Cathi Hatch

OK, I could give you an in-depth bio and resume of myself…but you would never read it…because I wouldn’t either. So l wanted to have some fun and let you know what I am really about. Here are 25 things you may or may not know about me…but now you do! Oh, if you want a more traditional bio about me, you can click on my LinkedIn icon below the 25. Enjoy…

  1. I have been happily married to best friend, Ken Hatch, for over 18 years.
  2. I have 2 children, Justin & Katie. Ken has 4 children; Sean, Ryan, Michael & Elizabeth.
  3. My daughter, Katie, is a full-time private school teacher and with husband Kevin, have three children.
  4. My son, Justin, is an FBI Special Agent and along with his wife Amy also have three children.
  5. We adore our blended family and between us, Ken and I have 11 grandchildren (Kylee, Nicole, Stephen, Catarina, Camilla, Jackson, Spencer, Andrew, Cutter, Bode & Campbell).
  6. In the spirit of “Yours, Mine & Ours”, Ken and I have a little 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier, ZiZi, whom we dote on.
  7. I founded ZINO Society 8 years ago in 2006 with a mission to “connect people for positive business, community and social interaction, enrichment, education and commerce.” ZINO Society’s primary business is providing funding and mentoring connections for entrepreneurs and investors and providing opportunities for business and social networking through facilitation of first-class business investment forums, and also unique social events focused on food and wine education and appreciation.  I spent many years in the restaurant business so ZINO Society has a philosophy of treating our members and guests with respect and hospitality.
  8. I spend a huge amount of time connecting people with one another, but Ken gets credit for most “love matchmaking” connections made.
  9. I love to play golf (not often enough of course), but my handicap never seems to get lower. I believe in the mantra, “If at first you don’t succeed . . . drop another ball.”
  10. I love to hear entrepreneurs describe their companies and what the “secret sauce” is that makes their companies different from others.
  11. The year I was PONCHO President (1998), the theme I selected was “Passion for the Arts”. The best part was, in addition to the fun of seeing so many people wearing red which was part of the theme, I was escorted into the PONCHO Gala atop an elaborately decorated palanquin carried by 4 muscle men.
  12. I love the performing arts and like to attend ballet, opera and symphony performances and live theatre events. I served as Chairman of the Board of the PNB Board of Trustees for five years and now as a Trustee Emeritus, was the youngest person ever invited to serve on the Seattle Symphony Board of Trustees and am now recognized as a SSO Lifetime Trustee, and currently serve on the Tateuchi Center Board as Vice-Chairman.  Ken previously has been on the Boards of Trustees for Seattle Opera and Seattle Repertory Theatre which also got me involved with both organizations as a subscriber and supporter.
  13. Every other summer, I love to attend Seattle Opera’s production of “The Ring Cycle” and have now attended 6 times. Over 20 hours of Wagner in 4 performances. I can’t wait until 2015 for the next opportunity!
  14. I enjoy attending and watching sports events such as college and professional football, basketball and major league baseball. Since I can usually explain the plays and what has just happened, Ken calls me the “Sports’ Babe”.
  15. I love to plan parties with themes and my favorite part is setting the table with beautiful linens, china, silver and crystal.  This is something that I don’t get to do often enough anymore.
  16. I love boating either via private yacht or elegant cruise ship. I think one of the most beautiful places on earth has to be the American and Canadian San Juan Islands.
  17. I was one of the key founders, along with Ken, Bonnie & Ron Elgin and Joanne & Ted Baseler of the prestigious and elite organization, WAW.  It flourished for over 10 years before we passed the torch on to others less passionate about keeping it alive. If you have to ask what the acronym ‘WAW” stands for, you were not one of the illustrious members.
  18. I try to balance my community support between the arts and social and human service organizations since I believe we need to feed both the body and the soul. In addition to serving on many community committees, I was previously on the United Way of King County Board of Directors and the YMCA of Greater Seattle Association Board of Directors for several years and served as the President of the Junior League of Seattle in 1991-92.
  19. Ken and I dreamt up and co-founded the Ambassadors program for the United Way of King County Alexis de Tocqueville Society and served as co-chairs for the first eight years before passing the torch on to Molly & Blake Nordstrom.
  20. The mayor of Bellevue designated September 23, 2005 as “Cathi Hatch Day” in recognition of my community volunteer work. Though I have encouraged my friends to make it a reoccurring annual holiday appropriate for gift giving and fireworks, I am the only person that continues to celebrate each September 23rd!
  21. In high school, I was on the winning provincial tournament doubles’ badminton team. I also did gymnastics tournaments, synchronized swimming meets and dance and piano recitals.
  22. Also during high school, I was a homecoming princess and newspaper editor.
  23. As a cheerleader, I competed in the Calgary all-city “Miss Cheerleader” competition (but never could get comfortable attempting to do back flips, so did not win).
  24. When I have time, I love to binge watch TV series such as “Lost”, “Game of Thrones”, Homeland”, “24”, and “House of Cards”.
  25. I am very good at word games, but abysmal at geography trivia.

Here is the link to my more traditional Bio…if you still want it.