ZINO) Life!

Panelists Dr. Marnix Bosch, Brad Harlow, Karen Hedine, May McCarthy
Panelists Dr. Marnix Bosch, Brad Harlow, Karen Hedine, May McCarthy

What a great event ZINO Society hosted yesterday at Bellevue City Hall!  It was the 6th annual  ZINO Life & Wellness Investment Forum.  Emma Landis, ZINO Dealflow Manager, did a superlative job of sourcing 15 great companies that are in just the right place for angel investing and the Coach/Mentor members successfully helped them each be the best they could be.  Every single ZINOpreneur Select presenting member was spot on with his or her presentation.  And Claire Dillow, Events & Marketing Manager and our crackerjack intern, Jillian Tyack, handled the myriad details that are required to produce such an event from registration to name tags, to programs, to ballots to food to featured libations to . . . and we even ended on time as promised.

Panelists & Judges Karen Hedine, Stewart Parker, Roger Sahm
Panelists & Judges Karen Hedine, Stewart Parker, Roger Sahm

The list of Panelists and Judges was impressive.  Karl Klassen of Perkins Coie facilitated the panel and put into perspective some of the challenges currently facing life sciences companies.  My husband, Ken, said that he loved the panel and it was the best panel we have ever had.  (However, to put this in context, he tells me this after every big investment forum, so I like to believe that every panel just gets slightly better than the last since every time they are the “best ever”!).  The list of Panelists and Judges included Monty Montoya of SightLifeMarnix Bosch of NW Biotherpeutics, Brad Harlow of Cardiac Insight, Karen Hedine of Micronics, May McCarthy of Bizzultz,  Stewart Parker of IDRI, Angel Investor Ky Calder, Caitlin Cameron of OtoMetrix Medical Technologies, Tom Clement of Aqueduct Neurosciences, Brian Glaister of Cadence Biomedical, Michael Heijer of GranCorp, Karl Klassen of Perkins Coie, Hans Lundin of Point B Capital, Rhonda Rhyne of Prevencio, Chuck Roxin of ZBDS and Life Sciences business consultant, Roger Sahm.

Judges Caitlin Cameron, Tom Clement, Brian Glaister
Judges Caitlin Cameron, Tom Clement, Brian Glaister

One of my favorite parts of the program which brought tears to his eyes along with others in the audience was when Monty Montoya, CEO of SightLife, talked about how emotionally challenging it was for him when he visited China for the first time and was holding an 18 month old boy in his arms who needed corneal transplants and realized that he would not be one of the recipients of the 8 corneas they had available for transplant for the over 150 people who were waiting in line in the hopes of receiving the gift of sight.  That was really one of the turning points for him in putting SightLife on an entrepreneurial path to increase the availability of corneas available for transplant.

Judges Ky Calder, Hans Lundin, Caitlin Cameron, Tom Clement, Brian Glaister, Michael Heijer, Rhonda Rhynes
Judges Ky Calder, Hans Lundin, Caitlin Cameron, Tom Clement, Brian Glaister, Michael Heijer, Rhonda Rhynes

In addition to the impressive pitches by every one of the ZINOpreneurs, I loved it when I asked several of our Judges to stand up with white boards at the end of the program and simultaneously reveal which company that had presented that they would choose to invest in if they could invest in ONLY one company.  Two of the Judges selected KitoTech Medical but the rest all chose different companies including MELT, Precision Image Analysis, DesignMedix, Impel Neuropharma and Liquidity Nanotech.

The winner of the ZINO Zenith Award was emLandmarks with runners-up 3D Product Imaging and Nutristyle and the winner of the Judges’ Award was Impel Neuropharma with runners-up MELT and Precision Image Analysis.  Selected as potential fund finalists for an allocation from the 2014 ZINO Annual Angel Investment Fund were KitoTech Medical, Impel Neuropharma, DesignMedix and StratoScientific.  You can really tell the quality of the companies that presented by the broad recognition that so many companies received as award winners and honorable mention.

Judges Brian Glaister, Michael Heijer, Rhonda Rhyne
Judges Brian Glaister, Michael Heijer, Rhonda Rhyne

What a (ZINO) Life!

What a Night for Men and Women at ZINO Woman

l-r: Renee Behnke of Sur La Table, Fran Bigelow of Fran's Chocolates, Caitlin Cameron of Otometrix, Inc., Colette Courtion of JeNu Bioscience and Bill McAleer of Voyager Capital
l-r: Renee Behnke of Sur La Table, Fran Bigelow of Fran’s Chocolates, Caitlin Cameron of Otometrix, Inc., Colette Courtion of JeNu Bioscience and Bill McAleer of Voyager Capital

ZINO Woman Intentional Investment Forum this past week at the Columbia Tower Club was a big success with 200 angel investors, entrepreneurs and business professionals attending including 24 Judges, 13 Elevator Pitchers, 8 Volunteers, 7 Business PItchers, 6 Panelists, 5 ZINO Team Members, 4 Winemakers, 2 Event Sponsors, 2 Dealflow Flight Facilitators, 1 ZINO Annual Angel Fund $100,000 check presented and 1 Traction Updater.  Surprisingly however, there was not a partridge in a pear tree.

The big “Triple Crown” winner of the evening was Lori Salow Marshall of BYNDL with a brilliant business that provides a mobile transaction services platform, enabling companies to extend their own software or machines to transact with any mobile device.  For example, it enables mobile payment and customer data collection at unmanned vending machines.  She received the Judges’ Award for best investment opportunity, the ZINO Zenith Award for best investment opportunity and was also one of the 3 potential fund finalists selected for further consideration for an investment from the ZINO Annual Angel Investment Fund-2014.  Runners up for both awards and also potential fund finalists were Justine Smith of Kids Go Co. and Mhairi Voelsgen of broVo Spirits.

Lori Salow Marshall of BYNDL
Lori Salow Marshall of BYNDL

The Judges’ Award for best presentation of the 13 Elevator Pitches went to Jamie-Rose Edwards of  Young Women Empowered with runners up Corey Fagan of Owl Outcomes and Deborah Semer of Joyboxx.

Zoe Mesnick-Greene of StartMark
Zoe Mesnick-Greene of StartMark

One of the very early-stage ZINOpreneur members that pitched was 21 year old UW student, Zoe Mesnick-Greene of StartMark. Passion and enthusiasm for her lip care product which also supports cleft palate surgery for children in developing countries, was so abundant that we didn’t have a chance to hear enough of the business side of the business in the limited time she had available to pitch.  She is definitely someone to watch.  I personally look forward to watching her continue to grow her business and become more polished at sharing her message more succinctly.

Congratulations to all the entrepreneurs who pitched at ZINO Woman!

Libations on Location (LOL!) at Local 360

Lucas Schenck, Brian Gawthrop, Cathi Hatch, Ed Brennan, Supida Sanders,
Michael Roupp and Kate Holmes

Last night, a group of ZINO Society members and guests got together at Marcus Charles’ Local 360 Cafe and Bar on First Avenue in Seattle for a ZINO Society Libations on Location! networking event.  It was my first visit to Local 360 and when I walked in, I realized that it is located in the old Flying Fish restaurant location.

Dr. Ben Conmy, Bernie Dochnahl,
Christine Gilbert
Cathi Hatch with Tim Narby,
:Note Bene Cellars

Karen Ducey, Mary Holmes,
Lucas Schenck
David Palmer, Carla Sanders,
Jeremy Ruby, Ricky Holm

ZINO Society plans several networking events such as this LOL! during the space of a year in addition to the eleven investment meetings and forums that occur every month except August.  These events give our investor members, our entrepreneur members (ZINOpreneurs), our sponsor/corporate members and our social members a chance to interact and connect.  It is always fun to see old friends and meet new ones at each of these events.

Ken Hatch, Randy Squires
Denny Dochnahl, Eric Blackstone

Local 360 provided delicious hors d’oeuvres including Bocorones and Soft Boiled Egg, Goat Cheese and Tapenade Crostinis, Rosti Potato with Smoked Salmon and Salmon Roe and my personal favorite, Pork Belly Rillette with Pickled Shallot.  The featured ZINO Society Wine Professional Member was Tim Narby of :Note Bene Cellars and he poured a selection of four of his wines which included his 2007 Syrah, and three Bordeaux blends; 2007 Abbinare, 2007 Miscella and 2008 Cheval du Ciel Vineyard.  Though I liked each of the wines, my two favorites were the Syrah and the Cheval du Ciel Vineyard blend which included a major component of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

It was a great party once again!  Thank you Marcus and Tim!

Trademarks, Copyrights & Patents: Oh My!

Eric Lent, Mike Reynvaan, Ben Straughn

Yesterday, our ZINO Business Insights education event for ZINO Society members and guests was sponsored by the Intellectual Property and Winery & Vineyard Practices at the law offices of our annual sponsor, Perkins Coie.  Leading the seminar were Perkins Coie attorneys Susan Betcher, Of Counsel, and Julianne Henley, Associate, who talked about the ins and outs of protecting your brand, copyrights, patents and rights of publicity. The over 40 people in attendance enjoyed lunch and then were totally riveted to the presentations and had many questions to ask both during the presentation and afterwards, mobbing the speakers and panelists with their questions.

Julianne Henley answering trademark

Susan Betcher answering IP questions

In addition to discussing intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting considerations that are applicable across all industries, the unique interplay of these rights and risks in specific industries – including the wine industry – was highlighted in a panel discussion featuring Eric Lent, Associate General Counsel of Chateau Ste. Michelle Wine EstatesMike Reynvaan of Reynvaan Family Vineyards and Partner at Perkins Coie and Ben Straughn, Partner at Perkins Coie.

ZINOpreneur Select Members, Dave Owens and Gary Schare
talk with ZINO Society member, Gary Ritner 

A couple of our ZINOpreneur Select members, Dave Owens of FindProz Inc. and Gary Schare, President of Browsium commented on how valuable this session was as a benefit of their membership.  I also heard several other long-time members say that this was the best ZINO Business Insights session they have attended.

Thank you to our friends and experts at Perkins Coie!

This ZINO team is Kick A__!

ZINO Team Christine Gilbert, Mary Holmes, Cathi Hatch,
Kristie Lanum, Jamee Nunnelee

This coming Tuesday is our biggest ZINO Society event of the year, ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum.  The ZINO Society team has been working VERY hard to get all the details ready so that everyone attending has a wonderful time!

Kristie Lanum, our Chief Dealflow Officer, has managed the overall task list for ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum for our entire team and has worked specifically with all of our presenting entrepreneurs, most of which are now new ZINOpreneur Members for the upcoming year.  Kristie has overseen the screening and coaching processes and worked with our incredible list of coaches to ensure that each entrepreneur presenting on Tuesday will be the best that they can be in sharing a concise and compelling pitch.  This is akin to herding cats since there are so many people involved, but Kristie has done it with her usual aplomb and grace.

Mary Holmes, our Chief Marketing Officer, has recruited and communicated with over eighteen (18) panelists who will participate in three separate expert panels providing input and advice to entrepreneurs and investors.  Each panel should be fascinating including a Hospitality, Food, & Travel Panel, a VC & Angel Panel to provide input to our Back-of-the-Napkin presenting companies and a Due Diligence LIVE! Panel to ask questions of the six (6) fund finalists who will be selected by the ZINO Angel fund investors.  Mary has also worked to attract sponsors, develop new branding elements for ZZIF, overseen the press relationships and worked directly with our Co-Presentor, Puget Sound Business Journal, to produce a two-page ad coming out in today’s issue.

Jamee Nunnelee, our VP of Membership, has communicated with ZINO Society members to get them the information they need to attend ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum and invited many of our friends and membership prospects to join us as well.  She is offering a rebate on ZINO Society membership for those new members that join by the end of September.  Jamee has also worked to attract specific ZZIF sponsors and arranged for some of our Wine Professional Members to pour their wines at the Networking Reception at the end of the day.

Christine Gilbert, our Events Director, has worked tirelessly to design and produce our blast emails to notify everyone of the details of ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum, design and produce the agenda and event program, taken reservations, answered endless questions, produced name tags, and panelist tent cards, arranged for prizes for fund finalists and ZINO Zenith Award winners, worked with MOHAI to arrange all the event details and the caterer to provide sustenance so we can all make it through the entire day with appropriate food, beverages and snacks to keep up our energy.

Please come see what we do!  I think you will be impressed with the quality of the entrepreneur pitches, the panelists, the food and wine, and all the details that make this a first-class event!  And then please do tell me what you think.

Let Us Entertain You . . .

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Dragon’s Breath Noodles

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